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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Sixth Generation.
30 Sept. 1864; he, in New York City, 20 March 1866. They were buried in Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport.
1582 II. Maria Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 14 March 1787; married, 24 Dec. 1807, at Derby, George Finley, born at New Brunswick, N. J., 20 June 1784, son of Samuel and ----- (Breese) Finley, and g. son of Rev Samuel Finley, D.D., president of the College of New Jersey. After dwelling in Derby about two years, they went to New York City, and, at the close of the war of 1812, moved to Easton, Penn.; but returned to New York in 1824, and, about 1826, to Derby. In 1835, they were in New Lebanon, N. Y., where they remained about one year with the Shakers, occupying one of their houses and conforming to their rules, but not joining the community. They next lived in Pittsfield, Mass., till 1840, when they moved to Brooklyn, N. Y. They spent several years, in the latter part of their lives, in the families of their children. He died, 11 Aug. 1861, at Bridgeport, Conn., in his 78th year; she, at Tremont, N. Y., 19 Feb. 1867, in her 80th year. They were buried in Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport. 5229
1583 III. Josiah Clark Whitney, b. at Derby, Conn., 1 Ap. 1789; a cooper; married, 24 March 1811, at Derby, Esther Eunice Mosier, born at Long Hill, in Trumbull, Conn., 25 Feb. 1794, dau. of Joseph and Huldah (Hubbard) Mosier.1 They dwelt at Derby till 1821; and then moved to Tashua, in Trumbull, Conn. In Sept. 1849, while living with his daughter, Mrs. Hannah Maria (Whitney) Craft, at Bridgeport, Conn., he went to New York to meet her, as she returned from a journey, but failed to find her, and, becoming ill, was sent by his half-brother, George Northrop, to Bellevue Hospital, where he died, 25 Sept. 1849, and was buried before his daughter knew where he was. His burial place is not known. He served with the militia in the war of 1812. His widow dwelt with her daughter, Mrs. Abby Grace (Whitney) Hawley, at Long Hill, in Trumbull, Conn., and there died, 27 Oct. 1873, in her 80th year, and was buried in Long Hill Cemetery. 5240
1584 IV. Martha Whitney, commonly called Patty, b. at Derby, Conn., 26 March 1792; married, 4 March 1808, at Hinesburgh, Vt., Jonathan Stone, a farmer, son of Ebenezer and Sarah (Curtis) Stone, of Hinesburgh, where he was born, 22 Feb. 1783. They settled about two miles west of Hinesburgh Centre, near the west line of the town, next to Charlotte. He died, 25 May 1858, in Hinesburgh, of congestion of the heart, and was buried there. She lived with her son, Newton Whitney Stone, for 5248
  1 Joseph Mosier died at Trumbull, Conn., 14 Feb. 1794, from wounds received in the Revolutionary War. Tradition makes him one of that innumerable host who stood on guard at the death of Maj. André.
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