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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
of one week. He was buried at Hampden. She was married (2d), at Hampden, by Rev. Phineas Adams Bean, Congregational, 12 Sept. 1866, to Justin Warriner Brewer, a farmer, of Hampden, born there 1 March 1842, son of Benajah and Polly (Warriner) Brewer. He enlisted at Hampden, 20 July 1862, in Co. E, 105th Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf.; and was discharged at Indianapolis, Ind., 5 July 1865. They lived at Hampden in 1874.
5061 V. Henry Philemon Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 24 July 1845; and resided there in 1874.

Chil. of Seth and Lucinda (Tucker) Whitney. 1536

5062 VI. Nelson Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 19 Feb. 1847; died at Thompson, Ohio, 30 Ap. 1849, and was buried at Montville.
5063 VII. Seth Wellington Whitney, b. at Thompson, Ohio, 9 March 1852; died there 2 May 1853, and was buried in Montville.
5064 VIII. Josephine Lucinda Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 28 March 1850; and lived there in 1874.

Chil. of John Veits and Mary (Lansing) Whitney. 1538

5065 I. Veits Everitt Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 19 Dec. 1845; a farmer and teacher; married by Rev. E. H. Hawley, of the Disciples' Church, at Montville, 21 June 1868, to Florence Eliada Broughton, born at Thompson, Ohio, dau. of Job and Martha (Baldwin) Broughton, who afterward removed to Montville. He resided at Montville in 1874, where he was then township-clerk, an exhorter in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and had taught school for ten years. 12780
5066 II. Canfield Lansing Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 28 Jan.1848; a nurseryman, and teacher; married at Barton, Ohio, by Rev. D. Witter, Congregational, 11 Nov. 1872, to Roseltha May White, born at Middlefield, Ohio, 16 March 1854, dau. of James1 and Rosanna (Phillips) White. He lived at Montville in 1874, and was then the managing partner of the firm of John V. Whitney & Son, proprietors of the Green Valley Nurseries. He has taught in a public school, one term each year, for ten years.
5067 III. Fiorello Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 10 Dec. 1849; died there 27 Jan. 1868, and was buried at Montville Centre.
  1 He was son of James White, and died in the army during the war of 1861. His widow lived at Middlefield, when her daughter was married.
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