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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Sixth Generation.
1485 V. David Whitney, b. at Crompond, in Yorktown, N. Y., 26 Oct. 1813; bap., date not recorded, by Rev. Silas Constant, Congregational, of Crompond; a farmer; married, 11 Nov. 1841, by Rev. Robert Travis, at her father's house in Somers, N. Y., to Caroline Haight, born in Somers, 2 Ap. 1821, dau. of Alexander Stewart and Phebe (Gregory) Haight. They settled in Yorktown. He died in Somers, 22 Sept. 1845, and was buried in the Crompond East Cemetery. She was married (2d), 8 Jan. 1850, by Rev. S. Thomas, at her father's house in Somers, to George Henry Van Kleeck,1 and settled at New Castle Corners, N. Y., where they lived in 1874. 4833
1486 VI. Sarah Jane Whitney, b. in Yorktown, N. Y., 24 Dec. 1819; married, 22 Dec. 1841, at Yorktown, by Rev. Josephus Loring, D. D., Presbyterian, to William Edward Blakeney, a dentist, who was born in Peekskill, N. Y., 23 Dec. 1820, son of Thomas and Lydia Ann (Ferris) Blakeney. They settled in New York City, in 1845, where, for seven years, he continued to practise his profession. He was editor of the True American, a weekly paper, which was started in 1852, as the organ of the "Know Nothing Party." He was also editor of the Mercantile Guide and Family Journal. They left New York in 1870, and settled on a farm at Franklin Park, N. J.; and in Dec. 1873, moved to Caldwell, N. J., where they were living in 1874. 4835

Chil. of Jeremiah and Sarah (Lee) Whitney. 406

1487 I. Joseph Lee Whitney, b. in Dutchess Co., N. Y., 15 Sept. 1785; a waggon-maker; married, 23 Nov. 1806, at Fishkill, N. Y., Phebe Mead, dau. of Jacob and Rachel (Green) Mead, of Fishkill, where she was born, 2 Ap. 1790. They dwelt in Dutchess, now Putnam, County, N. Y., till 1812; at Aurelius, N. Y., till 1814; in Milo, near Penn Yan, N. Y., about 14 years; at Jerusalem, N. Y., a short time; at Reading, N. Y., about three years; in Pulteney, N. Y., about five years; and finally settled in Sardinia, N. Y., where he died, 17 Nov. 1847. She died at Machias, N. Y., 12 Oct. 1867. They were buried in Sardinia. 4838
1488 II. Jeremiah Whitney, b. at Fishkill, N. Y., 17 June 1787; a shoe-maker; married, 7 Aug. 1812, at Fishkill, Susan Resseguie, dau. of William and Susan (Partrick) Resseguie, of Conn., where she was born, 4849
  1 Her children, by her second husband, were:

  I. Emma Van Kleeck, born in Somers, 9 Jan. 1851.
  II. Stewart Haight Van Kleeck, born 20 July 1854.
  III. Josephine Van Kleeck, born 12 Jan. 1858.
  IV. Carrie Van Kleeck, born in Somers, 7 Ap. 1860; died in Somers, 10 Oct. 1863, and was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery.
  V. Ella Van Kleeck, born in Somers, 20 Ap. 1863.

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