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Marriage Records of Waldo County, Maine prior to 1892

Mosher and Maresh, published by Picton Press

Whitney Entries

Samuel Whitney and Mary Rich, 10 April 1803 in Unity by Rev. John Whitney.

Samuel Barnes and Martha Whitney, 5 December 1803 in Unity by Rev. John Whitney.

John Whitney and Hannah Rich, 6 July 1808 in Unity by Samuel Whitney.

James Kelley and Happy Whitney, both of Unity, 8 August 1824 in Unity by Hezekiah Chase, Esq.

George Hunt and Marian Whitney, 24 February 1827 in Unity by Rev. Benjamin Tappan.

Charles Green and Mary Whitney, both of Troy, 11 December 1834 in Troy by Samuel Nutt.

Aaron Gould, Jr. of Freedom and Zoa Whitney of Thorndike, 24 September 1835 by John True.

Levi Gould of Freedom and Abigail Whitney NOTE of Thorndike, 9 December 1835 by John True.

Ephraim Rand of Camden and Louisa Ann Whitney of Gorham, 9 December 1838 by Nathaniel Chapman, Pastor of the Congregational Church in Camden.

Joel Whitney of Plymouth and Betsey Ayer of Unity, 23 May 1840 by Nathan J. Robinson, M.G.

Benjamin B. Whitney of Unity and Mercy Abbott of Freedom, 25 June 1840 in Unity by Hiram Hurd, Jr., Esq.

Mr. William A. Shenck and Miss Mary Jane Whitney, both of Lincolnville, 10 December 1843 by Nathaniel Chapman.

William G. Whitney of Troy and Esther Chase of Unity, 9 June 1844 in Unity by David Hutchinson.

Mr. Charles Whitney NOTE of Freedom to Miss Sarah K. Hall of Knox, 12 December 1844 by A. Dunbar, M.O.G.

Elias Milliken and Hadassah L. Whitney, both of Burnham, 19 November 1848 in Burnham by D.L. Milliken, Esq.

Peter Whitney of Thorndike and Abigail B. Murch of Unity, 27 December 1854 in Unity by Nathaniel Chapman,, Esq.

Charles H. Whitney and Caroline Nichols, both of Searsport, 8 June 1856 in Searsport by Rev. S. Thurston.

Eben P. Rowe and Harriet Whitney, both of Morrill, 14 September 1856 in Morrill by T. W. Robinson, Esq.

Henry Whitney and Sarah Thomas, both of Waldo, 24 December 1857 in Belfast.

Alfred D. Whitney NOTE of Franklin, Mass. and Flora Hines of Winterport, 10 March 1881 in Winterport by M. Blanchard, clergyman.

Ephraim Redman and Emily Whitney, 16 October 1861 in Morrill.

Mr. B. F. Whitney of Belfast to Miss Eliza A. Newcomb of Union, 26 January 1862 in Union by Flavius V. Norcross.

NOTE: This Barzillai Frederick Whiting, not Whitney.

Mr. Henry Davis and Miss Florilla S. Whitney NOTE, both of Frankfort, 2 April 1863 in Frankfort.

Mr. Caleb W. Lewis of Liberty, Me. and Mrs. Mary S. Whitney NOTE of Winterport, Me., 2 July 1863 in Winterport by Reuben A. Rich, Esq.

Henry Whitney of Waldo and Martha E. Merriam of Morrill, 12 August 1863 in Waldo.

Dudley Moody of Readfield and Mrs. Betsey Whitney of Unity, 19 January 1864 in Unity by Rev. E.H. Prescott.

William York and Mrs. Catherine Whitney, both of Frankfort, 8 March 1864 in Frankfort.

Llewellyn Hanson of Camden and Lucy Whitney of Lincolnville, 18 September 1866 in Lincolnville by Rev. J. B. Bean.

Charles F. Welton and Martha M. Whitney NOTE, both of Waldo, 5 October 1865 in Morrill.

Leroy S. Davis and Ella Whitney NOTE, both of Lincolnville, 16 December 1866.

R. Philbrook and Emma R. Whitney NOTE, both of Frankfort, 12 February 1867 in Winterport by Gilbert L. Curtis, J.P.

John A. Whitney of Stockton and Ella A. Kellock of Belfast, 9 June 1867 in Belfast by W.O. Thomas.

B. B. Whitney and Mary E. Morton, both of Frankfort, 24 November 1868 in Frankfort.

Thomas H. Gurney and Martha E. Whitney, both of Waldo, 24 April 1869 in Waldo by Samuel Kingsbury, Esq.

Mr. Charles L. Whitney NOTE and Miss Abbie E. Church, both of Winterport, 31 December 1870 in Winterport by A.H. Wright, clergyman.

W. S. Whitney and Emily S. Mills, both of Winterport, 23 September 1871 in Winterport by Rev. Albert Church.

Winfield S. Whitney and Lizzie Nason, both of Winterport, 19 August 1878 in Winterport by E.H. Small, clergyman.

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