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Long, Alice MacDonald, Marriage Returns of Hancock County, Maine, Prior to 1892, Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 9 (Camden, ME: Picton Press, 1992).

[County formed in 1789]

p. 39: [MT. DESERT -] Elnathan W. Whitney of Mt. Desert & Eliza Ann Newman of same m. 17 Dec 1835 by Rev. M. W. Strickland.

p. 62: [CASTINE -] Moses Gay Jr. of Castine & Lucy P. Whitney of same m. 26 Sept 1841, by B. B. Beckwith

p. 135: [BLUE HILL -] Albert Whitney of Bluehill & Abby N. Saunders of same m. 14 Mar 1852 by Arthur F. Drinkwater

p. 143: [AURORA -] David R. Whitney NOTE of Aurora & Abigail Butler of same m. 5 Feb 1854 by D. B. Silsby

p. 151: [MT. DESERT -] William S. Richardson of Mt. Desert & Susan L. Whitney NOTE of same m. 9 Jan 1853 by Daniel Somes JP.

p. 179: [CASTINE -] Leonard J. Whiting of New Orleans & Frances A. Whitney of Castine m. 7 Oct 1847 by Rev. Daniel Sewall.

p. 222: ELLSWORTH - Moses H. Whitney of Ellsworth & Paulena F. Wood of same m. 10 Aug 1861 by S. Waterhouse.

p. 223: ELLSWORTH - George Roberts of Ellsworth & Mrs. Betsey Moore of same m. 12 Oct 1861 by N. Whitney

p. 356: TREMONT - Arthur C. Whitney of Swans Isle & May H. Smith of same m. 29 Nov 1882 by Rev. B. F. Stinson

p. 366: TREMONT - Duncan McAndless of Boston, MA & Louisa H. Whitney of Swans Isle m. 7 July 1883 by Ref. B. F. Stinson

p. 374: TREMONT - Jacob M. Kelly of Tremont & Lizzie M. Marshall of same m. 5 Oct 1884 by Rev. N. Whitney

p. 410: [ELLSWORTH -] John O. Whitney of Ellsworth & Henrietta A. Fox of same m. 2 Oct 1890 by Rev. J. T. Crosby

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