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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
Aug. 1804; married at her father's house in Paris, now Kirkland, N. Y., 12 Oct. 1826, by Rev. Publius V. Booge, Cong., of Marshall, N. Y., to John Candee Peck, a farmer, son of Isaac and Lucina (Candee) Peck,1 of Paris, now Marshall, where he was born 3 Nov. 1805. They settled in that part of the town which is now Marshall, near the Marshall post-office, where he died 14 Feb. 1865, and was buried in the Marshall Cemetery. She still lived there in 1874.
2333 III. Julia Whitney, b. at Presque Isle, now Erie, Penn., 9 Nov. 1806; married at her father's house in Kirkland, N. Y., Reuben Munger, a farmer, of Marshall, N. Y., son of ----- and Laura (Hart) Munger. They moved, about 1844, to Stockton, N. Y., where he died in 1870. She lived there, a widow, in 1874. 7015
2334 IV. Samuel Whitney, b. at Presque Isle, now Erie; Penn., 31 July 1809; a farmer; married, 26 Jan. 1832, in Marshall, N. Y., by Rev. A. D. Sawyer, D. D., Universalist, of Clinton, N. Y., to Charlotte Mills, who was born in Paris, now Marshall, 24 Jan. 1814, dau. of Andrew and Nancy (Muir) Mills, of Marshall. They settled in Kirkland, N. Y., where she died 23 June 1859, and was buried in the Whitney Cemetery, on the homestead of his father and grandfather. He was married (2d), 26 Sept. 1860, in Westmoreland, N. Y., at the residence of her father, by Rev. Thomas J. Bissell, Methodist, to Nancy Mills, sister of his first wife, born in Paris, now Marshall, 23 Sept. 1812. They lived in Kirkland, near Deansville post-office, in 1874. 7020
2335 V. ----- Whitney, an unnamed dau., b. at Paris, now Kirkland,
PAUL PECK, b. prob. in Essex, Eng., 1608; came to N. E. in the Defence, 1635; and, 1636, settled = MARTHA -----.
 in Hartford, Conn., where he was dea. of Cong. Ch. from 1681 till his death, 23 Dec. 1695.      |
SAMUEL PECK, b. in Hartford, 1647; d. in West Hartford, Conn., 10 Jan. 1696. = ELIZABETH -----.
SAMUEL PECK, b. in West Hartford, 1672; lived in Mid- = ABIGAIL COLLIER, dau. of Joseph Collier; m. 6 March
 dletown, now Berlin, Conn.; died 9 Dec. 1765.        |  1701; d. 28 Oct. 1742.
ZEBULON PECK, b. in Middletown, Conn., 1 Sept. = MARY EDWARDS, dau. of Josiah Edwards, of East Hampton,
 1712; d. in Bristol, Conn., 13 Jan. 1795.     |  L. I.; m. 10 July 1735: d. 23 May 1790, in Bristol, Conn.
Dea. ZEBULON PECK, b. in Meriden, Conn., 15 Ap. 1743; = ESTHER HART, m. 2 Nov. 1769.  He had two other
 moved to Clinton, N. Y., 1801; died in Paris, now    |  wives: Mrs. Mary Watson (m. 11 June 1778) and Mrs.
 Marshall, N. Y., 23 Jan. 1820.                       |  Mindwell Chubb.
ISAAC PECK, b. in Bristol, Conn., 23 Nov. 1771; d. in Marshall, N. Y., 30 = LUCINA CANDEE, m. 12 Feb. 1820.
 Ap. 1851.                                                                |
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