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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
1155 VI. Enos Whitney, b. at Wallingford, Conn., 16 Dec. 1798; bap. at Northford, Conn., 29 Sept. 1799; married in Wallingford, Margery Merriman; was ordained deacon of the Presbyterian Church in Gibson, Penn., 1 Jan. 1834, and continued in office till his death, at Gibson, "12 May 1852, aged about 55 years." He was buried in Gibson. 3842
1156 VII. Paulina Whitney, b. at Wallingford, Conn., 11 Sept. 1801; bap. at Northford, Conn., 1 Nov. 1801; married at Gibson, Penn., Riley Case. They were living in Lenox, Penn., in 1846. She died, "14 Ap. 1850, aged 47 years, 7 months, and 3 days." 3844
1157 VIII. Everett Whitney, b. at Wallingford, Conn., 25 May 1805; was first named Abner Averett, and was bap. by that name in Northford, Conn., 4 Aug. 1805; a farmer; married at Gibson, Penn., 9 March 1829, Julia Merriman, dau. of Asaph and Eunice (Andrews) Merriman, of Wallingford, where she was born 4 July 1809. He lived at Great Bend, Penn., in 1874. He served the town of Gibson, for two terms, of three years each, as supervisor. 3846

Chil. of William and Deborah (Whitney) Kirkum. 298

1158 I. Nancy Kirkum, was twice married. She had a child by her first husband, and removed from Guilford, Conn., on the second marriage.
1159 II. David Kirkum, did not marry.
1160 III. William Kirkum, removed from Guilford, Conn., and has since died.
1161 IV. Samuel Kirkum, married, had a family, and is now dead.

Chil. of Jared and Sarah (Rogers) Whitney. 299

1162 I. Horace Whitney, b. at Branford, Conn., 27 Feb. 1793; bap. at Branford, 2 July 1797; had a family; lived in Cincinnati, O., but is now dead. 3854
1163 II. Eunice Whitney, b. at Branford, Con n., 17 Dec 1794; bap. at Branford, 2 July 1797; married at Branford, 6 May 1811, Abraham Howd, of Branford, who was born 1 Nov. 1789. She joined the Cong. Church in Branford, 26 Aug. 1821. After the death of her husband, at Branford, 3857
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