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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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347. vi. MARY, b. Oct. 28, 1729; m. Nov. 22, 1748, Silas JEWELL, Jr., b. May 4, 1726. They res. Stow. He d. Sept. 15, 1778, ae. 86-3-17 days, as per gravestone [NOTE]. Ch. [NOTE]: Mercy, b. -----; m. FURBUSH; Lucy, b. -----; m. WHITCOMB; Eunice, b. Nov. 28, 1754; m. Ephraim MAYNARD; Ch.: Levi, Mary, Ephraim, Lydia, Luther, Calvin, Abigail, Levica, and Eunice. Mary, b. -----; m. Abner DANTON. Ch.: Susannah, Betsey, William, Hollis, and others. Silas C., b. Sept. 9, 1751; d. Feb. 27, 1837. 104. JONAS WHITNEY (Moses, Richard, John), b. Stow, Feb. 1, 1699; m. Jan. 19, 1723, Dorcas WOOD; d. Feb. 22, 1725 [NOTE]; m. 2d Mar. 12, 1726 Margaret STRATTON. His will is dated Dec. 12, 1769; inventory of estate made Oct. 15, 1770. He d. Sept. 18, 1770; res. Stowe and Harvard, Mass. 348. i. JONATHAN, b. -----; prob. d. young [NOTE]. 349. ii. DORCAS, b. -----; d. Feb. 22, 1725 [NOTE]. 350. iii. JONAS, b. July 2, 1727; m. Zebudah DAVIS. 351. iv. EPHRAIM, b. Sept. 19, 1728; m. Marcy WINSLOW. 352. v. TIMOTHY, b. Feb. 1, 1729; m. Alice WHITNEY. 353. vi. MOSES, b. Oct. 17, 1733; m. [NOTE] Betty HUTCHINS. 354. vii. RUTH, b. Sept. 8, 1736; m. Feb. 19, 1776, Jonathan ADAMS. 355. viii. AARON, b. July 2, 1740 [NOTE]; m Anna LAWRENCE and Sally POLLARD. 356. ix. MARGARET, b. Oct. 22, 1731; m. Jan. 22, 1756, Jonas WHEELER, of Petersham. 105. JASON WHITNEY (Moses, Richard, John), b. Stow, 1704; m. Arabella -----; b. 1703; d. Sept. 28, 1785. Jason WHITNEY was one of the committee of four to seat the meeting house in Grafton Nov. 15, 1738. He served in the Revolutionary army in the company from Stow under Capt. WHITCOMB. He d. in Stow Feb. 19, 1785; res. Stow, Grafton, and Stow, Mass. 357. i. PRISCILLA, b. Mar. 13, 1728 [NOTE]. 358. ii. MICAH [NOTE], b. Nov. 9, 1730. 359. iii. BULAH [NOTE], b. Dec. 7, 1732. 360. iv. LOIS [NOTE], b. Mar. 2, 1735. 361. v. DUMMERAS [NOTE], b. May 29, 1737. 362. vi. EUNICE [NOTE], b. Aug. 5, 1739. 363. vii. SARAH, b. June. 8, 1741. 106. LEMUEL WHITNEY (Moses, Richard, John) b. (youngest son as per father's will) Aug. 1, 1714 [NOTE]; m.; Sibel -----; d. prob. 1799. 1799, Abram Whitney, Jr., of Stow, land once of Sibel WHITNEY, late of Stow, de- ceased, now in right of Isaac WHITNEY. Nabby WHITNEY a witness. 1798, Elias WHITNEY, of Stow, sells to Ab., Jr., all right in land set off to my mother Sibel as estate of Lemuel, of Stow, deceased. Hezekia WHITNEY a witness. He d. Jan. 23, 1755; res. Stow, Mass. 364. i. LEMUEL, b. June 16, 1735; d. Nov. 14, 1738. 365. ii. SIBEL, b. Jan. 14, 1736; d. Apr. 17 1740. 366. iii. MARCY, b. Mar. 10, 1742; d. Sept. 30, 1753. 367. iv. ANNA, b. June 4, 1745 [NOTE]; d. Oct. 6, 1753. 368. v. ISAAC, b. May 25, 1747; m. Lydia TAYLOR. 369. vi. LYDIA, b. Oct. 10, 1749; d. Oct. 7, 1753. 370. vii. ELIAS, b. -----; m. Rachel ----- [NOTE]. 371. viii. LEMUEL, b. 1738; m. Elizabeth ----- [NOTE]. 107. JOHN WHITNEY ([NOTE] Moses, Richard, John), b. Stow; m. in Lancaster May 20, 1724, Rebecca WHITNEY, of Stow [NOTE]. He was at this time of Lancaster. He resided in Lancaster on territory which was subsequently annexed to Shirley in 1765. It was at his house that the first town meeting was held, when the people took their first step as a body politic. This was later purchased for a workhouse and almshouse. It was used for that purpose for many years, but afterward became a private dwell- ing. He d. -----; res. Stow, Lancaster, and Shirley, Mass. The following petition began the separation of Shirley from Groton: To the inhabitants of the town of Groton, assembled in town meeting on the first day of March 1747, the petition of us, the subscribers, being all inhabitants of the town of Groton aforesaid, hereby showeth that your petitioners all live in the extreme parts of the town, and by that means are incapacitated to attend the public worship constantly, either ourselves or families; and being sensible that our being set off in

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