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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
store or mill. In 1861, they moved to Richmond, Penn., where she died, 26 Ap. 1869, and was buried. She was "an exemplary and devoted Christian." He was living with his daughter, Mrs. Mary Jane (Dike) Odell, at Richmond, in March 1875. He was noted for his great physical strength and endurance.

Chil. of Jesse and Eliza (Vance) Whitney. 452

1646 I. Mary Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 6 Jan. 1802; died, 13 July 1803, in Wolcott, and was buried there.
1647 II. Sally Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 15 March 1803; married early in July 1823, at her father's house in Wolcott, Horatio Nelson Lathrop, a clothier, who was born in Lebanon, Conn., 19 Ap. 1800, and, when four years old, moved with his parents, Veranus and Lucy (Edgerton) Lathrop, to Hyde Park, Vt. About 1836, they moved to Cambridge, Vt., and settled near Jeffersonville post-office, on a fine farm, where they remained till the close of 1873. They then lived with their daughter, Mrs. Eliza Ann (Lathrop) Gray, at Bakersfield, Vt., where he died, 24 Feb. 1874. She was still living with her daughter, in Aug. 1874. 5438
1648 III. Freeman Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 10 Jan. 1812; a painter; married Nancy Evans Watson, who was born in Vershire, Vt., 11 June 1814, dau. of Ichabod Watson. She was divorced from him about 1848, and died at Pittsfield, N.H., 25 Dec. 1860. He enlisted, in Dec. 1863, in Co. H, 2d Reg., Vt. Vol. Cavalry, and served in eight or ten different hospitals, till the close of the war. He was married (2d), 7 Dec. 1853, at South Royalton, Vt., by Charles Lamb, Esq., to Betsey Roberts Smith, widow of Enos George Nutter. Her parents, Jonathan Cofrin and Betsey (Buzzell) Smith, dwelt in Tunbridge, Vt., where she was born 21 Dec. 1817. She was living at 49 South Central Street, Nashua, N.H., in Sept. 1874. He died of congestion of the lungs, at Henry S. Isham's Hotel, in East Fairfield, Vt., 1 Jan 1875, aged 63 years, and was buried in Waterville, Vt. 5446

Chil. of Jesse and Hephzibah (Smith) Whitney. 452

1649 IV. Jesse Madison Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 16 Feb. 1834; died in Wolcott, 17 Aug. 1854, unmarried, and was buried in his father's garden, in Wolcott.
1650 V. Harriet Eliza Whitney, b. in Wolcott, Vt., 16 Jan. 1836; married, 20 May 1857, at Hardwick, Vt., her cousin, Josiah Newell Whitney. See his record. 1639
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