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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
married, 15 Jan. 1852, Clorinda Guion. They were living at Van's Valley, in Harlem township, Ohio, in 1873.
4111 IX. James Whitney Washburn, b. at Vermillion, Ohio, 17 Aug. 1829; a farmer; married at her father's house, in Cascade, Mich., 8 Oct 1854, by Rev. En Prince, Congregational, to Rosetta Webster, who was born in Whitby, Canada West, 23 Nov. 1837, dau. of Hiram and Phebe Ann (Gardiner) Webster. They settled on a farm in Cascade, upon which his widow and son were still living in 1873. He enlisted as a private, 12 Aug. 1862; took part in the battle of Stone River, and was then promoted to the rank of sergeant; was wounded just above the right knee, in the battle of Chickamauga, 20 Sept 1863; and died in hospital, at Chattanooga, Ten n., II Nov. 1863. He was first buried at Chattanooga; and was removed to the cemetery at Cascade, 4 Feb. 1864. 10867

Chil. of Philo and Jerusha (Wheeler) Whitney. 1248

4112 I. Harriet Whitney, b. at Newtown, Conn., 14 July 1816; married there, 9 Dec. 1835, Edmund Fairchild, a farmer, son of Ziba and Lucy Ann (Wheeler) Fairchild, of Newtown, where he was born 3 Jan. 1814. They settled in Newtown; where she died 14 May 1849, and was buried in the Newtown Cemetery. He was still living at Newtown in 1874.
4113 II. Joseph Botsford Whitney, b. at Newtown, Conn., 4 March 1818; was drowned in the Croton River, 8 June (var. 8 May) 1834; and was buried in the Newtown Cemetery. 10868
4114 III. James Wheeler Whitney, b. at Newtown, Conn., 27 Nov. 1819; bap. in Trinity Church, Newtown, 7 May 1820; a merchant; married 28 Oct 1846, at York, N. Y., where her father then lived, Anna Maria Lewis, who was born at Mullica Hill, N. J., 25 Ap. 1824, dau. of Samuel and Anne Maria (Knisell) Lewis, and g. dau. of Christopher and Elizabeth Knisell. After leaving Newtown, he dwelt in Le Roy, N. Y.; in York, N. Y.; again in Le Roy; and in 1874, was living at 138 Second Place, Brooklyn, N. Y., a partner in the firm of Hazen, Whitney & Co., importers and jobbers of silk goods, at 392 Broadway, New York City. 10870
4115 IV. Emily Whitney, b. at Newtown, Conn., 11 Oct 1821; married there, 26 Dec. 1841, by Rev. Sabura S. Stocking, Protestant Episcopal, rector of Trinity Church, Newtown, to Le Grand Fairchild, a carpenter and joiner, who was born in Roxbury, Conn., 1 Feb. 1820, son of Ziba and Lucy Ann (Wheeler) Fairchild, the latter residing in Newtown at the time. 10873
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