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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
4743 III. Jane Elizabeth Whitney, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 3 Jan. 1816; married there, by Rev. George H. Norton, D. D., 14 May 1835, to Sireno French; and lived at Conesus, N. Y., in 1874, a communicant of the Protestant Episcopal Church.
4744 IV. Minerva Whitney, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 19 Ap. 1818; married by Rev. William Crissey, rector of St. Luke's Church, Royalton Centre, N. Y., 8 Oct. 1840, to Augustus Lee Whedon,1 a saddler and harness-maker, son of Warham and Hannah (Trask) Whedon, of Georgia, Vt., where he was born 30 Jan. 1815. She died at Royalton, 2 Oct. 1842, and was buried at Allen's Hill, having first been interred in Green Mountain Cemetery, two miles north of Royalton Centre. 12200
4745 V. Beachgood Whitney, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 18 June 1820; a farmer; married by S. Barnard, at Livonia, N. Y., 30 Sept. 1840, to Betsey Elizabeth Bennett, of Livonia, born there 22 Aug. 1822, dau. of Eleazar and Barbary (Gregg) Bennett. After his marriage he lived at Royalton, N. Y., till 14 March 1842; at Livonia, till 1 Ap. 1844; at Pavilion, N. Y., till 1 Dec. 1846; at Conesus, N. Y., till 4 Nov. 1847; at Armada, Mich., till 1 Ap. 1866; at Argentine, Mich., till 1 Ap. 1873; and since that time at Linden, Mich. 12201
4746 VI. Altia Whitney, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 5 May 1822; married at Royalton, N. Y., by Rev. Charles H. Platt, rector of Grace Church, Lockport, N. Y., 27 May 1847, to James Bowdoin Southworth, a farmer, born at Hancock, Mass., 26 May 1814, son of Norman and Sarah Elizabeth (Gardiner) Southworth. She died at Coldwater, Mich., 18 Sept. 1871, and was buried there. He still lived at Coldwater in 1874. 12210
4747 VII. Edwin Henderson Whitney, twin, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 5 Aug. 1826; a hardware-merchant; married by Rev. T. R. Cressey, Baptist, at St. Paul, Minnesota, 15 Oct. 1855, to Olive Susan Ford, born 1 Jan. 1833, dau. of David and Sarah (Buttson) Ford, of Oshkosh, Wis. She died at Utica, Mich., 29 Dec. 1857. He was married (2d), by Rev. George L. Foster, Presbyterian, at Ypsilanti, Mich., 17 May 1859, to Jennie Dodge, of Ypsilanti, born at Fayette, N. Y., 15 July 1838, dau. of David Billings and Susan (Markell) Dodge, her father residing in Ypsilanti at the time of her marriage. He lived at Pontiac, Mich., from Oct. 1844 to March 12214
  1 Augustus Lee Whedon married (2d), at Lockport, N. Y., 10 Nov. 1853, Cornelia Fry, who was born at Lockport, 25 Ap. 1830. He lived in Western New York from 1837 till 1856; in Macomb Co., Mich., till 1862; and then removed to Bunker Hill, Ill., where he died, 16 Nov. 18--, and was buried.

    By the second marriage he had the following children:
    I. Edwin Herbert Whedon, b. at Royalton, N. Y., 8 Aug. 1855.
    II. Agnes Rachel Whedon, b. at Macomb, Mich., 26 Sept. 1858; died at Bunker Hill, Ill. 23 Feb. 1865 and was buried there.
    III. Frederic Lee Whedon, b. at Royalton, N. Y., 4 Feb. 1865; died there 16 Aug. 1861.
    IV. Arthur Charles Whedon, b. at Bunker Hill, Ill., 23 Nov. 1868.

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