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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.

Chil. of Samuel and Mary (Northrop) Smith. 77

417 I. Samuel Smith, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 21 Dec. 1743; settled on a farm which his father owned, about a mile north of New Canaan village, Conn., now the property of Jesse Richards; and there he died, 12 Dec. 1831, unmarried, and was buried in New Canaan. He is remembered as an intelligent man and a consistent member of the Congregational Church, who was respected by the whole community. He gave his property to the children of his brother Daniel.
418 II. Daniel Smith, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 4 June 1745, according to the family-record, while the town-record says 17 June 1745; was known as "Daniel Smith, Jr." and "Daniel Smith, 2d," to distinguish him from that Daniel Smith who married Betty Whitney; married at Ridgefield, Conn., 25 Feb. 1767, Mary Smith, born 27 March 1747, daughter, it is said, of David1 and Mary (Thorp) Smith. He was a farmer, and lived on West Lane, about one hundred rods from the State line. She died at Ridgefield, 7 May 1780. He married (2d), at Ridgefield, 1 March 1781, Elizabeth Andrews, widow of Thomas Northrop, from Salem, N.Y. He died at Ridgefield, 7 March 1795, and was buried in Titicus Cemetery. His widow married (3d) Abram Nash, of Ridgefield, and was interred in the same cemetery. 1549

419 III. Sarah Smith, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 3 June 1748; married Daniel Scribner, a farmer. They moved to Unadilla, N.Y. 1556
420 IV. Mary Smith, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 24 Aug. 1750.
421 V. Rachel Smith, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 23 Oct. 1752; married at Ridgefield, 17 Feb. 1779, Jeremiah Mead, a shoemaker, born in Ridgefield, 2 Nov. 1754, son of Jeremiah and Joanna (Scribner) Mead. She was his second wife; his first wife, ----- St. John, having died soon after marriage, one account says two months, and another, six months. She died, 21 Jan. 1782, at Ridgefield, where he married (3d), 6 Oct. 1784, Betty Whitney. He served as a private in the Revolutionary War. 1557

422 VI. Gamaliel Smith, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 9 Nov. 17--;2 died there, 5 Jan. 1782, of small-pox, unmarried.

Chil. of Stephen and Sarah (Wheeler) Whitney. 79

423 I. Samuel Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 15 March 1759, while
  1 He was son of Thomas and Ruth Smith; g. son of John and Phebe (Canfield) Smith; and g. g. son of John and Grace (Hawley) Smith.
  2 The rest of the date, in the original record, has been worn away.
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