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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
buried in the Comstock and Weed Cemetery. He was married (2d), 2 March 1869, at Poundridge, N. Y., by Aaron B. Fancher, Esq., to Lucy Ann Bartow, who was born in New Canaan, 23 Jan. 1826, dau. of Stephen and Sally Maria (Clinton) Bartow, and widow of Leander Parkiton, of New Canaan. They were living at New Canaan in Oct. 1874.
2870 II. Henry Martyn Whitney, b. in Darien, Conn., 7 Feb. 1822; a shoemaker; married at Poundridge, N. Y., 26 Feb. 1851, Eliza Jane Hobby, dau. of Philander and Betsey Ann (Weed) Hobby, of Stamford, Conn., where she was born 17 June 1832. They settled at Stamford, and were living there in June 1877. He has lived, for two years, in New York, and sometimes in New Canaan, Conn. He served in the war of 1861, having enlisted 18 Aug. 1862; and was discharged 28 Aug. 1863. 8145
2871 III. James Riley Whitney, b. in New Canaan, Conn., 8 Jan. 1824; a plough-wright; married at Shelby, N. Y., 15 Sept. 1850, Catherine Letts, dau. of Simon and Margaret (Fortiner) Letts, of Shelby, where she was born 7 July 1828. They settled in Kendall, N. Y.; and, in 1855, moved to Magnolia, Wis., where they were still living in Jan. 1875. He is the inventor, proprietor and manufacturer of the "Little Giant Plough," with an adjustable beam. He followed the sea for six years after leaving his father's house. He has been, for twelve years, a justice of the peace, and was, in 1869 and 1870, supervisor of his town. 8149
2872 IV. Laurinda Whitney, b. in New Canaan, Conn., 10 Feb. 1826; married Walter Henry Worrall, of New Canaan; and was living there in Oct. 1874.
2873 V. Cordelia Whitney, b. in New Canaan, Conn., 24 Jan. 1828; died in New Canaan, 3 Ap. 1846, and was buried there.
2874 VI. Moranda Hanford Whitney, b. in New Canaan, Conn., 2 June 1830; a plasterer; married at Poundridge, N. Y., 20 March 1852, by Justice Fancher, to Jane Elizabeth Bell, dau. of Harmon and Mary Amelia (Scofield) Bell, of New Canaan, where she was born 13 June 1834. They settled at New Canaan, where she died, in Ponus Street, 15 Feb. 1870. He was living there in Feb. 1876. He enlisted for three years, at Darien, Conn., 9 Aug. 1862, in Co. B, 17th Reg., Conn. Vol. Infantry; took part in the battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburgh, and Braddock's Farms, in the last of which he was taken prisoner. He was sent to the well-known prison at Andersonville, where he endured his share of the suffering that befell its unfortunate inmates. 8154
2875 VII. Mary Amelia Whitney, b. in New Canaan, Conn., 21 Ap. 1832; 8159
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