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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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commissary of the post at Natchez, Miss., in 1863-64, and was an honored officer there under General CANBY, commander at New Orleans, La. He married Eliza J. CURRY of Natchez, Miss., in 1863, to whom there were born 7 children. Edward L. WHITNEY in 1865 purchased of Judge SNYDER of St. Joseph, La., a plantation of 1,00 acres, and removed his family on to this plantation, and was a successful planter, also taking a prominent place in the politics of the parish of Tensas, La., having been elected to the position of sheriff, then to parish judge and for one term served as senator in the Louisiana legislature. He was a man of strong will and determi- nation and large influence among men with whom he had to deal, and was regarded as a father by the 300 colored people who made their home upon his plantation. He died of pneumonia Jan. 4, 1886, and left an estate valued at $75,000; res. St. Joseph, Tensas Parish La. 8358. i. CLARA H., b. Mar. 25, 1865. 8359. ii. RICHARD H., b. Nov. 26, 1870 8360. iii. KATIE C., b. Dec. 291, 1866; m. Jan. 25, 1888, B.F. YOUNG; res. St. Joseph, La. 8361. iv. EDWARD L., b. Mar. 5, 1878. 8362. v. ANNIE L., b. Mar 2, 1880. 8363. vi. ELIZA A., b. Feb. 9, 1885. 8364. vii. INDIA B., b. Mar. 24, 1875. 5321. CHANNING WHITNEY (Richard H., Cyrus, Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah, Thomas, John), b. Adrian, Mich., Dec. 28, 1842; m. Sept. 26, 1897, Nellie M. CORNELL, b. June 21, 1844, at Adrian. CHANNING WHITNEY, born at Adrian, Mich., Dec. 28, 1842; was married to Ellen M. CORNELL, and have born to them one son. Channing WHITNEY, entered the mer- cantile life as merchant tailor in 1865, and continued until 1875, when he entered into the banking business and organized the Commercial Exchange bank of Adrian, and is still engagedin that business at this time, 1895. He has been a prudent, hard work- ing, successful business man, and has accumulated a forturne of $100,000, and steadily gaining. He is a member of and a faithful worker in the First Baptist church of Adrian, and for years has been engaged in the Sunday-school work, and is regarded as one of the prominent men in the city; res. adrian, Mich. 8365. i. CHARLES SEWARD COLFAX, b. Mar. 21, 1870. 5322. CHARLES CARROLL WHITNEY (Richard H., Cyrus, Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah, Thomas, John), b. Adrian, Mich., July 4, 1844; m. Oct. 13, 1870, Emma L. LAPHAM, b. Feb. 28, 1850. Charles Carroll WHITNEY, born July 4, 1844; was married to Emma L. LAPHAM, of Adrian, Mich., to whom were born two children, at Alpena, Mich. Charles C. Whit- ney entered the drug store of Fred STEANS, of Detroit, in 1865, and remained with him until 1867, when he removed to Alpena and engaged in the drug business himself, but removed to Bay City in 1874 and engaged in the manufacture of crackers fo the wholesale market, at which he made money rapidly. In 1887 he was instrumental in organizing the Commercial Bank of Bay City, and was elected as the 1st vice-presi- dent of that bank, which position he still holds, and the bank is a success. He has been successful in his business enterprises and at this date, 1895, is honored and re- pected, and one of the prominent men of the city, and worth about $50,000, and is a working Christian man, being a member of the First Baptist church of Bay City, Mich; res. Alpena and Bay City, Mich., 521 N. Washington St. 8366. i. LULU F. CARROLL, b. June 4, 1873. 8367. ii. HARRY LIVINGSTON, b. May 6, 1880. 5323. DR. AARON AUGUSTUS WHITNEY (Richard H., Cyrus, Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah, Thomas, John), b. Adrian, Mich., Feb. 7, 1850; m. Apr. 25, 1872, Clintina S. CURTIS, of Wilton, N.H., b. Dec. 28, 1854. AARON AUGUSTUS WHITNEY, born Feb. 7, 1850, at Adrian, Mich., and married Clintina S. CURTIS, of Wilton, N. H., in 1872; they have now children. A. A. WHITNEY entered the medical college of Bellevue hospital, New York, in 1868, and graduated from that institution, and has been a practicing physician since that time, meeting with a fair success, first at his old home at Adrian, Mich., then at Port Huron, Mich. He has stood well in the communities where he has lived, but has never made much of a success in a business way. He is an earnest Christian worker, being a member of the First Baptist church of Port Huron, and always ready to do the work when duty calls. Has been interested in fraternal societies and joined the Knights of Pythias,

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