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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
died at Long Reach, 1 Feb. 1849. He was married (2d), 23 Jan. 1855, at Washademoac Lake, by Rev. C. P. Bliss, to Cornelia Ogden Flewelling, born at Moss Glen, Kingston, 15 Sept. 1830, dau. of Azor and Maria (Purdy) Flewelling. He has never moved from his father's homestead, and was living there in Ap. 1874. He has been a justice of the peace for Kings Co.
4739 XI. Richard Thomas Whelpley, b. at Long Reach, Kingston, N. B., 28 Nov. 1820; a millwright; married at Fredericton, N. B., 23 Oct. 1854, by Rev. W. T. Ketchum, to Jane Sophie Gough, youngest dau. of the late Joseph and Sarah (Yerxa) Gough, of Frederickton, where she was born 12 Jan. 1837. They settled in Fredericton, where he died in Aug., 1862. She and her children were living at Victoria Mills, Fredericton, in Ap. 1874. 12178
4740 XII. Hannah Whelpley, b. at Long Reach, Kingston, N. B., 8 Aug. 1823; married in St. James Church, Kingston, 20 Feb. 1855, by Rev. William Elias Scovil, the rector, to Enos Henry Flewelling, a shipwright, son of Joseph and Mary (Puddington) Flewelling, of Kingston, where he was born 4 March 1821. They settled at Clifton, Kingston, and were still living there in Ap. 1874, having dwelt one year in St. John, N. B. 12183

Chil. of Dennis and Elizabeth Betsey (Henderson) Whitney. 1454

4741 I. Chancy Wright Whitney, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 6 July 1812; a farmer; married at West Bloomfield, N. Y., 5 Feb. 1834, by Rev. George H. Norton, rector of St. John's Church, Richmond, to Phebe Ann Leach, of West Bloomfield, born there, 12 Ap. 1813, dau. of Payne Kenyon and Joanna (Clark) Leach. He kept an inn at Allen's Hill till 1842; and then moved to Royalton, N. Y., where he settled on a farm. In 1848, he moved to Shelby, Mich., where he died 21 Ap. 1867 a communicant of the Prot. Episc. Church. He was buried in Utica Cemetery. His widow still lived in Shelby, two and a half miles from the village of Utica (in the same town), in 1874. 12185
4742 II. Janet Whitney, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 2 Jan. 1814; married there, by Rev. Thomas Meachum, Episcopal, 17 Jan. 1839, to Daniel Mason Hale, a physician, born in Swansea, Mass., 17 Ap. 1808, son of Daniel and Lydia (Luther) Hale, the latter residing in Providence, R. I., at the time of his marriage. They settled in West Bloomfield, N. Y.; moved thence, in April 1846, to Brooklyn, Conn., where they lived till Oct. 1855; and then returned to West Bloomfield, where they still lived in 1874. They are communicants of the Protestant Episcopal Church. 12194
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