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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Sixth Generation.
Michigan, which remained their home during their lives. He was drafted in the war of 1812, and served for three months. He died on Sunday, 30 Jan. 1853, in Springport, Mich., while visiting at the house of his daughter, Melinda (Goldsborough) Crawford. She died, 3 Jan. 1870, at the house of another daughter, Mrs. Arvilla (Goldsborough) Chappell, and was buried with her husband in Oakwood Cemetery, at Adrian. She survived the rest of her father's household.
736 V. Nathan Whitney, b. in Warwick, N. Y.; a farmer; married at Romulus, N. Y., Anna Caton, who was born at Goshen, N. Y., dau. of John Dunning and Deborah (Doble) Caton, of Romulus. He went to Madison, Mich., where he died, in 1844, and was buried. She died in Romulus, in Dec. 1835. 2575
737 VI. Hannah Whitney, b. in Warwick, N. Y.; married in Orange Co., N. Y., Samuel Todd, a farmer, of the same county. They moved to Palmyra, N. Y.; thence to Ovid, N. Y.; from there to Shelby, N. Y.; and finally to Adrian, Mich. She died, 9 March 1837, in Adrian, and was buried there. He died in Lenawee, Mich., in March 1850, and was buried in Adrian. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. 2581
738 VII. Elizabeth Whitney, b. in Warwick, N. Y., 20 March 1790; married, 13 Oct. 1814, in Romulus, N. Y., Reuben Tooker,1 a millwright and farmer, who was born in Orange Co., N. Y., 29 June 1779. They dwelt in Romulus till I March 1816; then moved to Gorham, N.Y.; and from there, in less than a year, to Shelby, N. Y., where they remained till May 1831. They then settled in Palmyra, Mich., where she died, 6 Aug. 1831, and was buried in the old cemetery in Adrian, Mich. 2588

Chil. of Abijah and Elizabeth (Ellsworth) Whitney. 180

739 I. Daniel Whitney, b. at Warwick, N. Y., 20 May 1778; a weaver and farmer; married, 10 June 1798, at Warwick, by Elder Montanye, 2595
  1 His first marriage was, 18 Aug. 1804, in Orange Co., with Elizabeth Allison, who was born in Orange Co., 27 Oct. 1782, dau. of Richard and Amy (Case) Allison. They settled in Junius, N. Y., thence moved to Benton, N. Y., and from there, in 1813, to Gorham, N. Y., where she died, 30 Aug. 1813. They had children: 1. Laura Tooker, b. in Junius, 1 March 1807; married at her father's house in Shelby, N. Y., George Washington Stebbins, and was living at Pike, Ohio, in Jan. 1875. 2. Ira Tooker, b. in Benton, 1 Ap. 1810; died in Gorham, 22 June 1813. 3. Richard Allison Tooker, b. in Gorham, 23 June 1813; died in Gorham, 17 Sept. 1813. He was married (3d), 4 June 1833, at his house in Palmyra, by Rev. Josiah Bodley, Baptist, to Mrs. Rebecca Phillips, of Macedon, N. Y., who died at Palmyra, 3 Ap. 1855. They were buried in Palmyra, one mile south or his farm. He was a constituent member or the First Baptist Church in Adrian.
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