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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Eighth Generation.

Child of James Edwin and Elizabeth (Jackson) Scofield. 2879

8164 I. Edwin Scofield, b. at Milford, Conn.; and was living there in Nov. 1875.

Chil. of Edmund and Hannah Mills (Scofield) Brown. 2882

8165 I. Theodore Edwin Brown, b. on Clark's Hill, at Stamford, Conn., 1 Nov. 1841, in the same house in which his father was born; entered the U. S. Navy, as gunner, in 1858; and when last heard from, 1 Sept. 1862, held the position of acting master's mate on the steamer Connecticut.
8166 II. Ernest Fink Brown, b. at Mamaroneck, N. Y., 23 May 1844; enlisted, 12 March 1864, in Co. B, 12th Reg., N. Y. S. Vol. Infantry, and was killed at Laurel Hill, in the battle of the Wilderness, 10 May 1864, by the first volley in the action. He was buried on the field.

Child of William Wirt and Harriet Emily (Scofield) Saxton. 2884

8167 I. Harriet Lucy Saxton, b. at Cincinnati, Ohio, 6 Aug. 1857; died at Mott Haven, N. Y., 1 Aug. 1865, and was buried in Woodland Cemetery, Stamford, Conn.

Chil. of Valentine Trumpbour and Sarah Catharine (Schoonmaker) Whitney. 2891

8168 I. George Schoonmaker Whitney, b. at Saugerties, N. Y., 28 Ap. 1839; a quarryman; married in 1859, at Caatsbaan, N. Y., by Henry Ostrander, to Sarah Catharine Saxe, dau. of Paul I. and Margaret (Dederick) Saxe, of Caatsbaan, where she was born 6 June 1838. They dwelt at Caatsbaan for two and a half years; at Quarryville, N. Y., two years; at Catskill, N. Y., two and a half years; and then moved to High Falls, N. Y., where, after eight and a half years, they were still living in Ap. 1875. 15486
8169 II. James Freer Whitney, b. at Saugerties, N. Y., 15 Ap. 1837; a farmer and quarryman; married at West Camp, in Saugerties, 17 June 1863, Lanah Mower, dau. of William Henry and Sarah (Dederick) Mower, of Myner Hill, in Saugerties, where she was born 31 July 1834. They have lived for three years at High Falls, in Marbletown, N. Y.; three years 15492
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