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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Fifth Generation.
1834, aged 79 years. They were buried in a small cemetery on their farm, which is now known as the Whitney Cemetery.

Chil. of John and Thankful (Benedict) Whitney. 25

160 III. James Whitney, lived at, or near, Johnstown, N.Y. Mrs. Anna (Whitney) Snow, of Henderson, N.Y., remembers that he visited his brother Samuel, at Kirkland, N.Y., and that two of his children also visited there; but she does not know the names of his wife or any of his children.
161 IV. Elizabeth Whitney, married in South Salem, N.Y., 17 Dec. 1778, Philip Wood. No record of her birth has been found, but tradition asserts that John Whitney had two daughters, and until more evidence is found, she is given a place here. Her husband was possibly the same Philip, son of Jacob Wood, who was baptized in South Salem, 15 March 1761.
162 V. Benjamin Whitney, b. in Salem, N.Y., 23 Jan. 1758; a farmer; married in Otsego, N.Y., Ann Mercy Harris, dau. of Asa and Mary (Johnson) Harris, of Otsego. They settled at New Hartford, Conn., and early in 1797, moved to Otsego; thence to Springfield Centre, N.Y., and from there to Mexico, N.Y., perhaps in that part which afterward formed the town of Parish, where he owned a farm. This he sold, when quite advanced in life, and went to Ellisburgh, N.Y., to live with his daughter. He and his wife were very worthy members of the Baptist Church. It is said that they became dependent, in their last years, through misplaced confidence in some near relatives. She died in Ellisburgh, 21 Aug. 1835, aged 74, and was buried in the "Fish neighborhood," near Deacon Lum's, in thte south part of Ellisburgh. He is said to have died at Grand Rapids, Mich., or as another account says, at Plymouth, Mich., 15 Feb. 1847, aged 89 years; but there is great uncertainty as to these dates and places. It is supposed that he served in the Revolutionary War. 681
163 VI. Ezra Whitney, lived at, or near, Johnstown, Fulton Co., N.Y. Nothing is known of his wife or children.
164 VII. ----- Whitney, a daughter, of whom no record has been found. Mrs. Anna (Whitney) Snow, of Henderson, N.Y., thinks she married ----- Hubbell.

Chil. of Daniel and Betty (Whitney) Smith. 26

165 I. Abigail Smith, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 17 Feb 1742-3; married Daniel Worden, of Ridgefield. She married (2d), as "Abigail Worden, alias Smith," 5 Nov. 1777, at Ridgefield, Ebenezer Rockwell, son of 689
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