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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
two years; in Barre, N. Y., six years; in Shelby again, two years; and then moved to Somerset, Mich., where he died 3 March 1854, and was buried in the Somerset Cemetery. She was married (2d), 15 Oct 1857, at Somerset, by George Fisk, Esq., to Rensselaer Brace, a farmer, who was born in Rensselaer Co., N. Y., 12 Ap. 1810, son of Nathaniel and Dolly (Strong) Brace.1 They lived at Somerset till May 1861; and then moved to the town of Ashland, Mich., where they were living in I 874, at Lake post-office, of which he was postmaster.
2553 VIII. William Thompson Whitney, b. in Shelby, N. Y.; is dead.
2554 IX. Caroline Whitney, b. in Shelby, N. Y., 2 June 1822; married there, 24 Jan. 1836, David B. Jackson. 7560

Chil. of James and Mary (Frisbie) Whitney. 734

2555 I. Marian Whitney, b. in Romulus, N. Y., 1 July 1808; married at Adrian, Mich., 18 Nov. 1829, by Addison Comstock, Esq., to Asher Stevens, a farmer, son of John and Abigail (Osborn) Stevens,2 of Canaan, N. Y., where he was born 25 March 1803. They dwelt in Adrian; and then moved to Spencerville, Ohio, where he died 18 Nov. 1847. She died 7 March 1863, at Amanda, Ohio. They were buried in Fort Amanda Cemetery, at Moulton, Ohio. 7561
2556 II. Russel Whitney, b. in Romulus, N. Y., 30 Aug. 1810; a farmer; married at Logan, now Adrian, Mich., 16 Nov. 1831, Angeline Rogers, born at DeRuyter, N. Y., 27 Jan. 1817, dau. of Cary and Sally (Bentley) Rogers. They lived, for about five years, at Adrian; a short time, at Nottawa, Mich.; and then settled at Rome, Mich., where they dwelt in June 1877. 7567
2557 III. Abel Whitney, b. in Romulus, N. Y., 26 July 1813; a banker; married, 27 Oct. 1836, in Adrian, Mich., by Rev. Wm. Wolcott, Presbyterian, to Sarah Ann Budlong, born in Utica, N. Y., 21 Feb. 1812, dau. of Daniel and Martha (Campbell) Budlong, the latter residing in Adrian at the time of her marriage. They settled in Adrian, where he had lived since June 1828; and were living there in June 1877. She has been, for more than forty years, a member of the Presbyterian Church; and he, a 7580
  1 Dolly Strong, wife of Nathaniel Brace, was born at Sharon, Conn., 23 Jan. 1786, twin dau. of Rev. John and Lydia (Thomas) Strong. See Strong Genealogy, pp. 1072-1074.
  2 John Stevens, a native of England, married in Scotland Abigail Osborn, a native of that country. They settled in Canaan, N. Y.; and he served in the Revolutionary War.
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