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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
6 Oct. 1848, Eli B. Hopkins, of the same place; and was living at Franklin in Ap. 1873.
2274 III. Abia Taylor, b. at Franklin, N. Y., 13 June 1829; married, 19 Sept. 1860, at Walton, N. Y., by Rev. Mr. Brown, Episcopal, to William Miller, a farmer, born at Guilford, N. Y., 13 Aug. 1822, son of Matthew and Laura (Wright) Miller, who were married at Glastonbury, Con n., 31 Oct. 1817. They settled at Unadilla, N. Y., and were living there in Ap. 1873. 6897
2275 IV. Eliza Ann Taylor, b. at Franlilin, N. Y., 2 July 1832; died 22 May 1838.

Chil. of David St. John and Lois (Northrop) Whitney. 659

2276 I. John Henry Whitney, b. in Sidney, N. Y., 31 Dec. 1827; a farmer; married, 26 Sept. 1854, at Unadilla, N. Y., by Rev. H. Halstead, Methodist Episcopal, to Anna Jane Griffin, born at Meredith, N. Y., 20 Ap. 1835, dan. of Obadiah and Martha (Kenyon) Griffin. They settled at Sidney Centre, N. Y., where her parents then dwelt, and lived there till 24 Dec. 1856; at Gorham, Ohio, till 27 Nov. 1864; at Mason, Mich., till 5 Ap. 1869; and then moved to Medina, Mich., where they were living in Jan. 1875. 6901
2277 II. Hiram Northrop Whitney, b. at Otego, N. Y., 12 Feb. 1830; a carriage-maker; married, 8 Ap. 1853, in Lisle, N. Y., by Rev. A. G. Orton, D. D., Presbyterian, to Clarissa Wood Squire, dau. of Ebenezer and Chloe (Washburn) Squire, of Lisle, where she was born 6 July 1834, and baptized 5 Oct. 1834. They dwelt at Franklin, N. Y., from 1858 till Sept. 1865; and then moved to Lisle, where they were living in Ap. 1875. He was then of the firm of Whitney, Fenner & Co., carriage-manufacturers. 6903
2278 III. William Whitney, b. 21 Aug. 1831; married Caroline Underwood; and was living at Franklin, N. Y., in June 1874.
2279 IV. Julia Amanda Whitney, b. at Franklin, N. Y., 1 March 1834; married at Unadilla, N. Y., 9 Nov. 1854, by Rev. Henry Halstead, Methodist Episcopal, to Merlin Gardner Merithew, a farmer, born at Otego, N. Y., 2 Ap. 1827, son of Winsor and Sally (Forks) Merithew, who dwelt in Sidney, N. Y., at the time of his marriage. They settled at Sidney Centre, N. Y., and were living there in July 1874. 6906
2280 V. Harvey Bradley Whitney, b. at Sidney, N. Y., 20 May 1838; died there, 2 June 1851, and was buried in the Sidney Union Cemetery.
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