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Whitney, Hallam S., and Weeks, Dr. F. E., comp., Whitney Genealogy of the Brothers, Judge Joshua and Gen. William Whitney of Binghamton, N.Y. (1932), typescript, NEHGS Library, call number Manuscripts G WHI 6956.

Transcriber's note: I found the arrangement of these families to be somewhat confusing, so I rearranged the data and renumbered the families, putting the results in a new file.

W H I T N E Y . _*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_ G E N E A L O G Y O F T H E B R O T H E R S,J U D G E J O S H U A A N D G E N.W I L L I A M,W H I T N E Y O F B I N G H A M T O N,N.Y. History gathered by Hallam S. Whitney Cleveland, Ohio Compiled by Dr. F. E. Weeks Kipton, Ohio 1932

[p. 1]

    (1) The first Whitney was "Tursten Flandrensis" (Turstin the Fleming),
    a follower of William the Conqueror, who came with him from Normandy,
    and was given the homo "Whitney on the Wye", lands and castle on the
    Wye River, between England and Wales, for the help given in the battle
    of Hastings.  (This record is given in the "Doomsday Book" of England.
    These people later became known as De Whitney and finally as Whitney.

(1) (1) JAMES WHITNEY, is the first of the line for this history. His wife

    was Blanche Milbourne.(3a).

(2) ROBERT WHITNEY,(James) married Margaret Wye. (3) SIR ROBERT WHITNEY (Robert-James) was knighted by Queen Mary October 2

    1553.  He married Sybil Baskerville (17b).  The estate and line was
    claimed by the John Whitney who came to America in 1635, when the male
    line had run out in England, but did not press his claim.

(4) THOMAS WHITNEY (Sir Robert-Robert-James), of Lambeth Marsh married

    Mary Bray, daughter of John Bray, May 12, 1583.  He died in 1637.
    His children were Margaret, Thomas, Henry, Arnwaye, (5)JOHN, Nowell, Frances,
    Mary and Robert.

(5) JOHN WHITNEY (Thomas-Sir Robert-Robert-James), was baptized July 30, 1592.

    He went to Westminster School, later was apprenticed to William Pring,
    Tailor, of Tailor's Guild.  He and his wife, Elinor, went to live at Isle-
    worth on the Thames, near London.
    Mary, baptized in Isleworth on Thames, May 23, 1619.
    John     "            "                Sept. 14, 1621.
    Richard  "             "               Jan. 6, 1624.
    Nathaniel, born about 1627.
    Thomas,      "   "    1629.
    Jonathan,    "   "    1634.

[p. 2]

    Mary probably died young in England.  The family, consisting of John,
    aged 35, Elinor, 30, John, 11, Richard, 9, Nathaniel, 8, Thomas, 6, and Jonathan, 1,
    embarked at London on the ship "Elizabeth and Ann", in April 1635 and
    arrived in June.  They settled at Watertown, Massachusetts.  Children
    born here were (6)JOSHUA, born July 15, 1635, Caleb, b. 1640 and Benjamin,
    b. 1643.
               born about 1599
    Elinor, the wife, died May 11, 1659, and John married Judith Clement (no ch.)
    John died June 1 1673, aged 74.
    Of the children, John married Ruth Reynolds and had John, Ruth, Nathaniel,
                     Samuel, Mary, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah and Benjamin,
                     and died in Watertown Oct. 12, 1692.
                     Richard married Martha Coldam and moved to Stow.  They
                     had Sarah, Moses, Johannah, Deborah, Rebecca, Richard, Elisha
                     and Ebenezer.
                     Thomas married Mary Kedall and had Thomas, John, Eleazer,
                     Elnathan, Mary, Bezaleel, Sarah, Isaiah and Martha.
                     Jonathan, of Sherburn, married Lydia Jones and had
                     Lydia, Jonathan, Anna, John, Josiah, Elinor, James, Isaac,
                     Joseph, Abigail and Benjamin.
                     Benjamin, of York, Cocheco, Watertown and Sherburne, was
                     twice married and had Jane, Benjamin, Jonathan, Joshua
                     and probably others.

(6) JOSHUA WHITNEY (John-Thomas &c), born in Watertown, had three wives,

    Lydia --, Mary -- and Abigail (Takeall, Tarbell or Tarball), whom he mar-
    ried Sept. 30, 1672.  He was known as Deacon Joshua Whitney.  He died in
    Groton, Mass., Aug. 7, 1719.  His children were.
                                                 He served in King Phillip's War
    Hannah, born --
    Joshua, born June 14, 1666.

[p. 3]

    Sarah, born Oct. 10, 1668.
    Abigail, "           1673.
    Mary         July 1, 1675.

(7) WILLIAM Feb. 28, 1678.

    David                 1682.
    Elizabeth    April 17, 1707.

(7) WILLIAM WHITNEY (Joshua-John-Thomas &c), married 1st, Lydia Perham,

    March 1700, 2nd, Margaret Mirick, April 25, 1717.  He had children,

(8) William, Jr., born at Killingly, Conn., May 5, 1701.

    Lydia           "  Dec. 26, 1710.
    Joshua             Nov. 1, 1714.
    John               Jan. 13, 1717 or 1718.
    Elizabeth          Aug. 12, 1719.
    Caleb              Sept. 10, 1721.

(8) WILLIAM WHITNEY (William-Joshua-John-Thomas) married Mary Whittemore

    July 16, 1723, at Killingly, Conn.  He settled there and then moved to
    Canaan, Conn., about 1753.  There were many other Whitneys at Canaan.
    William  born  Feb. 5, 1725.

(9) THOMAS " Feb. 28, 1727.

    Abigail        July 4, 1741.

(9) THOMAS WHITNEY (William-William-Joshua-John) married Elizabeth Boardman

    at Sheffield, Mass.  He lived with his father for some time, and on June
    18, 1761 was living at Claverack, Albany county, New York, and was known as

[p. 4]

Lieutenant Tom Whitney, of Claverack. He deeded property to his father in

    Connecticut about this time.  After this he went to Nobletown, near
    North Hilsdale, Columbia co., N.Y., where he, with others, bought land
    claims of Massachusetts, in New York, and settled on the Manor Estate
    of Robert Livingston (of Rev. War fame).  He took an active part under
    the leadership of Robert Noble in the attempt to make good these
    claims.  A sheriff's posse was sent to arrest him and others, and a
    collision occurred near the home of Robert Noble (and probably Whitney's)
    and shooting was done by both sides.  Cornelius Ten Broeck, a deputy,
    and Thomas Whitney were killed.  Whitney was buried near North Hilsdale
    in a cemetery provided by the Patroon, Van Rensselaer.  The widow went
    to live with her eldest son and died on his farm after he moved to
    William Whitney, a brother of Thomas, among other children, had a son,
    Christopher, born Sept. 28, 1751, who married Mary Ticknor Dec. 1, 1774, at
    Sharon, Conn.  He served in the Revolution and received grants of land
    in Solon, Cortland Co., N.Y., and removed there from Tinmouth, Vermont, about
    1790.  He had children, Ruluff, b. June 25 1777, Billa, b. May 12, 1775, Olive,
    b. March 18, 1780 (m. Col. Moses Hopkins and died in 1872 in Cortland),
    Christopher, Jr., b. Nov. 12, 1782, m. Rhoda Welder.

(9) THOMAS WHITNEY had children, (10b)JOSHUA, born Nov. 27 or 29, 1748, John,

    born May 5, 1751. (10)WILLIAM, and Thomas, who went to Norwalk and died
    there about 1800.
    (10b)Joshua and (10)William Whitney served in Claverack Battalions, in
    the Albany county militia, Joshua as Captain and William as a private.
    These brothers, with a friend, possibly a relative, removed to Broome
    county, New York, in the spring of 1787, settling in what afterward became

[p. 5]

                                                               and first
    the city of Binghamton.  They were the second part of settlers ^ to
    come in wagons.  John Whitney, their brother, also came to Binghamton
    and lived at or near Chenango Forks, near his brother William, until
    1812, when he removed to Rochester, N.Y.  Further history unknown.

(10) WILLIAM WHITNEY (Thomas-William-William-Joshua-John), was a private in

    the Revolution in Albany Co., N.Y., State Militia, was appointed Ensign
    Columbia Co., in 1786, Lieutenant same year, Captain of Light Infantry
    of Tioga Co., in 1792, Major in 1793, Lieut. Col., in 1802, Brigadier General
    in 1804 and resigned in 1808.  He died Jan. 18, 1810.  He, with his brother,
    came to Binghamton from Hillsdale, Columbia Co., N.Y.
    Gen. William married, possibly Mary Rose or Rosenberry, and had children,
    (11) JOHN R., Rhoda, Sarah and three more daughters.

(11) JOHN R. WHITNEY, only son of Gen. William, was born in 1786, at Hillsdale, N.Y.

    He was a soldier in the War of 1812.  He married, 1st, Catherine Schoonover,
    2nd, Sallie Spencer.  His children by the first marriage were,
    (12)William W., b. March 9, 1807. (13)John R., Jr., b. Oct. 12, 1808. ###(14)Hi-
    ram, b. May 24, 1812. (15)Rachel, b. 1813. (16)Calvin, b. May 30, 1815. (17)Josh-
    ua, b. Sept. 5, 1819. (18)Henry S., b. Feb. 18, 1821, at Newton, N.J. (19)Caroline
    b. Feb. 7, 1823.  There were probably two or three more who died in infancy.
    Another, Hannah, has been credited to this family, but the date of her
    birth is only sixteen or seventeen years later than that of John R.,
    which makes it improbable (but not impossible) that she was
    a member of this family.  By the second marriage the children were,
    Calista, Elydia, Climena, Rosa, Ambrosia, and Rhoda
    who died young, and Rosena, who died in 1867, at the age of nineteen.
    Those who grew to maturity were (20)Mary. (21)Lucretia, b. Jan. 1834.
    (22)Elisha Spencer, b. May 24, 1836, in Camden. (23)Warren Wilson and
                                  probably in York, Medina Co., O.
    (24)Warner Spencer, twins, b. XXXXXXXXX, Aug. 15, 1839, and (25)Frank Rodman

[p. 6]

    b. in Rochester, Lorain Co., Ohio, July 16, 1842.
    John R. Whitney moved to Camden township, Lorain county, Ohio, in 1836, but
    must have lived in Rochester, same county, in 1842.  In 1850 he received
    a deed of twenty five acres of land in the east part of Camden, and
    which he deeded to his son Elisha in 1854.  Mr. Whitney died Nov. 10,
    1857, at the age of 71, according to his tombstone in Camden cemetery.

(12) WILLIAM W. WHITNEY, son of (11)John R., born March 9, 1807, married, Ann,

    daughter of Thomas Sigsworth (of Camden, but a native of England).
    He had come to Camden in 1834.  He purchased a farm in Camden, a portion
    of which now constitutes the village of Kipton.  When the "Toledo, Nor-
    walk and Cleveland" railroad (now the New York Central) was built
    through Camden, in 1852, and a village would come into being, Mr. Whitney
    laid out a village (the part of Kipton west of the main highway) and
    named in "Binghamton", from his native town.  However, the name never
    appeared except upon the record of deeds, for some reason, and the
    village was dubbed "Kipton".
    Mr. Whitney's wife died April 3, 1870, having been born in England in
    1808.  Mr. Whitney died Nov. 15, 1872.  They had children, (26)Catherine, b.
    1829, (27)William, b. Aug. 8, 1832, (28)Mary, (29)Hannah, (30)Jane, (31)
    John F., (32)Thomas, (33)Samuel H., (34)Reuben.

(26) CATHERINE WHITNEY, b. 1829 in Binghamton, died in Kipton in 1904. She

    married Charles Hardy Oct. 23, 1845.  Mr. Hardy was a first cousin of her
    father, and his history will appear later.  They had children, ^ Henry,
    Frankie, Ella, Rhoda A., and John.  Frankie married John H. Scott, of Kipton,
    and has sons Morris and Charles Hardy Scott.  Ella Hardy married Ed.
    Peck, 2nd, Elwood Austin, died in 1902, and left a daughter, Lenna, wife of
    John Groot.  Rhoda Hardy married C. Victor Turner, of Milan, Ohio.

(27) WILLIAM WHITNEY (called "Little Bill", to distinguish him from his

[p. 7]

    father), was born August 8, 1832, and died Jan. 30, 1898, in Camden.  He
    married Elizabeth Mileham Feb. 2, 1844, and she died Oct. 5, 1901.  They
    had children, John M., Aug. 11, 1865, Charles, June 14, 1867, Martha, March 7
    1872, Frankie and Bertha M., Oct. 5, 1887.  John M. married Amy Holden and
    had children, Jay (m. Grace Ingersoll) and Mary, (m. Otto Geist).  Charles
    married, 1st, Ella Ross, 2nd, Carrie Snively, 3rd, Nina Poe, 4th, --.
    His children are Leon, Vernon D., Bessie, Jessie, by the first marriage,
    and Cleta and Cleva, twins, and Clarence, by the third.  Elizabeth (Bessie) m. Henry
    Guthman and had children, Vernon and Darwin.  Martha m. Darwin E. Derby
    and had Rosell, Roy, Arville H., Clifford H., Wyliss W., Lyle E., Frankie
    Whitney m. Lloyd Green and had Edith, Ester, Lettie and Myron.  Bertha
    Whitney m. Lafayette Simonson and had Franklin, Margaret, Catherine,
    William, Bertha, and Nellie.

(28) MARY WHITNEY married Elias Brewer March 25, 1850. They had children,

    Ida, William and Elmer.  Ida m. Lewis E. Bates and had Delia (Martin),
    Ruth (Ivy) and Phinney.

(29) HANNAH WHITNEY married Lewis Mosier Dec. 21, 1854, and had Ida (m. Charles

    Dereemer), and William, d. young.  Ida had children, Emma, Lewis M., William
    S., Charles H., Ida G., and Joseph E.

(30) JANE WHITNEY married Thomas Guernsey, May 2 (or 4) 1868. She was born

    Feb. 3, 1838 and died March 13, 1900.  She had children, Clara R. (Dolly),
    and Ellen A.  Clara R. married Phillip Herrmann and had Jane (Heidt),
    Guernsey E., Ella A. (Blackert) and Clara.

(31) JOHN F. WHITNEY married Mary Dent. He was born in 1842 and died in 1918,


(32) THOMAS WHITNEY married Mrs. Philena Granger and died in 1918. He had

    children, Anna, William M. (m. Mary R. Dunkel), Hattie (who m. Bern Perkins)
    and George H. (m. Mabelle Kemp).

[p. 8]

(33) SAMUEL H. WHITNEY, born Jan. 12, 1845, married Ruth Arnold Dec. 21, 1868 and

    died May 17, 1908.  He had children, Delia (m. Charles C. Lucas), Nellie
    (m. Arthur L. Hurd) and Lewies F. (m. Elizabeth Clapp).

(34) REUBEN WHITNEY, born March 19, 1847, died Mary 1877, married Isabella

    Davidson, July  31, 1867.  He had child William R. (m. Hattie Betts).

(13) JOHN R. WHITNEY Jr. (John R.-Gen. William), born Oct. 8, 1808, married Emma

    Jane Farmer, about 1834, and died March 29, 1885.  He lived in Binghamton.
    His children were (35)Catherine E. and (36)Rosannah, born Sept. 25, 1838,
    and died Sept. 25, 1907, single.

(35) CATHERINE WHITNEY, born Oct. 8, 1835, in Bradford, Pa., married William

    D. Stevens Aug. 21, 1860, and had a daughter, Annie Jane.

(14) HIRAM WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William), born May 24, 1812, married, 1st,

    Charlotte Appleby in 1830, and had children, (37)John, d. infant, (38)Henry,
    (39)Hiram and Elmina, d. infant.  The wife died Jan. 25, 1839 and he married
    2nd, Mary Louisa Juckett June 20, 1839.  They had children, (40)Eli Hannibal
    (41)Elmina L., (42)Charlotte E., (43)James Vincent, (44)Jason Darius,
    (45)Charles Hardy.  Mr. Whitney lived in Camden (where he had come with
    his brothers William W. and Calvin, in 1834, then moved to Wellington, and
    lastly to Henrietta Hill (all in Lorain county, Ohio).  He was killed by
    the kick of a horse June 4, 1853.

(38) HENRY S. WHITNEY (Hiram), born May 2, 1833 in Penn., married Sarah Brown

    in Henrietta, April 12, 1860 and had children, Lewis S. (m. Charlotte A. Smith
    and had Frances E., Lawrence E., Dewitt A.), Mark W., Myrta D. (m. Byron Sat-
    terly and had Arthur L., Lester B.), Charles H., Arthur C., and Ella M.

(39) HIRAM WHITNEY Jr. (Hiram), born Sept. 1, 1835, married, 1st, Hannah Shay, in

    Towanda, Pa., 2nd, Effie Shay, and died in Pa. Aug. 15, 1899, without issue.

(40) ELI HANNIBAL WHITNEY (Hiram), was born in Wellington Aug. 6, 1840, and died

    in Saybrook, Ill., May 20, 1891.  He married Mary Hales and had children,

[p. 9]

    Clayton (m. --, had children, Albert, Carl, Jennie, Clarence,
    Ethel and Elsie), Jennie (m. Harding Witmer and had Vera, Archie, Hazel,
    Frank, Gladys and Harland), Corabell (m. Frank Gagel and had children, Grace,
    Ila and Frank), William Allen, Leroy (m. Kate Stilwell and had Annie Marie,
    Floyd Thomas, Harry Hannibal, Helen Elizabeth, Lenora May, Frances and
    Mary G.) and Edwin Hales.

(41) ELMINA L. WHITNEY (Hiram), born May 5, 1842 (married -- Kent and had Jason,

    Fred, Lottie and Nellie).

(42) CHARLOTTE E. WHITNEY (Hiram), born July 7, 1844 at Wellington, married, 1st

    William Hoag, who died in 1902, 2nd, Lewis L. Marka.  She had children,
    Ira William (m. Alice Belle Washburn and had Floyd, Corabell, Glenn M.,
    and Donald R.), Sylvia Bell, b. 1887 (m. William H. Moats and had Lloyd and
    George), Cora Eva (m. 1st George Washburn, no ch., 2nd, Henry Profett and
    had Lottie Anne, Grace Bell, Henry Allen, Eugene Herman and Ethel), Charles
    Whitney (Hoag) (m. Minnie Bell Coultrip and had Clarence J.), Jason Eu-
    gene (m. Myrtle Driver and had Thelma Alice, Lavern, Eunice M., Arthur E.,
    Doris M., and William) and James Garfield (m. Cora Maud Draper and had
    Eleanor and Allen J.).

(43) JAMES VINCENT WHITNEY (Hiram), born March 21, 1846 in Wellington, married

    Etta Pike Jan. 2, 1865 and died in Wellington March 21, 1896.  He had
    children, Mary Ella (m. Lafayette Kelley and had Lewis P.), Lottie Elmina
    (m. Charles Juckett - a cousin - and had Parlie and Dolly), and James Lewis.

(44) JASON DARIUS WHITNEY (Hiram) born June 10, 1848 in Henrietta, married

    Anna Tillinghast Aug, 1871 (children all died young).

(45) CHARLES HARDY WHITNEY (Hiram) born Nov. 11, 1850, married in 1871, Sarah

    Tillinghast and died March 6, 1919, children Hiram T. and Maude.

(15) RACHEL WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William), born in 1813, died in 1874, in Pa.,

[p. 10]

    married Thomas Curtis Aug. 17, 1833, in either Orange county, N.Y., or
    Wayne county, Pa., and lived in Wayne Co.  They had children (46)Spencer,
    (47)Daniel, born 1836, married Ida -- and died 1926 or 7, no children.
    (48)Margaret, born Feb. 7, 1840, married Isaiah Shaffer and died Jan. 5, 1832
    (49)Nathaniel B., born in 1843, died in Civil War. (50)Mary Jane, besides
    Catherine, John, Caroline and Josephine, who died young.

(46) SPENCER CURTIS (Rachel-John R.), born April 14, 1834, died in 1922 or 1926

    He married, 1st, in 1857, Polly Emery, who d. in 1879, 2nd in 1880, Rowena
    Fuller, who d. in 1895.  Children, Harry, Ord, b. Jan 7, 1863 (m. Nora C. Stone-
    cypher and had Glenn, D., Nov. 11, 1895), Thomas W., b. Jan. 27, 1868 (had
    children, Ralph and Leslie), Nellie, b. Oct. 23, 1869 (m. William Carpenter and
    had Floyd, Florence, Myrtle, Doris and Robert), Margaret, Zachariah, b. May 6,
    1874, (m. Carolyn Stevens in 1903 and had R. Spencer, M. Helen and Albert E.)
    Charlotte, b. May 27, 1876 (m. Frank B. Sanders, d. in 1924, childless), Effie,
    b. Dec. 10, 1878 (m. Charles F. Reich and had Charles F. and Robert C.)  She
    died in 1920.

(48) MARGARET CURTIS (Rachel-John R.), born Feb. 7, 1840, married Isaiah Shaffer

    and died Jan. 5, 1882.  She had children, Addie (M. Mr. Reed and had Ray),
    George W., Rachel, Thomas W. and Jennie.

(50) MARY JANE CURTIS, born in 1846, married Frank B. Sanders and died in 1905.

    She had Minnie (m. Dr. F. C. Wardell.  No ch.), and Nellie (m. Ed Nagle and
    had Dorothy).

(16) CALVIN WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William), born May 30, 1815, came to Camden

    in 1834.  He married Emma Lucy Morse (  ), his second cousin.  Mr. Whitney
    died July 24, 1892.  He had children, (51)Caroline (m. Egbert Squires.  No ch)
    (52)George H., (53)William K., (54)Olive Anna, (55)Charles Avery, (56)
    Alice, died 1928, (57)Elizabeth Emma.

(52) GEORGE H. WHITNEY (Calvin-John R.), born April 14, 1848, died Jan. 29, 1922

[p. 11]

    in Coleman, Mich., married, Dec. 30, 1874, Alice Guernsey, and had children,
    Emma Lucy, Mar. 4, 1876 (m. Mr. Whitmore and had James A.), Nora Capitola, b.
    Aug. 24, 1877 (m. Mr. Vanderpool and had Ruth and Leo), Mamie Francesnor, b.
    Feb. 24, 1879, in Clifton, Kas. (m. Jacob Sorg, Dec. 24, 1896, and had Hazel
    Marjery, Edward Jacob, Daisy Alice, George William, Beulah Iva, Elva Lenore,
    Frederick Henry, August Clifford, Alice Capitola and Charles Howard),
    George Edmund (d. in youth), Clifford Calvin, b. July 19, 1889 (m. Dec. 19, 1911,
    -----, and had Ercelia J., Clayton E., Martha Jane and George Henry), Iva
    Iona, b. March 13, 1886 (m. Mr. Whitehead Jan. 15, 1989, and had William H.,
    Ione Iva, Alice Nellie and George Orin).

(53) WILLIAM K. WHITNEY (Calvin-John R.), born in 1849, married, June 28, 1873,

    Ella E. Whitney (no known relative), and died in Kipton in 1917.  Children,
    Maude Belle, b. Aug. 18, 1874 (m. Carl Smith and had Harold, Marjorie and
    Roland), Clayton G., b. Jan. 12, 1876 (m. Mabel Hurd, no ch.), Mary, b. Feb. 27,
    1887 (m. Dean Morgan and had Lucille Gertrude and Maynard), Ernest C.,
    b. Aug. 16, 1889 (m. Artie Burge, no ch.), Mildred, b. Aug. 1, 1892 (m. Guy Morgan
    and had Ruth Maxine, Ella Mildred, Alberta May and Elmer Clayton).

(54) OLIVE ANNA WHITNEY (Calvin-John R.), born --, died 1928 in New London,

    Ohio, married Anos Collingwood, and had Mable (m. Charles Dowd), Roy (m.
    --- Peasley), and Lucy.

(55) CHARLES AVERY WHITNEY (Calvin-John R.), born Aug. 28, 1857, died May 21,

    1914, married, 1st, Lilian Rhodes and had Myrtle (m. Fred Sage, and d. 1912,
    had Leon, Russel and James), Claude (m. and had a daughter), Erma (m. Byron
    Spratt and had Lucille and Olive).  Mr. Whitney married, 2nd, Elvira Collins
    and had Charles (married and had Clayton and Bernice), Nora (m. Leon T.
    Miller) and William (m. Myra Jackson and had Robert).

(56) ALICE WHITNEY (Calvin-John R.), married Walter Chapman and had Nellie

[p. 12]

    (m. Edward Scherler), Arthur and Clarence.  She married, 2nd, Will Walhead
    and died in 1928.

(57) ELIZABETH EMMA WHITNEY (Calvin-John R.) was raised by her mother's

    brother, Waterman Morse, after the death of her mother in 1859.  She mar-
    ried, 1st, Mr. Locke, 2nd, F. Stone.  She had a son Frank Ely Locke (m. Grace
    Sanborn and had Waterman, Rosemary and Frank Ely).

(17) JOSHUA WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William) born Sept. 5, 1818, married Mehit-

    able Head, Dec. 2, 1845, in Penn.  They later removed to Camden, then to
    Michigan, and lastly back to Penn., where he died July 7, 1887.  Children.
    (58)Caroline, (59)John Henry, (60)William B., Elliot E., d. young, (61)
    Emma Jane.

(58) CAROLINE WHITNEY (Joshua-John R.), born May 30, 1847, married Richard

    Holman, Sept. 1, 1868, and had Frank Elliot, b. April 2, 1871 (m. Etta L. Heater
    and had Edna May, Aileen Etta, Mable Jane and Elizabeth Caroline), Richard
    b. Feb. 7, 1874 (m. Rachel Downs and had Carolyn W.), Lizzie Viola, b. Jan. 1,
    1878 (m. 1898, Edward C. Herren and had Louise Elizabeth.  m. 2nd, Bernard
    Clark), Bertha May, b. Oct. 30, 1881 or 2 (Albert T. Hurst, no ch.), John Wye,
    b. Jan. 24, 1884.

(59) JOHN HENRY WHITNEY, born Dec. 2, 1850, married Amanda -- and four children

    who all died young, married 2nd, Jennie Slocum.

(60) WILLIAM B. WHITNEY (Joshua-John R.) born in 1852, died Jan. 20, 1914, mar-

    ried, 1st, Clara Pearson and had John, d. 1906, George E., b. 1887.  He m.
    a second wife.

(61) EMMA JANE WHITNEY (Joshua-John R.), born in Camden Aug. 13, 1858, married

    David Duncan April 2, 1874, and had children, George Elliot, b. April 30,
    1875 (m. Mina Church and had Olive), Mary Mable, b. Sept. 30, 1876 (m. Benjamin
    Ziegler May 9, 1900, no ch.), Caroline, born March 9, 1880 (m. Lester Chappell

[p. 13]

    May 31, 1896, and d. June 29,1919, She had Henry Chappell.  She m. 2nd Bert
    Palmer Feb. 20, 1904 and had Duncan Palmer), Olive Blanche, b. June 30, 1882
    (m. Simeon Lindley July 3,1901 and had Ruth, Avery and David.), Whitney,
    b. April 14, 1888 (m. Violet McKinley, no ch.).

(18) HENRY S. WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William), born Feb. 18, 1821, in Newton, N.J.

    His mother died shortly after his birth and he was raised by his
    mother's sister, Mr. Margaret Rosencrans.  He came to Camden from New
    York state.  He died in Wellington, Ohio, March 17, 1885.  He married, 1st,
    Hannah Shay, Aug. 23, 1843, and who d. in 1848.  He m., 2nd, Catherine Gunn.
    He had children, (62)Joshua S., (63)Phebe C. by first wife and
    Margaret Ann (b. Oct. 1, 1851, d. 1926, single), John R. (b. Aug. 26, 1852, d.
    June 7, 1877, in Wellington, and Lorannah (b. Sept. 3, 1858, d. June 12, 1871)

(62) JUSHUA S. WHITNEY, born May 20, 1844, died Aug. 9, 1882. (63) PHEBE C. WHITNEY, born July 18, 1847, married and had sons. (19) CAROLINE WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William), date of birth uncertain, either

    1819 or 1823.  Married Daniel Wood and lived in Middletown, N.Y.
    Children, (64)Daniel Whitney, (65)Katherine Westbrook, (66)John Henry,
    (67)Sarah Jane, (68)Caroline, (69)Annie, besides George, Phillina,
    Charles, Alonzo, Emma, Emmet, Josiah, Spencer, who died without issue.

(64) DANIEL WHITNEY WOOD (Caroline-John R.), born June 17, 1844, married Susan

    Evans and had children, Fred (m. and had Whitney, Susan, Fred, Grace, Harriet,
    John), Arthur, Benjamin, Ferris, Carrie.

(65) KATHERINE WESTBROOK WOOD (Caroline-John R.), born Feb. 9, 1846, married

    George W. Crawford and had children, Pearl and Laura.

(66) JOHN HENRY WOOD (Caroline-John R.), born July 28, 1847, married Maggie

    Cantrell and had Walter and John.

(67) SARAH JANE WOOD (Caroline-John R.), born Feb. 19, 1849, married James

    Felter, d. without issue.

[p. 14]

(68) CAROLINE WOOD (Caroline Whitney-John R.), born March 27, 1850, married

    Melvin H. Carey, and had Emma, Nellie, George M., Charles W., Cornelius,
    and Mrs. E. I. Benson.

(20) MARY WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William), married Colonel Truman Bodfish,

    Dec. 14, 1856, and died in 1890.  They lived at Henrietta Hill, Lorain
    county, Ohio.  They had no children.

(21) LUCRETIA WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William), born Jan. 28, 1834, and died in

    Arcadia, Neb., Dec. 10, 1905. She married, 1st, James L. Booth, in Camden, and
    had Fred J., died at age of 21, (70)Lenora S., besides four who died in
    infancy.  Mr. Booth was killed in the Civil War, and she married, 2nd,
    Morris Hoyt Aug. 1, 1866, in Michigan, and had four children who died in
    infancy.  She married, 3rd, John Dunham.

(70) LENORA S. BOOTH (Lucretia-John R.), born in Michigan, Dec. 6, 1855, married

    Aaron C. Page July 3, 1873, and had Sarah Alvira (m. Atchison Wilson and
    had Floyd E., George, Eugene, Ralph, Nettie, Nora, Naomi and Erma), Eva Lena.
    Lenora married, 2nd, 1883, Daniel Collins and had Nettie Sofia, Naomi Au-
    gusta and Ruby Hazel.

(22) ELISHA ^ WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William), born in Lorain Co., Ohio, May 24,

    1836, died in Saginaw county, Mich., May 28, 1909.  He married, Jan. 1, 1859,
    Sarah Erskine and had children, (71)Alvira, (72)Mary Ann, (73)Hannah
    Matilda, (74)Lily May, (75)Sarah Jane, and (76)Helen.

(71) ALVIRA WHITNEY (Elisha-John R.), born Nov. 29, 1859, married, Nov. 29, 1881,

    W. H. Dinge, and had Maud, b. Dec. 9, 1886 (m. Harry Bollenbacher in 1906 and
    had Harold V., Donald D., and Lucille).

(72) MARY ANN WHITNEY (Elisha-John R.), born Nov. 26, 1864, married, Aug. 9, 1884,

    (59b)Vincent P. Whitney (3rd cousin), and lived in Kipton, Ohio, until the
    death of the husband in 1889.  They had children, Hallam Spencer, 1885, m.
    (Mrs. Sarah Johnston Gibbons, widow, and had Florence Mary, Helen Margaret

[p. 15]

    and Ralph Vincent), and James Eldredge, 1886.  She married, 2nd, Nov. 24,
    1896, George M. Thompson, at Merrill, Mich., and had Lily Eleanor, 1898, (m.
    Ora Knappen), Aaron Eugene, 1901 (m. Marjorie Campbell), and Thomas W.

(73) HANNAH MATILDA WHITNEY (Elisha-John R.), born Aug. 3, 1866 or 67, married

    in 1886, John Thompson and had Charles E., b. 1887 or 8 (m. 1919 Ruby Kingman
             1920  Chas.  Jr.,1923   1924         1926
    and had Jane^, ^ Albert ^, Norman ^ and Marion ^), Charlotte M., b. 1893 (m. Mr. Millard
    and had Wilma, m. 2nd, McKinley Rought), Sarah M., b. 1898 (m. 1915 Erwin J.
                      1918    1922      1924      1926         1929
    Rought and had Emma^, Betty^, Arthela^, Dorothy^ and Phyllis^), Loretta, 1899,
    (m. Harry E. Williams and had Viola and Burnidette), John S. 1901 (m. and
            1927      1928, Helen, 1929, Joyce, 1931       1926        1927, Ella, 1929, Ernest, 1930
    had Annie^ and Iola^), Howard L., 1904, (m. and had Caro^ and Howard^), and Ella,
                                         192-, Evaline, 1929
    1906 (m. Elwood T. Burley and had June^).

(74) LILY MAY WHITNEY (Elisha-John R.), born June 14, 1869, married Lafayette

                                                      son of Erastus  Geo., 1908
    Raymond, and had Edith Pearl, 1890 (m. 1st, Frederick Erskine^ and had ^
         1910       1912    1917
    Aubrey^, Florence^, Lilah^.  She m. 2nd, Arthur Baker, 3rd, John Lanterman),
    George W., 1892 (m. Louise Turcotte), Albert W., 1897 (m. Hazel Otter
                          1924, John E., 1929
    and had Wilford Raymond^), William Spencer, 1899 (m. Emma Kaufman and had
    William Edward), Olive, d. young, David Leroy, 1904 (m. Lillian Whener and
    had Margaret and Gertrude), Elisha Neil and Ella May.

(75) SARAH JANE WHITNEY (Elisha-John R.), born Sept. 12, 1872, married William

    Appleton, and died Dec. 16, 1899, had Frank W. (m. Beulah Buckler June 6
    1911 and had Gordon Leonard.  Frank d. 1923 or 24), Lilah (m. 1st, George
    Rolande, 2nd, Eugene Rinard), Robert (m. Hazel Hansen 1916 and had Robert
    D., George W., Marjorie and Jean), Harold (m. 1918 Elsie Krause and had
    John and Dorothy May).

(76) HELEN WHITNEY (Elisha-John R.), born Sept. 9, 1875, married Ralph Vernon

                                  1902                                  1906
    Sylvester and had Mary Beatrice^ (m. Charles H. Creswell), Hilda Jane^ (m.
                                                          1912, d. 1929
    Edward Vetter and had Lawrence Emil and Lois Hilda) Onnie May^

[p. 16]

    and Calvin Spencer^.

(23) WARREN WILSON WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William) born Aug. 15, 1839, in Ohio,

    married Frances Ferrel, removed to Missouri about 1870 and to Kansas about
    1875.  The wife died and he married 2nd, Susan E. Marston and died in
    Kansas July 1 1917.  Children, (77)Ida Alma, (78)Orval Jay and (79)
    Charles Orlando, all by first marriage.

(77) IDA ALMA WHITNEY (Warren W.-John R.), born Sept. 29, 1866 (m. Ivan A. Marston

    and had Edna Rose (m. Howard Williams and had Howard and Warren).

(78) ORVAL JAY WHITNEY (Warren W.-John R.), born Sept. 30, 1868, married, April

    11, 1893, Isadora Melvin, and had Ira Melvin (m. Hazel Chees and had Roy M.
    and Lois L.) and Fern (m. Stanton H. Lazarus), Mar. 3, 1924).

(79) CHARLES ORLANDO (Warren W.-John R.), born Nov. 19, 1875, married, Feb. 21,

    1900, Bertha May Corney, and had Vera Pauline, b. 1904 (m. Harry U. Berney
    in 1926) and Glen Virgil, b. May 19, 1908.

(24) WARNER WHITNEY (SPENCER) (John R.-Gen. William), born Aug. 15, 1839, a twin

    of Warren W., was raised by Sylvia Spencer (either grandmother or else
    only a foster grandmother), in Camden, where she bought a ten acre farm
    in 1842 and which Warner Spencer sold in 1863.  Warner took the name of
    Spencer and was ever afterward known by it.  He married Naomi Waite of
    Wellington, Dec. 10, 1864.  He moved to Michigan in 1866 and died in Oak
    Park, Ill., Dec. 29, 1912.  He had children Amy (married Mr. Flanegan), and
                  d. 1897                                       1892
    (80)George, who ^ married and had a daughter Eva Lena Spencer^ (m. Mr.
    Hubbard and had Basil^).

(25) FRANK RODMAN WHITNEY (John R.-Gen. William), born in Rochester, Lorain

    county, Ohio, July 16, 1842, went to live in Wood county, Ohio, after his
    discharge from the army, and married, Feb. 17, 1867, Eliza Waggoner, and
    died Aug. 31, 1925.  He had children, (81)Gertrude, besides two d. infants.

(81) GERTRUDE WHITNEY (Frank R.-John R.), born Feb. 19, 1874, married 1st, Nov.

[p. 17]

    1st, 1894, Charles Faws and had Agnes Arlene (m. Floyd Nutter and had
    Richard Russel, Howard Randall and Charlotte Louise).  She married, 2nd,
    Emmet Rummel, Dec. 31, 1921.

(10b) ^JOSHUA WHITNEY (Thomas-William-William-Joshua &c.), born Nov. 7, 1748,

    (probably in Berkshire, Mass.), married, about 1771, Hannah Green.  They
    removed from Hillsdale, Columbia county, N.Y., to the present site of
    Binghamton, N.Y., being among the first settlers there, as already men-
    tioned in connection with the history of Gen. William, Joshua's brother.
    They settled on the west side of the Chenango River about two miles
    above its junction with the Susquehannah, on what was afterwards known
    as "Whitney's Flats", where it has been said that at one time fifteen
    Whitney families lived.  Joshua was appointed Judge of Tioga county in
    1792, and hence was known as "Judge Joshua", but he did not live long
    to enjoy the duties of the office, as he died Sept. 26, 1793, from an
    attack of yellow fever, ^ while in Philadelphia, on business.  He died at
    Wind Gap, Pa.  His wife had died Aug. 17, 1793.  He had children,
    (11b)Joshua, Jr., (12b)Sarah, (13b)Thomas, (14b)Hannah, (15b)Lucy, (16b)
    Olive, (17b)Ebenezer, and (18b)William.
   Gen.                               in Conn.

(11b) ^JOSHUA (Judge Joshua-Thomas), born^ Aug. 24, 1773, married, 1st, Rhoda Jewell,

    (who died Jan. 21, 1823), 2nd, Julia Crocker.  First marriage was in 1793.
    He died in Binghamton April 13, 1845.  His children, all by first marriage,
    were (19b)Pamela, (20b)Virgil, (21b)Vincent, (22b)George, (23b)Washington,
    (24b)Franklin, (25b)Joshua, (26b)William, Mary Amelia, b. Oct. 2, 1812, Charles,
    and two who died in infancy.  This Joshua, designated as Gen. Joshua, was
    a very large man, physically, and filled several public offices in Bing-
    hamton.  He was the agent for William Bingham for the sale of land
    which the latter owned in the town plat.  He built a 42 room house.

[p. 18]

(19b) PAMELA WHITNEY (Gen. Joshua-Judge Joshua), born April 12, 1799, died Oct.

    1, 1864, married Thomas G. Waterman, Aug. 22, 1813, and had Rhoda, Genetta,
    and Pamela Jane.

(20b) VIRGIL WHITNEY (Gen. Joshua-Judge Joshua), born -- married Marcia L.

    Doty and had Charles Frederick, Adeline, Robert B., and Virgil, Jr.

(21b) VINCENT WHITNEY (Gen. Joshua-Judge Joshua), born April 12, 1799, married

    Susan L. Harper and had Julia.  He was a General in the N.Y. State
    militia.  He died Feb. 14, 1861.

(22b) GEORGE WHITNEY (Gen. Joshua-Judge Joshua), born Aug. 12, 1801, married

    Sophia Silk Evans July 25, 1824.  They lived in Chenango, N.Y., and
    he died June 27, 1863.  They had May Elizabeth, William Henry, Sophia,
    Jane, James E., George, Thomas W., Franklin and Rhoda.

(23b) WASHINGTON WHITNEY (Gen. Joshua-Judge Joshua), born July 22, 1803,

    married Caroline Park and had a son, Franklin.  He died
    March 14, 1875.

(24b) FRANKLIN WHITNEY (Gen. Joshua-Judge Joshua), born July 22, 1803, mar-

    ried Elizabeth Cameron in 1826 and had Frances Cameron and others.

(25b) JOSHUA WHITNEY, 3rd (Gen. Joshua-Judge Joshua), born Dec. 19, 1806, mar-

    ried Zara S. Evans March 4, 1830 and died May 3, 1891.  He had a daugh-
    ter, Zara.

(26b) WILLIAM WALLACE WHITNEY (Gen. Joshua-Judge Joshua) born Sept. 28, 1810,

    married Myra Clark, daughter of Daniel Clark.  She was a noted heiress
    (Myra Clark Gaines?).  They had a son James C.  William Whitney died
    in New Orleans in 1857.  His widow married Major Edmund Pendleton
    Gaines.  She sued Louisiana and New Orleans for property worth 35
    million dollars in 1861 and won judgements for 6 million and 2
    million and died penniless in 1865.
                                             Conn.         married

(12b) SARAH WHITNEY (Judge Joshua-Thomas), born^ May 8, 1775,^ William Guthrie

[p. 19]

    Dec. 3, 1799, and died Dec. 17, 1859.  They lived at Bainbridge, N.Y.
    They had children, William, b. Aug. 12, 1800, d. April 16,, 1880, Gershom
    Hyde, b. Jan. 14, 1802, d. March 28, 1845, (27b)Sarah, (28b)Susan, (29b)
    Oliver, (30b)Emaline, (31b)George W., (32b)Ophelia.

(27b) SARAH GUTHRIE (Sarah Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Nov. 5, 1803, died

    Oct. 27, 1833, married Mr. Tarble.

(28b) SUSAN GUTHRIE (Sarah Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Jan. 25, 1805, died

    Nov. 15, 1867, married Mr. Kirby.

(29b) OLIVE GUTHRIE (Sarah Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Aug. 6, 1806, died

    April 17, 1874.

(30b) EMALINE GUTHRIE (Sarah Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Aug. 11, 1808,

    died April 23, 1868, married Deacon Samuel Stow (3rd wife).

(31b) GEORGE WHITNEY GUTHRIE (Sarah Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Feb. 15,

    1810, died May 30, 1883, married Emma Gosson, at San Francisco, Cal.
    He died in New York City Jan. 9, 1888.  He had children, Francesca,
    Henry G., William Dameron, Emma, Beatrice, Eugenie and George.  Beatrice
    and George died infants.  William Dameron Guthrie became and eminent
    lawyer in New York.

(32b) OPHELIA GUTHRIE (Sarah Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Aug. 31, 1812,

    died in 1844, married Mr. Lane.
                                              in Conn.

(13b) THOMAS WHITNEY (Judge Joshua-Thomas), born^ Aug. 5, 1778, had children,

    Henry Thomas, 1815, Mary, 1818, and Vincent, 1820.
                                              in Conn.

(14b) HANNAH WHITNEY (Judge Joshua-Thomas), born^ Jan. 24, 1782, died Nov. 27,

    1849 in Binghamton.  She married, Dec. 2, 1823, Deacon Samuel Stow (2nd
    wife.  See 30b Emaline Guthrie), and had children, William^, Sept. 13, 1824
    and Betsy, May 9, 1826, d. infant.

(15b) LUCY WHITNEY (Judge Joshua-Thomas), born^ June 26, 1784, died May 21,

[p. 20]

    1839, married, Aug. 24, 1804, Benjamin Morse, Sr.  He was born
    Feb. 24, 1775, in Canterbury, Conn., and died Nov. 28, 1858, in Camden,
    Ohio.  They lived in Lisle, N.Y., at the time of death of the wife.
    They had children, (33b)Sidney S., (34b)George W., (35b)Frances, (36b)
    Franklin, (37b)Waterman, (38b)Hannah W., (39b)Sarah S., (40b)Benjamin,
    (41b)Eliza, (42b)Elizabeth Permelia.

(33b) SIDNEY S. MORSE (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Oct. 29, 1806,

    killed by a fall from a horse, married Emma (or Nettie Ann) Hawkins
    and had Mary (m. David Vaughn and had Fred), and George P., b. Feb. 15,
    1838 (m.1st, Sarah Lucy Whitney 1867, at Willoughby, Ohio (a cousin),
    and had Minnie.  The mother died in 1872 and George m.2nd, Mary Fran-
    ces Norris 1875 and had Rose, 1878, Thomas S., 1878 or 9, and the wife
    died and he m.3rd, Ida M. Brockway in 1889 and had J. Claude, 1892.
    Mr. Morse died Oct. 14, 1902).

(34b) GEORGE W. MORSE (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Aug. 14, 1808,

    married Sarah Maria Bissell, April 4, 1852.  He was an army surgeon
    and was in the Choctaw nation in 1846 and at Fort Hamilton in the
    Civil War.  He lived in Penn., near Binghamton, and died at Brooklyn
    Centre, Pa., June 9, 1864.  He had children, Benjamin Franklin (who
    had a son George E., 1897) and Lucy Jo, who d. unm.

(35b) FRANCES MORSE (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Aug. 19, 1811, died

    January, 1886.  She married, March 5, 1839, (2d)Samuel Hardy, Jr., a sec-
    ond cousin, and had children, Rhoda Jennie, b. Dec. 5, 1839 in Binghamton
    (m. Ransom Camp, of Wakeman, Ohio, and died in 1927, had Frances, Flor-
    ence, William R., and Grace), William Whitney, b. Aug. 14, 1842, died by
    disease at Fayetteville, Va., Jan. 15, 1862 (he was the first man to
    enlist from Camden and the first Camden soldier to die), Franklin B.
    born May 14, 1848, in Camden, O., and Lucy Morse, born April 3, 1850, died
    March 31, 1924, in Norwalk, Ohio, married, Sept. 10, 1868, Myron Galusha

[p. 21]

Furlong, a dentist.  They had William Hardy, b. Jan. 22, 1870, (m. Minnie Louda
Rude in New York City Feb.10, 1897 and had Norman Burr and Calvin Rude),
and Harry, b. 1874 and d. 1912, single.

(36b) FRANKLIN MORSE (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Aug. 29, 1811 (twin

    of Frances), married, 1st, Achsah Cowdrey, 2nd, Caroline Ronk and had
    Eugene and Lucy.

(37b) WATERMAN MORSE (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Nov. 25, 1813, married

    Aug. 1, 1839 Laura E. Mason and had William M. and Arthur M.  Mr. Morse
    lived near Binghamton, in Penn., and at Elyria, Ohio.

(38b) HANNAH WHITNEY MORSE (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Aug. 16, 1821

    near Binghamton, married, Aug. 28, 1853 in Camden, James Weeks (3rd wife)
    and died in Camden July 18, 1864.  She had Ida B., b. Feb. 6, 1864 (m.
    Frank Williams, residence Elyria, O.) and Laura F., b. Sept. 9, 1860, d.
    March 3, 1879.

(39b) SARAH SATTERLEE MORSE (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born June 18, 1822,

    died in Oberlin Oct. 14, 1906, married, July 14, 1869, James Weeks (4th
    wife), had no children.

(40b) BENJAMIN MORSE, Jr. (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Feb. 1824, died

    Aug. 23, 1883, married Fidelia Emeline Bissell, July 30, 1840 (sister
    of the wife of (34b)George Whitney Morse) and had children, Fred,
    Ed I., E. Livingston, Frank, Lucy E., Isaac E., and William E.

(41b) ELIZA DIDIANA MORSE (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born June 6, 1828,

    died Feb. 4, 1895, single.

(42b) ELIZABETH PERMELIA MORSE (Lucy Whitney-Judge Joshua), born March 18,

    1816, died Dec. 2, 1888, in Kipton, Ohio, married, Nov. 16, 1841, Hallam
    Eldredge Whitney (54b) a first cousin, and had children, Sarah Lucy,
    Olive Annah, Flora Edgarton, Frances Elizabeth, Vincent Presnitz and

[p. 22]

    Carrie Frances.  For the further history of these children, see that
    of (56b)Hallam Eldredge Whitney.

(16b) OLIVE WHITNEY (Judge Joshua-Thomas), born Nov. 21, 1786, married in 1809

    Christopher Eldredge, and had children, (43b)Jane, (44b)Charles, (45b)
    James, (46b)Robert, (47b)Hallam, (48b)John, (49b)Henry, (50b)Hobart, and
    (51b)William, besides three died in infancy.

(43b) JANE ELDREDGE (Olive Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Nov. 21, 1811, married

    James S. Hawley, Nov. 12, 1831 and had Charles (m. Carried Merserau and
    had Carried), Sarah and Jennie (m. James Curtiss and had James, Jane,
    Olive and Helen).

(44b) CHARLES ELDREDGE (Olive Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Oct. 6, 1814, married

             (had children, Olive, Jane, Thomas, Pamela and Charles)
    Pamela Janette Waterman^ and died in 1866.

(45b) JAMES ELDREDGE (Olive Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Dec. 31, 1817, married

    his brother Hobart's widow, Charlotte B. Timkins, had Sarah and James.

(47b) HALLAM ELDREDGE (Olive Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Dec. 16, 1821, mar-

    ried Anne Elizabeth Zane, at Natchez, Miss., Dec. 9, 1851, and had Mary
    and two others.

(50b) HOBART ELDREDGE (Olive Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Dec. 15, 1825, mar-

    ried Charlotte B. Timpkins and had Frank, Helen and Caroline.
    He died in 1860 in California.

(48b) JOHN ELDREDGE (Olive Whitney-Judge Joshua), born June 16, 1824, died

    Dec. 16, 1868.  He married but record incomplete.

(49b) HENRY ELDREDGE (Olive Whitney-Judge Joshua), born June 16, 1824 (twin)

    ^ Mary T. Cox and died in 1856.

(46b) ROBERT ELDREDGE (Olive Whitney-Judge Joshua), born April 29, 1820 and

    died in 1844.

(51b) WILLIAM ELDREDGE (Olive Whitney-Judge Joshua), born Dec. 19, 1827, died

    Jan. 27, 1867.

[p. 23]

(17b) EBENEZER WHITNEY (Judge Joshua-Thomas), born July 27, 1789, married

    Sally Green, a cousin.  He was born near Binghamton but removed to
    Campville, N.Y., where he engaged in the lumber business, but in 1857
    a freshet swept away his mill and logs and left him and his son
    Thomas penniless.  He married, 2nd, Sarah --, and died June 7, 1871.
    His children, by first marriage, were (52b)Thomas G., (53b)Joshua D.
    (born in 1815 and died in 1892, a mute), (54b)Hallam E., (55b)Hannah
    Elizabeth, (56b)Sarah, besides Henry, Frances (b. 1811, d. 1850) and Benjamin.

(52b) THOMAS G. WHITNEY (Ebenezer-Judge Joshua), born Oct. 18, 1814, married

    July 17, 1837, a widow, Nancy Bean Johnson, and had children, Joshua, 1838,
    (d. 1892, unm.), Johanna, d. inf., Joshuean, b. 1844 (m. Nathan Worrick and
    had L. Joshuean and Joshua W.) Joshuean died in 1892, Mary Ophelia and

(54b) REV. HALLAM ELDREDGE WHITNEY (Ebenezer-Judge Joshua), born April 18,

    1818, in Binghamton, married, Nov. 16, 1841, (42b)Elizabeth Permelia Morse,
    a first cousin.  He lived in Bradford county, Pa., at Rome, then Columbia
    Cross Roads (where all of his children but the eldest were born), then
    in Binghamton, Lake county, Ohio and Ashtabula county, Ohio.  He died
    Aug. 12, 1872.  His children were, (57b)Sarah Lucy, (58b)Olive Anna, Flora
    Edgarton (b. Oct. 1, 1848, died in Kipton, O., Sept. 16, 1889),^Frances
    Elizabeth (born April 8, 1858, died in 1877 in a school for the blind in Columbus,
    Ohio), (59b)Vincent Presnitz and Frances Elisabeth, born May 15,
    1850, died 1851.

(57b) SARAH LUCY WHITNEY (Hallam E.-Ebenezer), Aug. 26, 1843, died Oct. 3, 1872,

    married, Jan. 1, 1867, George P. Morse (a first cousin, son of (33b)Sid-
    ney Morse), at Willoughby, Ohio, and had Minnie, b. about 1869 (m. Jay Car-
    penter and d. 1896.

[p. 24]

(58b) OLIVE ANNA WHITNEY (Hallam E.-Ebenezer), born Oct. 5, 1845, died in

    1905, married, March 16, 1867, William Buel Roberts, in Willoughby, O.
    They had children, Edith Mable, Oct. 25, 1868, unm., Ruel W., Nov. 28,


    (m. Inez Taylor and had Mary Elisabeth and Arthur.  He is a Congregational
    minister), and Ellwyn C., born May 24, 1878 (m. Gertrude Oberlin and
    had Oliver, Frederick, and Addison).

(59b) VINCENT PRESNITZ WHITNEY (Hallam E.-Ebenezer), born Feb. 24, 1856

    at Columbia Cross Roads, Pa., died Oct. 5, 1889, at Kipton, Ohio, married
    Aug. 9, 1884, (72)Mary Ann Whitney (3rd cousin), and had Hallam Spencer
    born July 8, 1885 (m. Mrs. Sarah Johnson Gibbons and had Florence
    Mary and Ralph Vincent), and James Eldredge, born Dec. 16 1886.  See p. 14.

(55b) HANNAH ELIZABETH WHITNEY (Ebenezer-Judge Joshua), born Sept. 1819,

    married in 1856, Silas E. Goodrich.  They removed to Jersey Landing,
    Ill., and in 1858 removed from there.  They had children, William
    Whitney Goodrich, and others.

(56b) SARAH WHITNEY (Ebenezer-Judge Joshua), born April 1821, died in 1856.

    She married Mr. Stone, of Binghamton, and had Emma and other children.

(1c) SARAH WHITNEY, daughter of (10)Gen. William, married Colwell Cook, and

    had a son, (2c)William Whitney Cook.

(2c) WILLIAM WHITNEY COOK (Sarah Whitney-Gen. William), born Aug. 18, 1811,

                                                             Maria Durfee
    at Montrose, Pa., died April 15, 1894, in Camden, O., married^, May 22, 1832.
    They removed to Camden in 1834, in company with Calvin and Hiram
    Whitney.  They had children, (3c)Sarah, Juliet, Mary and Frances (died
    young), (4c)Ephraim, (5c)John Samuel, Hattie C., and Violetta (both unm.)

(3c) SARAH COOK (William W. Cook), born in 1836, married Nathan Calkins Nov.

    25, 1856.  They lived in Huntington township, Lorain county, O., but moved

[p. 25]

    to Camden in 1868, where she died March 18, 1911.  They had children,
    Caroline (m. Alton Mann and had Ruby, Lee, Bernice and Roy), Nathan Webb,
    unmarried, William W. (m. Zella Gibson and had Esther and Max), Reuben,
    unmarried, James H. (Sadie Freeman and had Mabel and Elsie), and Frank
    J. (m. Louisa Friend and had Edna, Carl, Guy and Ralph).

(4c) EPHRAIM COOK (William W.-Colwell), married Mary Bridey and died Sept.

    1918.  They had children, Ida Mae (m. John Robert Dixon and had George,
    Ralph, Leslie, Earl, Carrie and Goldie), Lilian Maria (m. Elijah Winchcomb
    and had Mary, Lawrence, Katherine, Lena, Ray, Ethel, Mabel, Mildred, Helen
    and Margaret), William W. (m. Mary Elizabeth Kidder and had Jessie, Lulu,
    Katherine, Mae, Perry, Ephraim, Lee and Eva), Sarah Irene (m. Eber William
    Calkins nd had James G., Anna Mae, Thomas, Archer and Clifford), Earl
    and Rosamond.

(5c) JOHN SAMUEL COOK (William W.-Colwell), married Aurilla Jane Gates.

    They died in Toledo, O., without issue.  He died Jan. 4, 1918.

(1d) RHODA WHITNEY, daughter of Gen. William Whitney(10), married Samuel

    Hardy(1d) Oct. 16, 1809 and lived at or near Binghamton where she
    died Feb. 16, 1833.  They had children, William Whitney, born July 22, 1811,
          died Dec. 27, 1895,
    a cripple, ^ lived with Roswell and never married, (2d)Samuel, Mary, Sarah
    (both probably died young), (3d)Roswell, (4d)Charles, (5d)Henry and
    John, born Oct. 16, 1828, went to California with the goldseekers and
    disappeared from knowledge of his family.  Samuel Hardy, Sr., married
    Mrs. Elizabeth (Stout) Twining exactly one year from the death of his
    wife, Rhoda, and had two daughters, (6d)Caroline, born Jan. 22
    1835, and Harriet (m. William Anderson and died about 1906).
    Mr. and Mrs. Hardy came to Wellington, Ohio, and lived on a farm until
    he was too old to work, when he went to live with his son Samuel, in

[p. 26]

    Camden, and died in 1862 at the age of 92.  The widow went to live with
    her children and died Oct. 17, 1882, in Kipton.

(2d) SAMUEL HARDY (Samuel, Sr.), born Aug. 23, 1813, died in Camden July 12,

    1885, married, March 5, 1839, Frances Morse(35b), a second cousin.  They
    came to Camden in 1842.  For history of their children, see page 20,

(3d) ROSWELL HARDY (Samuel, Sr.), born March 14, 1819, died in Kipton Sept.

    30, 1898.  He married Mary Ann Tuttle Dec. 23, 1854.  They had children
    Samuel Arthur, Jan. 17, 1856 (m., no ch.), Nellie May, April 14, 1863 (m.
    Olie Rose), Carrie Mary, April 6, 1873 (m. Rev. Fred Twining, a grandson
    of the second wife of Samuel Hardy, Sr.).

(4d) CHARLES HARDY (Samuel, Sr.), born April 25, 1824, died in Kipton in

    1892, married, Oct. 23, 1845, (26)Catherine Whitney (William W.-John R.).
    See page 6 for history of their children.

(5d) HENRY HARDY (Samuel, Sr.), born Aug. 20, 1826, died March 4, 1893, in

    Brighton, Ohio, married, March 19, 1854, Eliza Rood.  They had children,
    Ella A., Charles Avery and Laura C.

(1e) HANNAH WHITNEY. There is no certainty concerning the name of her

    father.  Some have thought she was a daughter of John R., but less
    than seventeen years was between their ages.  Again, William W. Cook
    used to speak of her as his great aunt, which, if true, would make her
    a daughter of Lieut. Tom Whitney of Claverack, but this is impossible,
    for he was killed in 1776 and she ws born in 1802.  Her identity
    may be established by some future historian.  She was born Dec. 13,
    1802 and died April 13, 1842.  She married John Farmer July 23, 1818
    and live, presumably, in Binghamton, as Mr. Farmer, with his second
    wife removed from Binghamton in 1834 to Camden, Ohio.  They had children

[p. 27]

    (2e)Thomas Manson, (3e)Mary, (4e)Alexander D., born Feb. 4, 1825, (5e)
    William Whitney, (6e)Hannah Elizabeth and (7e)Eunice Jane, born Feb. 17,

(2e) THOMAS MANSON FARMER, born Sept. 23, 1820, lived in Pontiac, Mich., and

    raised a large family.

(3e) MARY FARMER, born Sept. 14, 1822, married Asel Olds and had a large

    family, lived in Mich.

(5e) WILLIAM WHITNEY FARMER, born June 26, 1827, was killed in battle of

    Antietam.  He had a son Charles W., Thomas J., and perhaps other.

(6e) HANNAH ELIZABETH FARMER, born Spet. 28, 1833, died March 14, 1914, in

    Camden.  She married John Warren, of Oswego county, N.Y., and came to
    Camden about 1858, but they soon returned to Oswego.  They had child-
    ren (8e)Richard, (9e)Alice, (10e)John F., (11e)Susan L., (12e)William

(8e) RICHARD M. WARREN, born -- married, 1st, Tura Groat and had a son Frank,

    They were divorced and he married, 2nd, Lizzie Colson, and had Alice,
    Clara, Willie and Edna.

(9e) ALICE WARREN, married, 1st, Chester Quackenbos, 2nd Lewis C. Arnold. Their

    son, Frank Arnold, died in the World War.

(10e) JOHN F. WARREN, married Mary O'Neal and he died in 1928-9. They had

    children, Bernard, James and a daughter.

(11e) SUSAN L. WARREN, married, 1st, Frank Reed and had a son John, married 2nd,

    Charles Cain.

(12e) WILLIAM WHITNEY WARREN, married and had children, Lee, Ross, Fred, Jay,

    Harold, Susan and Fay.
    Note: Quite a number of the descendants of General William Whitney
    were given his name, making it appear that his memory was revered.
    The fact that Hannah (Whitney) Farmer named one of her sons William

[p. 28]

    Whitney Farmer and her daughter Elizabeth name a son William Whitney
    Warren leads one to believe that Hannah Whitney Farmer must have been
    a near relative of William Whitney.

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