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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.

Chil. of Noah and Betsey (Whitney) Frisbie. 1145

3792 I. Harvey Frisbie, b. at Branford, Conn., 8 March 1813; a carpenter; married there, 14 Sept. 1834, Betsey Sheldon, who was born at Branford, 5 Jan. 1812, dau. of Jeremiah Sheldon. They settled in Branford; and, in 1857, removed to Onarga, Ill., where they lived in 1873. 10265
3793 II. Jason Frisbie, b. at Branford, Conn., 28 July 1814; a master-mariner; married Melinda Riley, of New Haven, Conn., but had no children. He sailed for the West Indies, 25 Feb. 1862, in the bark Grapeshot, of which he was captain; and nothing has been heard from him or his crew. Portions of her wreck were seen 2 March 1862. His widow lived at New Haven in 1868.
3794 III. Lynde Frisbie, b. at Branford, Conn., 8 Aug. 1816; was for thirteen years a seafaring man, sailing to the West Indies and New Orleans, making fifty-eight voyages; married in Branford, where her father then lived, 22 Aug. 1841, Sarah Spencer, born at Branford, 16 Oct. 1823, dau. of Bela and Polly (Bradley) Spencer. He built a house at 28 Webster Street, New Haven, Conn., where they lived for six years after marriage; and then returned to Branford, where they lived in 1868. He is now a carpenter. 10270

Chil. of Hervey and Grace (Whitney) Smith. 1146

3795 I. Samuel Whitney Smith, b. at North Haven, Conn., 27 Nov. 1819; a lawyer; went with his father, in 1836, to Newark Valley, N. Y.; removed thence, in 1848, to Ithaca, N. Y., where he spent the rest of his life, acting as justice of the peace for about fourteen years, and as judge of the Court of Sessions for four years; married at Lansing, N. Y., by Rev. George Spaulding, Presbyterian, 18 Ap. 1850, to Ann Maria McGowan, dau. of James McGowan, of Ithaca, where she was born 11 March 1819. He died in Ithaca, 2 Nov. 1869. 10271
3796 II. William Hervey Smith, b. at North Haven, Conn., 17 Ap. 1823; died at North Haven, 6 Sept. 1825, and was buried there.
3797 III. William Hervey Smith, b. at North Haven, Conn., 17 Sept. 1826; a druggist; settled at Mesopotamia, Ohio, where he married, in Oct. 1852, Caroline Sheldon, of Mesopotamia; but had no children. Early in 1862, he enlisted in Co. K, 6th Ohio Cavalry; served under Fremont, in his short campaign in Western Virginia; was transferred, in July 1862, to the Hospital Department; and was clerk of the hospital at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, where he died 30 Sept. 1862, and was buried in the
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