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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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8631. JAMES EVANS WHITNEY (George, Joshua, Joshua, Thomas, William, Will- iam, Joshua, John), b. Jan. 18, 1836; m. Apr. 11, 1860, Alice M. ANGELL, b. Aug. 8, 1842. He was born on a farm in Chenango Co., N. Y., where he lived until he was sixteen years of age, when he went in his brother's jewelry store for two years, then went on the road as a commercial traveler. He went to Michigan in 1865 and engaged in the shoe business. He did not make a success of it, closed his store, went back to New York City and tried the jewelry business again, leaving his family there. They were burned out and lost nearly everything. He brought them to Binghamton and left New York. He stayed there two years then went back to bay City. He is now agent for the Singer sewing machine; res. Bay City, Mich. 9783. i. JOHN P., b. 1864. 9784. ii. GEO. E., b. 1870. 9785. iii. HERBERT A., b. 1874. 9786. iv. VINCENT J., b. 1882. 8632. GEORGE WHITNEY (George, Joshua, Joshua, Thomas, William, William, Joshua, John), b. Feb. 12, 1839; m. Sept. 16, 1869, Flora Adelaide PADDOCK, b. -----; d. Feb., 1871; m. 2d, Oct., 1873, M. Louise STODDARD. He is an attorney; res. Bing- hamton, N. Y. 8645. DANIEL LEANDER WHITNEY (Charles S., Wolcott, Joseph, Elijah, John, William, Joshua, John), b. Peninsula, O., Nov. 27, 1860; m. Oct. 30, 1883, Lillie Viola CARIHER, b. Nov. 10, 1867. He is a sign writer; res. 100 E. Mill St., Akron, O. 9787. i. CHESTER LEROY, b. May 29, 1887. 8647. NORMAN KNOX WHITNEY (Orla H., Wolcott, Joseph, Elijah, John, William, Joshua, John), b. Dec. 31, 1861; m. Nov. 21, 1882, Eunice KELLEY. Norman K. WHITNEY, assistant yardmaster in the Chicago & Northwestern rail- road company's yard at California avenue and Kinzie street, was instantly killed. He was standing on one of the many tracks in the yard superintending the making up of a freight train. While he was busy giving orders, engine No. 742 of the same road came rushing down the tracks at about twelve miles an hour. Mr. WHITNEY did not realize his danger until the engine was close upon him, and then attempted to jump aside. Before he could do so the engine struck him in the side, knocking him a distance of nearly twenty feet. When picked up the injured man was still breathing, but expired within a few minutes. Mr. WHITNEY was only 32 years of age and lived at No. 42 Washtenaw avenue. He was a married man and well liked among the railroad employes with whom he worked. The engineer of the engine which ran down Mr. WHITNEY was not arrested, as no blame was attached to him. At the time of the accident he was ringing his bell and thought nothing of seeing the yardmaster on the track, as he thought he was aware of the close proximity of the engine. When too late to realize his mistake, he attempted to reverse his engine, but without avail. Killed by the cars Dec., 1892; res 42 Washtenaw Ave., Chicago, Ill. 8667. LEONARD AMES WHITNEY (Riley, Orrin, Matthias, Cornelius, Matthias, Cornelius, Joshua, John), b. Nov. 27, 1842; m. July 6, 1867, Jennie E. RICH; res. Mexico, N. Y. 9788. i. ERNEST LYLE, b. -----; res. Mexico, N. Y. 8749. GEORGE WALTER WHITNEY (Walter J., George W., Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, [NOTE] David, Joshua, John), b. July 22, 1855; m. Apr. 8, 1885, Emma DAVIS; res 432 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal. 9789. i. ARNOLD W., b. Feb., 1886; d. June, 1891. 9790. ii. CLARENCE H., b. July 10, 1889. 9791. iii. GEORGE W., Aug., 1892 8750. CHARLES WILLIAM WHITNEY (Walter J., George W., Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, [NOTE] David, Joshua, John), b. Dec. 29, 1857; m. Dec. 15, 1887, Ella M. WARNER. Charles W. WHITNEY, patrolman, born in Naperville, Ill., 1857; came to Chicago 1877; entered the force 1885; was wounded at the Haymaker riot and unfit for duty for one year; res. 489 Winchester Ave., Chicago, Ill. 9792. i. MARGARETTE L., b. Dec. 6, 1887; d. Sept. 11, 1888.

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