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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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595. vii. LOIS, b. Mar. 9, 1768; m. ----- BAKER [NOTE]. She d. at Watertown, N. Y., Oct. 29, 1856. She had a son Josiah B., whose son, Rev. Geo. B. was pastor of a Pres. ch. at Detroit, Mich., in 1874. 596. viii. ABIGAIL, b. June 10, 1772; m. Apr. 5, 1792, Benjamin WOOD, of Brooklyn; rem. to Litchfield, N.Y., where she d. Apr.29, 1856. 597. ix. SOPHIA [NOTE], b. July 28, 1774; d. July 27, 1816. 598. x. PATTY, b. Dec. 2, 1779; m. ----- CAREY [NOTE], res. Richfield, N.Y. A son, Edwin, res. Sauquoit, N.Y. 599. xi. ELIZABETH [NOTE], b. May 30, 1770. 195. SOLOMON WHITNEY (David, Joshua, John), b. Plainfield, Conn., about 1733; m. at Canaan, Conn., Nov. 27, 1755, Sarah ----- [NOTE]; d. Apr. 15, 1782. Solomon WHITNEY was born, probably in Plainfield, Conn., in 1733. With his parents he moved to Canaan, where he ever after resided. His wife was of Canaan, and he lived but seventeen years after marriage. He was interested in the purchase of lands in Vermont in 1761, and that year was proprietors' clerk of the new town of Poultney, Vt. His sons resided for a time on this property in Vermont. Samuel and Tarball removed, but Solomon, Jr., always resided upon it. In 1772 his widow Sarah was appointed guardian of his three children, and his estate was insolvent. She evi- dently married a second time after the death of Solomon, for in the family record now in possession of the descendants, it says, "S.S. ROBERTS, stepfather of Tar- ball WHITNEY," died May 18, 1782. "Sarah ROBERTS died Apr. 15, 1782." He d. July 29, 1772; res. Canaan, Conn. 600. i. SARAH, b. Jan. 18, 1757; m. ----- PIERCE [NOTE]. 601. ii. SAMUEL, b. June 6, 1759; m. ----- [NOTE]. 602. iii. TARBALL, b. June 30, 1763; m. Mrs. Lois (LAWRENCE) HOPKINS. 603. iv. SOLOMON, b. Nov. 15, 1766; m. Polly MARSHALL. 197. DEA. SAMUEL WHITNEY (John, Benjamin, John), b. York, Me. [NOTE]; m. Lydia ----- [NOTE]. He was born in York, Me., but early settled in Brunswick, Me. In 1754, during the time of the French and Indian war, while engaged in hoeing corn in a field with his son Samuel, Jr., they were surprised by the Indians, and before they could reach their guns, which were stacked near by, were taken prisoners. The father was scalped and the prisoners with others taken to Canada and held for 126 livres. The father died after three weeks of suffering, and the son after seven years of imprisonment managed to escape and return to Maine; res. York and Bruns- wick, Me. 604. i. SAMUEL, b. Sept. 15, 1732; m. Mary ----- [NOTE]. 605. ii. JONATHAN, b. Dec. 21, 1734; m. Mary AUSTIN [NOTE]. 606. iii. LYDIA, b. Feb. 20, 1735. 607. iv. SUSANNAH [NOTE], b. July 25, 1738 608. v. LETTIS, b. June 27, 1742. 198. BENJAMIN WHITNEY [NOTE] (John, Benjamin, John), b. May 22, 1725; m. [NOTE] Mercy HINCKLEY, b. Oct. 23, 1734; d. Nov. 13, 1814. He was born in York, Me., and settled in Little River, Lisbon, Me. He was part owner of the first grist mill there, and during his lifetime was the miller. He served in the Revolutionary war. The Benjamin WHITNEY mentioned above, son of John and Lettis, settled at Little River, now Lisbon Falls. His wife was Mercy HINCKLEY. I have three accounts of this couple. One copied from a printed town history gives the births and deaths; Benjamin, b. May 22, 1725; d. Nov. 8, 1797; Mercy H., b. Oct. 23, 1734; d. Nov. 13, 1814. The town clerk at Lisbon Falls, Benjamin's birth (copied) June 2, 1727, but Mr. Jacob WHITNEY, of Lisbon, Me., wrote in 1882, as follows: "There were three brothers who came to Brunswick, Me.; one went into the eastern part of the state; one settled in Gorham, Me., and the third remained at Brunswick, at a place called New Meadows. This last one had a son named Benjamin, my ancestor." He was born in 1725, and married Mercy HINKLEY, of Brunswick. They moved to Lisbon and had eleven children, as follows: Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rachel, Jacob, Benjamin, Isabel, Nathan, Joseph, Samuel, and Thankful. Samuel, Thankful, Abraham, Isaac, and Sarah all remained in Lisbon; Jacob, Joseph, Rachel, and Isabel settled in Phillips, Me.; Nathan in Augusta, and Benjamin in Bowdoin. Joseph afterward moved to Ohio. He d. Nov. 8, 1797; res. Lisbon, Me. 604a. i. ABRAHAM, b. in 1752 [NOTE]; m. Aphia COOMBS. 605a. ii. ISAAC, b. -----; settled at Little River [NOTE]. 606a. iii. JACOB, b. June 11, 1763; m. Hannah MILLS. 607a. iv. NATHAN, b. about 1768; m. Sarah GODFREY and Fanny SHEPHARD.

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