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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
Baptist, of New Vernon, N. Y., to Lydia Newbury, who was born in Warwick, 27 June 1773, dau. of Edie and Ruth (Burt) Newbury, of Warwick. They settled in Pawling, N. Y., and in October 1817, moved to Ulysses, now Enfield, N. Y., eight miles west of Ithaca. He was chosen a deacon of the Christian Church at Enfield Centre, and served in that office till his death, which took place at Enfield, 27 May 1835. He was buried at Enfield Centre. His widow died 23 Dec. 1876, at Enfield, aged 103 years, 5 months, and 26 days, and was buried there on Christmas.
740 II. John Whitney, b. in Warwick, N. Y., 20 Jan. 1780; married, 20 Oct. 1804, in Chester, N. Y., Susanna Smith; and settled at Florida, in Warwick, where she died, 29 Dec. 1847. He went, in Nov. 1848, to dwell with his daughters, in Brooklyn, N. Y., and there died, 6 Ap. 1849. They were buried in Cypress Hill Cemetery. He served in the war of 1812. 2602
741 III. Jeremiah Whitney, b. in Warwick, N. Y., 18 March 1782; a weaver; married Rachel King; and lived in Rochester, N. Y. They were buried, it is thought, in Mount Hope Cemetery.
742 IV. Mary Whitney, b. at Warwick, N. Y., 10 Feb. 1784; married Nicholas Van Brunt; settled in Orange Co., N. Y., where they had several children; and moved to Michigan, not long after 1825.
743 V. Charity Whitney, b. at Warwick, N. Y., 24 June 1786; married Jesse Randall. 2610
744 VI. Joel Whitney, b. in Warwick, N. Y., 29 Nov. 1788; married, 3 Dec. 1808, in Florida, N. Y., Mary Ann Jennings. They settled in Florida. He died in Brooklyn, N. Y., 11 Feb. 1858, aged 69 years, at the house of his son, Richard Jennings Whitney. 2611
745 VII. Sarah Whitney, b. at Warwick, N. Y., 17 Jan. 1791; married John Ross; married (2d), Amos Dickinson. They moved to Michigan.
746 VIII. Abigail Whitney, b. at Warwick, N. Y., 10 June 1793; married, about 1813, ----- Donelly. She bore him two children, one of whom died in infancy. She died about 1817, at Denton, N. Y., and her husband then left for parts unknown, leaving his surviving child to be brought up by her brother, Morris Fought Whitney. 2615
747 IX. Morris Fought Whitney, b. in Warwick, N. Y., 26 Oct. 1796; a woollen-manufacturer; married in 1818, at the head of Long Pond, in Rockland Co., N.Y., Bridget Jennings, who was born there in 1798, and died in 1822, dau. of Redman and Mary Elizabeth (Benjamin) Jennings. He married (2d), in 1824, at Sloatsburg, in Ramapo, N. Y., Keziah Jennings, who was born in 1796, a sister of his first wife. They moved 2617
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