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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.

Chil. of Walter and. Angeline (Weeks) Holt. 1867

6053 I. Marie Antoinette Holt, b. at Webster, N.Y., 10 Feb. 1849.
6054 II. Annie Matilda Holt,1 b. at Ontario, N.Y., 1 June 1856.
6055 III. William Day Holt, b. at Ontario, N.Y., 2 Aug. 1858.

Child of George Washington and Catharine Ann (Smith) Weeks. 1868

6056 I. Ettie Amelia Weeks, b. at Leslie, Mich., 26 Nov. 1856; a teacher.

Chil. of Edward Philander and Harriet Ann (Jackson) Whitney. 1870

6057 I. George Edward Whitney, b. at Somers, N.Y., 14 Jan. 1843; a civil engineer; married at Stamford, Conn., 4 Nov. 1869, by Rev. F. W. Brathwait, Episcopal, to Antoinette Hooker Lockwood, dau. of John D. and Janet (Gray) Lockwood, of Stamford, where she was born 16 Dec. 1845. They settled at Stamford, and were living there in Sept 1877, he being then superintendent of the Stamford Water Company. He entered the U.S. Navy, 2 June 1862, as engineer; was captured in Florida, 3 May 1864; and remained a prisoner at Macon, Charleston, and Richmond, till paroled in Oct 1864.
6058 II. Sarah Elizabeth Whitney, b. 25 Jan. 1844; died in Sept. 1844.
6059 III. Ella Matilda Whitney, b. at New York, 6 May 1850; died 13 May 1874, at Stamford, Conn., and was buried there, in St Andrew's church-yard, Washington Avenue.

Chil. of James and Harriet Louisa (Whitney) Young. 1871

6060 I. Mary Fidelia Young, b. at Venice, N.Y., 19 Aug. 1847; married there, 12 Oct 1864, by Rev. Frederick Glanville, Baptist, to Austin Taber, a farmer and sawyer, son of John Hancock and Hannah Taber, of Genoa,
  1 Originally the name was Annie Adèle Holt, as shown in the Holt Genealogy, p. 219; but it has since been changed.
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