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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
N. Y., 5 May 1845, and was buried in Magnolia Cemetery. She died in Ohio, about 1855. They had no children.
2788 III. Norman Kibbe Whitney, b. in Westmoreland, N. Y., 9 March 1819; a grocer; married in Chautauqua, N. Y., in 1847, by Rev. Orrin Dodge, Baptist, to Anna Cecilia Ferris, dau. of Oliver and Laura (Ashby) Ferris, of Chautauqua, formerly of Dutchess Co., N. Y., where she was born. They settled in Chautauqua; and, about 1865, moved to the village of Mayville, in the same town, where they were living in Ap. 1874. 8028

Chil. of Richard and Adeline (Jones) Whitney. 790

2789 I. Adele Amanda Whitney, b. at Westmoreland, N. Y., 31 March 1820; married at Magnolia, in Chautauqua, N. Y., 8 June 1842, William Chauncey Miller, a farmer, son of John and Sarah (Seymour) Miller, of Harmony, N. Y., formerly of Paris, N. Y., where he was born 10 Jan. 1816. They settled in Harmony. He died 17 Oct 1864, and was buried in Sherman, N. Y. She moved, in 1869, to Jamestown, N. Y., and dwelt there in Ap. 1874. 8029
2790 II. Clark Pomeroy Whitney, b. at Magnolia, in Chautauqua, N. Y., 26 Feb. 1822; married at Harmony, N. Y., 19 Ap. 1849, Helen Westcott, of Harmony, formerly of Vermont, where she was born. They settled in Harmony; and moved thence to California, where she died in 1857. He died, 4 Feb. 1873, at Corry, Penn., and was buried there. 8033
2791 III. Cornelia Whitney, b. at Magnolia, N. Y., 14 May 1824; died at Magnolia, 18 Dec. 1824, and was buried there.
2792 IV. George Washington Whitney, b. at Magnolia, N. Y., 27 Jan. 1828; a physician; graduated at Buffalo Medical College in the Spring of 1852; went to California in the succeeding Autumn, and for eight years experienced all the vicissitudes of the early Californian life; was a member of the Legislature of California in 1859 and 1860; married in Sherman, N. Y., 5 May 1867, Hannah Dutton, dau. of Oliver and Julia (Thorp) Dutton, of Sherman, where she was born 16 July 1840. They settled in Jamestown, N. Y., and were living there in Ap. 1874. 8035
2793 V. Charles Henry Whitney, b. at Magnolia, in Chautauqua, N. Y., 4 March 1830; a farmer; lived in California for fourteen years; married at Chautauqua, 27 March 1867, by Rev. Rufus Pratt, to Mary Jane Rheubottom, dau. of Allen and Mary Ann (Potter) Rheubottom, of Chautauqua, formerly of Spring, Penn., where she was born 23 June 1848. 8038
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