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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
Somersetshire, Eng., 9 Sept. 1818, son of William and Ann (Warford) Rich. He died at Lockport, N. Y., 8 Feb. 1852, and was buried at Royalton, N. Y. She was married (2d), 7 May 1856, at Royalton, by Rev. Robert E. Thomas, Methodist Episcopal, to Walter Wolcott Robbins, a blacksmith, born in the village of Niagara, C. W., 18 Nov. 1814, son of Levi and Elizabeth (Botsford) Robbins. They were living at Lawton, Mich., in 1874.
4753 III. Mary Ann Whitney, b. at Richmond, N. Y., 26 Aug. 1830; married at Royalton Centre, N. Y., 1 Nov. 1849, Davis Hurd, a fruit-grower, son of Davis and Amanda (Turner) Hurd, of Royalton Centre, formerly of Conn., where he was born 23 March 1827. They were living at Wright's Corners, N. Y., in 1874. 12230

Chil. of James and Mary Ann (Whitney) Sibley. 1458

4754 I. James Adolphus Sibley, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 21 Nov. 1832; married at Middleport, in Royalton, N. Y., 11 May 1857, Elizabeth Wauton Baker, dau. of Alden S. and Elizabeth (Wickham) Baker, of Middleport, where she was born 11 May 1837. They were living at Chicago, Ill., in 1873. 12232
4755 II. Dennis Eliakim Sibley, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 22 Oct. 1835; a commission-merchant; married at Chicago, Ill., 21 Nov. 1866, Sarah Martha Eldridge, dau. of Isaac and Margaret (Winegar) Eldridge, of Chicago, formerly of Union Springs, N. Y., where she was born 11 Dec. 1846. They settled in Chicago, and were living there in 1873, at 1194 Michigan Avenue. He was then of the firm of Sibley and Perry, 128 South Water Street.
4756 III. John Herbert Sibley, b. at Allen's Hill, Richmond, N. Y., 25 Sept. 1837; died at Chicago, Ill., 19 Feb. 1869, and was buried there. 12235

Chil. of Abraham and Hannah (Fowler) Purdy. 1462

4757 I. Joseph Fowler Purdy, b. at Somers, N. Y., 7 Oct. 1802; died at Somers, 25 Oct. 1802, and was buried there.
4758 II. Lewis Purdy, b. at Somers, N. Y., 18 Nov. 1803; a tailor and clothing-merchant; married at 8 King Street, New York, the house of her brother-in-law, Benjamin Curry, 7 July 1829, by Rev. Coles Carpenter, Methodist Episcopal, to Mary Ann Hart, dau. of James Bloomer and 12238
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