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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Eighth Generation.
12195 II. Helen Janet Hale, twin, b. at West Bloomfield, N. Y., 17 Nov. 1839; married there, 10 July 1860, by Rev. Walter Ayrault, Episcopal, to Dudley Warren Case, son of Sebra Lawton and Cornelia Melissa (Gates) Case, of West Bloomfield, formerly of Bristol, N. Y., where he was born 16 Feb. 1839. They dwelt at West Bloomfield in 1874. 18838
12196 III. Charles Whitney Hale, b. at West Bloomfield, N. Y., 14 July 1841; died at Seneca Falls, N. Y., 23 Jan. 1866, and was buried at Richmond, N. Y.
12197 IV. Jenny Luther Hale, b. at Brooklyn, Conn., 31 Oct. 1846; lived with her parents at West Bloomfield, N. Y., in 1874.
12198 V. Altia Henderson Hale, b. at Brooklyn, Conn., 18 Sept. 1849; died at West Bloomfield, N. Y., 12 Ap. 1865, and was buried at Richmond, N. Y.
12199 VI. Mary Elizabeth Hale, b. at Brooklyn, Conn., 24 July 1852; died at Brooklyn, 25 Feb. 1853, and was buried there.

Child of Augustus Lee and Minerva (Whitney) Whedon. 4744

12200 I. Jenny Leonora Whedon, b. at Pekin, N. Y., 8 Nov. 1841; grad. at St. Louis (Mo.) Normal School in Jan. 1870; a teacher; resided at St. Louis in 1874.

Chil. of Beachgood and Betsey Elizabeth (Bennett) Whitney. 4745

12201 I. Jane Barbara Whitney, b. at Royalton, N. Y., 4 Jan. 1843; married at Armada, Mich., 29 Sept. 1864, by Rev. Robert G. Baird, Congregational, to Byron Hopkins, a farmer, son of Leonard and Clarissa (Gay) Hopkins, of Waterford, Mich., formerly of Bruce, Mich., where he was born 28 Nov. 1841. They dwelt at Oakland, Mich., for one year; at Argentine, Mich., five years; at Deerfield, Mich., one year; and then settled at Linden, Mich., where they were still living in 1874, without children.
12202 II. Henry Eleazar Whitney, b. at Pavilion, N. Y., 21 Oct. 1844; a farmer; married at Vernon, Mich., 7 Feb. 1871, by Rev. Andrew Jackson Richards, Methodist Episcopal, to Abigail Josephine Cummins, dau. of William and Mary Maria (Middlesworth) Cummins, of Argentine, Mich., where she was born 12 Nov. 1850. They dwelt at Byron, Mich., in 1874.
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