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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Eighth Generation.
He dwelt at Charleston, Penn., from 1852 till 1856; at Wellsville, N. Y., till 1860; at South Dansville, N. Y., till 1864; at Pekin, Ill., till 1870; at Ottawa, Ill., till 1874; then moved to Susquehanna Depot, Penn., and was living there in Jan. 1876.
10799 II. Oliver Wilkinson Whitney, b. at Newfield, N. Y., 2 Jan. 1830; a farmer; married at Williamsport, Penn., 20 Jan. 1859, Lucy Brill Burdick, dau. of Zina and Mary (Shellman) Burdick, of Chatham, Penn. They dwelt at Caton, N. Y., till 1873; and were living at Chippewa Falls, Wis., in Jan. 1876. 17817
10800 III. Lucy Maria Whitney, b. at Danby, N. Y., 6 Feb. 1832; married, in 1851, Dyer Powers; died at Lawrenceville, Penn., 19 June 1855, and was buried there. He was living at Lawrenceville in Dec. 1875.
10801 IV. James Lewis Whitney, b. at Danby, N. Y., 28 March 1834; married, in 1852, Julia Harris; and was living at Eau Claire, Wis., in Dec. 1875.
10802 V. Emeline Amanda Whitney, b. at Danby, N. Y., 5 Feb. 1836; married, in 1854, Joseph Harris; died at Salamanca, N. Y., 19 Ap. 1866, and was buried there.

Chil. of James Lewis and Maria (Eldred) Whitney. 4089

10803 VI. Abram Johnson Whitney, b. at Caton, N. Y., 4 Aug. 1842; a farmer; married at Elmira, N. Y., 10 Aug. 1862, by her father, a Baptist minister, to Almira Elizabeth Broakman, dau. of Rev. Samuel Moyer and Judith Jennings (Inscho) Broakman, of the same place. She was born at Tioga, Penn., 12 May 1846. They settled at Caton, and (except one year, 1866, passed at St. Joseph, Mich.) continued to reside there till their report, in Jan. 1876. 17820
10804 VII. William Cowan Whitney, b. at Caton, N. Y., 17 Sept. 1853. He was adopted by his father's sister, Mrs. Emeline Amanda (Whitney) Cowan; his name transposed to William Whitney Cowan; and his record will be given with her children, at No.10807. 17826
10805 VIII. Dyer Whitney, b. at Caton, N. Y., 7 Dec. 1855; died at Caton, 17 Jan. 1858, and was buried there.

Chil. of Nelson and Emeline Amanda (Whitney) Cowan. 4091

10806 I. Adelia Maria Cowan, b. at Gibson, N. Y., 3 Feb. 1842; married at Caton, N. Y., 17 Oct. 1859, John Tupper, a dealer in tobacco at whole- 17821
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