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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
of his marriage. They settled in Newtown, and were living there in Sept. 1874.
4117 V. Aurelia Whitney, b. at Newtown, Conn., 26 Oct 1823; married at Le Roy, N. Y., 24 Oct 1849, in St Mark's Church, by Rev. Mr. Chipman, Episcopal, to Oliver Warner Moore, a lawyer, whose father then lived at Mooreville, in York, Mich. He was born in Phelps, N. Y., 26 Oct 1820, son of William and Lucy (Rice) Moore.1 They settled at Ann Arbor, Mich.; and in 1853 removed to Washington, D. C., where he was a clerk in the Department of the Interior (part of the time "at the head of the Indian Bureau") for seven years, till his death, which took place at Washington, 19 Jan. 1860. He was buried at Mooreville, Mich. After his death, she returned to Le Roy, and was living there, without children, in 1874.
4118 VI. Ruth Ann Whitney, b. in Hanover District, Newtown, Conn., 27 May 1826; married at Newtown, 28 Oct 1847, Truman Hubbell, who was born at Hattertown, in Newtown, son of Asa and Susan (Wheeler) Hubbell. He died at Hattertown, about 1849. She was married (2d), 10 June 1850, at Monroe, Conn., by Rev. William Wakeman, Baptist, to Mark Leavenworth Hubbell, a hat-curler and flanger, son of Asa and Susan (Wheeler) Hubbell, of Monroe, where he was born 13 Ap. 1830. They settled in Monroe; moved to North Orange, N. J., 25 Sept 1851; to Hattertown, 15 July 1852; to North Orange again, 10 Aug. 1855; to Newtown again, 20 July 1856; to 5 Sanford Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1 Oct 1863; to Newtown once more, 6 Sept. 1864; and finally, 7 Oct 1866, to Bethel, Conn., where they were living in 1874, He served four months in the 24th Reg., N. Y. S. Cavalry. 10876
4119 VII. Abram Johnson Whitney, b. at Newtown, Conn., 3 Oct. 1828; a carpenter, and later a grocer; married at Stepney, in Monroe, Conn., 25 Nov. 1857, by Rev. D. W. Lounsbury, Methodist Episcopal, to Marietta Parmelee, born 15 Sept 1834, dau. of Herman and Sally (Peck) Parmelee, of Newtown. They lived in Newtown (except a year and a half passed in Birmingham, Conn.) till 1869, when they moved to Bethel, Conn., and were living there in 1874. 10879

Child of Ezra Whitney. 1249

4120 I. Sarah Whitney, married ----- Eaton; and was living at Charleston, Penn., in Dec. 1875.
  1 See the Rice Genealogy, pp.149 and 145, families 363 and 696; and the Leland Magazine, p. 89.
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