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McAllister, Donald L., and Lucille E. Nass, eds., Marriage Returns of Oxford County, Maine Prior to 1892, Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication #16 (Rockport, Me.: Picton Press, c1993).

29 March 1846, Mr. Ephraim M. Steadman, Winthrop, and Miss Ann L. Whitney, Canton, recorded in Canton by Alvarado Hayford, J.P.

12 August 1855, Mr. Ezra Whitney, Camden, & Miss Cordelia Knight, Peru, m. in Shelburne, N.H. by Barker Burbank, J.P.

26 August 1889, Mr. Elias Frost, Peru, and Mrs. Drusilla Whitney, Weld, m. in Franklin Plantation by L.C. Putnam, J.P.

1 January 1847, Edwin H. Whitney [NOTE] and Mary Skillings, both of Sweden, m. in Waterford by Phillip Barrows, J.P.

24 November 1836, Mr. Loren Wrisley and Miss Elmira Whitney, both of Norway, m. in Norway by Rubin Milner, MG.

29 December 1835, Mr. Jonathan Whitney, Bridgeton, and Miss Rebecca Flint, Sweden, m. in Sweden by Ebenezer Eaton, Elder.

16 October 1885, Mr. Stephen D. Alden and Miss Elsie E. Whitney, m. in North Livermore by C. Richards, MG.

6 December 1891, Mr. Everitt Simms and Mrs. Elvira N. Whitney, both of Dixfield, m. in Peru by Ozro Roys.

16 August 1874, Mr. F. M. Hacker, Brunswick and Miss Hannah E. Whitney, Canton, m. in Canton by G.W. Fuller, MG.

3 March 1859, Mr. Harvey A. Whitney [NOTE], Montreal, and Miss Isabel G. Hatch, Portland, m. in Norway by Joseph C. Snow, MG.

26 April 1832, Mr. James Whitney, Bridgeton, and Miss Rachel W. Holden, Sweden, m. in Sweden by Stephen Sanderson, MG.

3 June 1838, James Greenleaf and Jane F. Whitney, Norway, recorded in Norway by C. Soule.

21 September 1878, M. Alfred N. Gray and Miss Myra J. Whitney m. in Canton by J. Brownvill.

7 August 1873, Mr. Daniel K. Hill, Norway, and Mrs. Sarah E. Whitney, Cambridgeport, Mass., in Cambridge, Mass., by George R. Leavitt.

28 January 1834, Mr. William Francis, Carthage, and Miss Susannah Whitney, Weld, by Peter Young, MG.

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