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Judith Holbrook Kelley and Clayton Rand Adams, comps. and eds., Marriage Returns of Lincoln County, Maine. Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 39 (Rockport, ME: Picton Press, [2002]).

Lincoln County was formed in 1760.

p. 28: May 3, 1829, Goram Whitney & Olive Paine, both of Litchfield, by David Starret.

p. 28: Oct. 22, 1829, Reuben Whitney, Jr. & Mary C. White, both of Litchfield, by David Starret.

p. 38: Dec. 25, 1832, Thomas Whitney NOTE & Ephia Linnekin, both of St. George, by Benjamin Eames.

p. 44: Aug. 11, 1833, Joseph Thompson & Elizabeth Whitney, both of Thomaston, by Caleb Fuller.

p. 52: Oct. 12, 1834, Richard S. Messenden & Abigail S. Whitney, both of Bath, by Silas Stearns.

p. 65: Oct. 23, 1836, Levi Whitney of Richmond & Mary Hutchins of Bowdoinham, by Luther C. Stevens.

p. 70: June 25, 1837, Charles B. Ellis & Mary E. C. Whitney, both of Bath, by Silas Stearns.

p. 84: Dec. 31, 1839, Jeremiah M. Knowlton of Northport & Beatrice M. Whitney NOTE of Union, by Phineas Bond, Pastor of the Baptist Church in Warren M.E.

p. 90: Sept. 20, 1839, Mr. William Whitney & Miss Eliza Brown, both of Thomaston, by Francis W. Baxter.

p. 94: [erased] 1840, John F. Lockheart & Abigail S. Whitney NOTE, both of Bath, by George Webber, M.G.

p. 126: Aug. 25, 1842, Mr. Obadiah Gardner, Jr. of Union & Mrs. Ephia Whitney NOTE of St. George, by Benjamin Eames, M.G.

p. 141: Apr. 19, 1844, Mr. John Whitney & Miss Almira Turner, both of Lisbon, by Albert W. Purrington.

p. 141: Aug. 9, 1842, Mr. James Strout of Durham & Miss Mehitable Whitney of Lisbon, by William Woodward, Esq.

p. 151: Apr. 30, 1846, Mr. Micah Higgins of Portland & Miss Mary Ann Whitney of Lewiston, by Wm. R. French, M.G. [Lewiston]

p. 153: Nov. 9, 1844, Mr. Ebenezer B. Thurston of Monmouth & Mrs. Sarah Jane Witham of Lisbon, by Benjamin Whitney, Esq. [Lisbon]

p. 170: Jan. 6, 1846, Mr. Samuel L. Whitney of Lisbon & Sarah Clark of Lewiston, by Eld. David Lancaster. [Lisbon]

p. 205: Dec. 21, 1847, Mr. William H. Curtis & Miss Isabel B. Whitney, both of Lisbon, by Jonas Fisk, M.G.

p. 205: Nov. 14, 1847, Mr. Albion K. P. Whitney & Miss Malinda Mountford, both of Lisbon, by J. C. Knowlton, M.G.

p. 215: no date [prob. 1848], Mr. Charles W. Thompson & Miss Jane H. Whitney NOTE, both of Topsham, by Rev. Jonathan Clement of Topsham.

p. 231: Mar. 14, 1850, Mr. Joseph D. Whitney & Miss Ann Sarah Whitney, both of Lisbon, by Edward P. Briggs.

p. 240: Oct. 19, 1850, Americus A. Long & Miss Mary E. Whitney, both of Thomaston, by Atwood Levensaler, J.P.

p. 241: June 30, 1851, Capt. Lincoln Patten & Miss Mary E. Whitney, both of Topsham. [Topsham]

p. 248: Sept. 12, 1850, Mr. Isaac Whitney & Mrs. Amanda M. Saltmarsh, both of Lewiston, by W. R. French, M.G. in Lewiston.

p. 256: Oct. 22, 1848, Mr. Oliver Whitney of Belgrade NOTE & Mrs. Sarah Tibbits of Bath, by Rev. M. E. Cox. [Bath]

p. 268: June 24, 1851, Otis Whitney & Miss Elizabeth C. Nickerson, both of Richmond, by P. F. Bainard.

p. 268: Aug. 24, 1852, Mr. Hudson Hunter of Richmond & Miss Livana Whitney NOTE of West Gardiner, by Libby Plumer, J.P. [Richmond]

p. 311: no date [apparently 1856], Mr. Erastus F. Whitney of Friendship & Caroline R. Sterling of Thomaston, by Geo. A. Starr, J.P. [Thomaston]

p. 338: Nov. 2, 1809, Mr. Maddan Long & Mrs. Mary Whitney NOTE, both of St. George.

p. 340: Feb. 23, 1815, Mr. Hanes Whitney & Miss Jane Robinson, both of Thomaston.

p. 346: May 22, 1783, Isaac Whitney & Sarah Trufert, by John Merrill. [Pownalborough]

p. 347: Nov. 16, 1783, Abner Stevens & Lydia Whittney, by John Merrill. [Pownalborough]

p. 347: Oct. 26, 1784, Increase Bliffen & Isabella Whitney, by John Merrill. [Pownalborough]

p. 354: Jno. Whitney, M.G., returns, Littleboro [no dates, apparently ca. 1789].

p. 357: Dec. 3, 1789, Mr. John Whitney & Mrs. Lois Wadsworth, both of Camden, by David Fales, Esq., J.P. of Thomaston.

p. 359: Sept. 2, 1787, Thomas Whitney & Anna Stubbs. [Orrington]

p. 391: June 11, 1840, John C. Whitney NOTE of Newbury & Agnes C. Rogers of Phipsburg, by A. Reed, Esq. [Phippsburg]

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