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WHITNEY WHISTLER, Volume 2, Number 1 EDITORIAL We will endeavor to give to you as many pages of research and help as we did in the four issues that we put out last year. This year we are publishing only in Spring, Summer, and in Fall- Winter. Please continue to send requests for an area in which you would like to to search. But we need to have your contributions in order to make this a successful publication. We have been able to honor one request for Langdon, NH this time, and we were not successful in our search for the records of Pike, NY. We are working in that area now, and it takes time. The National Archives has decided not to send to local libraries the census records for the various years, which is a terrible inconvenience for researchers and genealogists. There are marvelous sources, and access to those census records here. We have determined that we might be able to help our readers in this area. We will research for you, with Whitney and any other name for $5 per name, if you can give us the town, county and state. A copy of the census record is $.75 extra, which is what we are charged in the Archives. If you are not certain of the exact location, you may make arrangements with us for the fee. You know that we will be fair and honest with you. Of course, we do mean that a name would mean the whole family that was in that house or farm, etc. You understand what we mean? We have not included your queries this year from last year, so if you want one published, please send a revised one to us for the next issue. It must be in our hands by the 1st of July for the Summer edition. We hope that you enjoy Whitney Whistler. Your comments are encouraged and appreciated. We have this extra space, and we have been asked for our family Whitneys who went to Spencer, Mass. from Weston. Here goes, as far as space does permit. Joshua Whitney, son of Nathaniel, Jr. of Watertown and Weston, and of Mary or Mercy Robinson Whitney. He married Mehitable Wilson dau of Deacon James Wilson and Mehitable Leavens Wilson of Conn. Joshua born Mar 25, 1714 in Weston; married May 21, 1739 in Spencer, Mass. and died there June 15, 1786 (have found his grave). Phinehas, born June 24, 1740, to Oswego, NY, m Sara Harrington Rev. Lemuel, we have written of in this edition Rev. Buelah, born June 3, 1745, married John Ball, was in Langdon, NH Elisha Whitney married Esther Clark of Conn., our ancestor. Rev. John , born May 4, 1751, married Rachel Hiscock, was in Rev. Sibbillah, born Jan 26, 1754 Mehitable, born July 7, 1756, moved to Hopkinton, Ohio, twice married Obadiah Newton, ? Williams, maybe ? Hanks? Joshua Whitney, we have written of in this issue. Susannah Whitney, born Aug 15, 1762, married Win. Hiscock, to Eastern NY, married Jonathan Uphain. She was born Oct 19, 1766, and was in Windham, Vt. Most of the family moved to Stockbridge, where our part of the family was born, from Elisha Jr. etc. We like to think that Norman Rockwell used some of our relatives as his models there. There has been some discussion about the burial of old Joshua, but our aunt has been to his grave, and it is in the Norwich Hill Cemetery in Spencer, Worcester County, Mass. It is difficult to find it, but there is no doubt about it. Our particular family married over and over again into these various other ___ families. WYOMING COUNTY, NEW YORK George K. Whitney, Geneseo, NY, born Pavilion, Geneseo County, April 8, 1838, was the son of George W. Whitney, a native of Pittsfield, Mass., whose father was Joshua Whitney. Joshua had a foundry, where he manufactured guns, and anchors, and other ironware. He moved, with his son George to Pavilion, and then to Toledo, Ohio, where he, Joshua, died. George W Whitney, farrier and blacksmith, went back to New York, and Livingston County, where he farmed. He died, age 82. His second wife was the mother of George K. Whitney. She was Mary Keyes, of Genesee County, NY. Their children were; George K., Edward F., and Caroline who married John E. Gilmore of Howell, Michigan. Mrs. Mary Keyes Whitney died at the old homestead, age 54. She was a member of the Congregational Church. George K. Whitney spent his early days on the farm and at York and Wyoming Academy. When 36, he purchased a farm in York, and later owned the Geneseo River Mill. He married, 1864, Jane, daughter of Neil Stewart farmer of York. They had: Mary S. Whitney, who married Myron Bow of York Jennie N. Whitney, who married James Gilmore of Geneseo, and Walter W. Whitney, who married Olive Sherwood. ROYAL WHITNEY The grandson of Ezra Whitney, Royal, was born in Burns, Allegany County, NY on March 22, 1847. His grandfather Ezra was a Vermont farmer, who went to Allegany County, NY and settled in what is now Whitney Valley. His wife was a Hooker, whose family also settled in Allegany County, NY, where they owned a substantial amount of land. By his first marriage Ezra Whitney had 9 children: Horace, Esau, Jacob, Erastus, Seva, Royal, Andrew, Patty and Sally. Royal, born in Rutland, Vermont (5th son, 6th child), grew up in NY state. He was a farmer and lumberman, and kept a store in Canaseraga. For a few years he lived in the West, but he returned to Livingston County, NY (then Allegany County). He owned 1200 acres of land there, a grist mill and flour mills. Later he bought a sawmill. He died on the farm, age 84. His wife was Mary Elsie Boeylan, daughter of Samuel and Betsey, who were early pioneers. Royal and Mary Elsie were the parents of 10 children: Annduane, who married John K. Barrager, who was killed at Coldharbour; Emma Jane, who married O.J. Deane, of Rockford IA; Angelica J; Sara Elizabeth; Seva; Samuel and Ezra (twins); Royal; Charles Sumner, born 1857. Royal, son of Royal, was born in 1852, went west in 1877 to Seattle, where he became head of that division of the Northern Pacific Railroad. He returned to NY when his health failed, and became heir to his parent's estate. He served in the Civil War. GEORGE W. WHITNEY of LIVINGSTON COUNTY, NY. Born in NYC Nov. 19, 1865, George was descended from Jonathan Whitney, his grandfather. Charles H. Whitney, father of George, went to Chicago, where he entered into the mercantile business. Finally he moved to Florida, where he engaged in the citrus business, owning many orange groves there. Charles H. Whitney married Elizabeth Lowe, daughter of Samuel Lowe of NYC and Chicago. Charles and Elizabeth had Frances L. and George W. Whitney. George W. Whitney spent his boyhood in Chicago and Florida, and in 1884 he returned north to Livingston County, NY where he had a nursery business. WASHINGTON W. WHITNEY OF WYOMING COUNTY, NY Washington Whitney of Eagletown NY, was born Nov 18, 1827, of New England ancestry; his father and grandfather were natives of New Hampshire. His grandfather, Joshua bought a farm in Eagle. His son, Joshua, was born in 1795, and purchased land in Pike, NY where his son Washington was born. They moved to East Pike, a few years later Joshua Whitney, Jr. died at the home of his son Washington, age 75. His wife was Elmira Fuller, born in 1800, on the Genesee River. They had 9 children. (Is this from old Joshua of Spencer, Mass?) Washington Whitney married in 1852, Susan Clement, who was born August L 1833, daughter of Samuel Clements, a Vermont farmer. Washington and Susan had; Frank J., Wilbur, and Jennie Frank married Lucy York. Jennie married John Griffin. Wilbur never married. Washington Whitney s grandfather and 3 uncles served in the Rev. War. Joshua was one of the Assistant Surgeons in the Civil War. KENTUCKY WHITNEYS Fayette County Marriages Frances W. Whitney to Eleanor Gibson, Sept 11, 1844, John Gibson John W. Whitney and Sarah Ann Overton, Jan 5, 1815, Win. F. Overton William W. Whitney and Emily Satterwhite, Sept 15, 1823, W.F. Satterwhite H.C. Whitney of Lexington, Ky. Physician, born in Lexington Sept 5, 1844, educated at Drake High School and graduated 1866. He studied medicine in NY, and was graduated from Louisville Medical College in 1876. His office was at No 3, Short Street. He married May 20, 1879, Margaret Wright of Lexington. His father, John W. Whitney, was a physician, a graduate of Transylvania University, who was a victim of cholera in 1849, when there was a great epidemic of this dread disease. John W. Whitney, father of H.C. Whitney, was a physician in Lexington and grandson of Thomas Whitney of Ireland, who came to America, married in Va., and resided there and in Kentucky, until his death, August 2, 1819. William Whitney, son of Thomas, was born June 17, 1800, in Lexington, an became a physician, marrying Sept 15, 1823, Miss Emily Satterwhite, whose brother was a physician. William died of cholera in 1849. He had 4 sons. John W. was his third son, born Oct. 10, 1829, and trained in Jefferson Medical College, and a resident of St. Joseph s Hospital, Phila. Elizabeth O. Whitney, daughter of the above Thomas Whitney, of Georgetown, Ky., married Samuel Bullock. SALEM, MASS. WHITNEYS Fanny Whitney, dau of Edw. Tucker of Boston, died Nov 13, 1810, age 27. John Goram, son of John and Mary Whitney, died Apr 15, 1816 Mary wife of John, consort, died Oct 1, 1825, age 34 Mary Jane, dau of John and Mary, died Sept 14, 1814, age 15 m Mrs. Sarah Whitney, died age 57, issue of Sept 10, 1833 Abigail Whitney and John Waters, Third, Oct 16, 1833 Benj of Boston, and Mary Creamer, Jan 30, 1825 Eliza H. and Alfred Hamilton of Boston, Nov 11, 1828 Hasket D. and Joanna L. Wallis of Beverly, Jan 11, 1834, int. Havilah and James W. Dutton of Lowell, Dec 13, 1848, int. Jeff Woburn, and E. M. Treadwell, Oct 6, 1844, int. John of Lynn and Mary Mundary, Apr 24, 1808, int. John of New Haven, Ct and Mary Russell, July 14, 1812, int. Jonathan of Danvers and widow Susan Wilkins, Nov 27, 1827, int. Mary E. and Perley ZMPPutnam, July 5, 1840, int. Rhomas and Hannah Dove, Aug 6, 1803, int. William W. and Susan W. Mack, Nov 11, 1849 Zacheus of Boston and Fanny Tucker, July 1, 1804, int. John Whitney, born May 27, 1788 John Goram Whitney, born May 3, 1815 Mary Elizabeth Whitney, dau of John and Mary, born Dec 31, 1817 Mary Jane Whitney, dau of John and Mary, born June 14, 1813 Official Records of Salem Mass. Plymouth, Mass. In 1643 there was a Jeremiah Whitney in Plymouth, Mass. He is noted in the Plymouth Church Records, Volume one, Part Five. Not giving any exact time, there is a notation about "Patience Whitney, widow, Aug 16, 77th year nearly finished..." Church transaction included reference to Rev. Gëo C. Whitney (Harvard College 1824, died 1842, son of Rev. Peter Whitney, who died 1843) of Roxbury, Mass. Job Whitney, was pastor of the Plymouth Church when he was graduated from Harvard College, Dec 17, 1758. He died in 1761. He was also called to Marblehead. WHITNEYS OF ATHENS, VERMONT The first Richard went to Brookline, Vermont from Wilton, NH, with three sons: Israel, Ebenezer, and Timothy. Major Timothy Holt Whitney, was born in Brookline, Vermont in 1777 and died March 15, 1859 in Athens, Vermont. He married Abigail Blanchard in 1798, she being of Wilton, NH. Their children were: Capt. Hiram, Charles Abial, Sarah, Abigail, Roxana, Ralph. Capt. Hiram Whitney was born in Brookline, in 1804, and married Fannie S. Perham in 1828. She was born in Athens, Vt., Aug 21, 1806, the dau of Jonathan Perham and Eunice Shattuck of Athens. Hiram s sons and dau were Marshall, who married ? and had Hattie who married Freeman Horton; Laurette, who married Stebbins,[1] John Lowell,[2] and Noah Ball.[3] Charles Whitney, second son of Timothy, married Fannie Stiles, and resided in Athens. They had Charles, Jr. Abial Whitney married Hannah Harwood, and resided in Athens. They had: Henry Harrison Whitney who married Hattie Ball, dau of Dustin Ball. The latter two had one child, Henry. Abial and Hannah also had Herbert who married Eliza Stiles, and had Ella and Margaret Whitney. Sarah or Sally, married John Perham. Their children were: Charles, Augusta, Emmeline, and Hattie, who married a Whitney. Abigail, or Abbie, married Ephraim Walker, and had Lyman and Abbie. Roxana, born Nov. 11, 1809, died Nov. 10, 1888. She married Amos T. Bal and resided in Athens. They had Sarah, Ida and Flora. Ralph married Delilah Harwood. They resided in Athens, Vt. Children were: Jane and Viorna. After her death, he married Lydia Smith, and had: Irene, Jessie and Emma. WHITNEYS OF POULTNEY, VERMONT Buel S. Whitney married Esther F. Harris, Dec 29, 1869. They removed to Kirkville, Onandaga County, NY. Solomon Whitney, born in Canaan Conn., Nov 11, 1760, homesteaded around Poultney. He married Mary Marshall. She was born Pug 17, 1767 and died Feb 26, 1837. Children were; Lucy, born Nov 11, 1786, married Harvey Finel. Sally, born Feb 23, 1787, married O.L. Angevine. She later lived with her son John. Ichabod, born 1789, died in 1807. John, born Sept 1, 1791, married Sally Hollenback, died shortly after. Solomon Jr. born June 4, 1793, in Nancy Hurlburt. When she died he moved to Iowa to be near his children. Polly, was born May 22, 1796, married Caleb Butler, moved west. Chester, born May 22, 1798, married Ruth Crane, died Aug. 6, 1845. Lydia, born April 8, 1800, married Harvey Mallory, died? Ruth, born Sept 22, 18014, married ? Eliza was born March 4, 1807. TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTIONS, GENESEE COUNTY, NY Christiana M. Whitney, dau John and Christiana, d Apr 23, 1844, age 23 Douglas G. Whitney, son of John and Christiana, d Oct 27, 1862, age 24 TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY M.C. Whitney, born in Steuben County, Sept 17, 1828, was the son of John Whitney who was born in Pawling, NY, Feb 3, 1802, and came to Tompkins County in 1818 with his father Daniel Whitney. His mother was Lydia Newbury, who lived to be 103 yrs old. John Whitney married, Nov 22, 1827, Lucinda Lovell, the daughter of Moses Lovell, a pioneer of Tompkins County. M.C. Whitney was educated in the public schools of the area, and married Eliza Durance, Oct 13, 1850, who was the dau of Samuel Durance (one source says Durant). The children of M.C. Whitney and Eliza were: Frank C. Whitney, a graduate of Cornell Univ., a teacher, and graduate also of Ithica Theological Seminary, who also moved to Minnesota where he became a Baptist minister; two daughters who were teachers, and also married. HISTORICAL GAZETTER OF STEUBEN COUNTY, NY 1891 Caton-Whitney and Deyo, feed mill Abraham J. Whitney, a farmer, age 80 Louis S. Whitney, laborer Oliver W. Whitney, farmer Canesteo-Tharles Whitney, farmer Urbana-Charles A. Whitney (Mitchellville), farmer Hornellsville City-Edward Whitney, brakeman Hornby-George V. Whitney, farmer Prattsburgh-Peter Whitney, farmer, 50 Cohocton-Willis Whitney (No. Cohocton) ORIGINAL STATE PAPERS OF VERMONT-WHITNEYS-CHARTER RECORDS Hancock, 1781, Joshua Whitney Hyde s Park, 1781, Ebenezer, William Whitney Irasburgh, 1781, Jonathan Whitney Lutterloh, 1782, Tarball, David Whitney Philadelphia, 1780, Silas, David, Oliver, Christopher Whitney Morristown, 1781, Isaac Whitney Pittsfield, 1781, Joshua Whitney Searsburgh, 1781, John Whitney Hero (2), 1779, John Whitney Jr. Wildersburgh, 1781, Samuel Whitney Williamstown, 1781, Christopher Whitney Sterling, 1805, David Whitney Grafton, 17514-1761, Jonathan Whitney (named Grafton 1792) MORE WHITNEYS OF VERMONT Paul Whitney married Dolly Darwin, dau of Sam of Hinesburgh. They lived in Hinesburgh, where she died 18114. The oldest person in the town of Addison, Vt. was Gen. Joshua Whitney who lived to be 98. The Methodist Episcopal Church of Hardwick, Vt. had as its minister in 1851-2, Rev. J. Whitney. In 1811, "The Bennington NewsLetter" was published by Williams and Whitney. Whitney was the son of Judge Lemuel Whitney of Brattelboro, Vt. Bishop Henshaw of Middlebury College, Ct wrote Dec 10, 1849, that on returning from Vt, he mentioned his mother s death there and his sister "Mrs. Whitney." He was the Bishop of the Rhode Island Protestant Episcopal Church. MICHIGAN PIONEERS-WHITNEYS Joseph B. Whitney, was born in Canada in 1833. He died in Battle Creek on Aug 9, 1889. He was a Capt in the Civil War. Taken from the Pioneer Collections by Thurston. SOUTH CAROLINA-WHITNEYS From the City Gazette of Charleston. Married, Sat Mar 1, 1794, on Thursday evening, Mr. John Whitney of Boston, and Mrs. Mary Somers of this city. Lebbeus Whitney died in this city, Thursday, Oct 6, 1785. WHITNEYS OF FITCHBURG, MASS. Apr. 23, 1774, Zacriah Whitney made application to the city clerk to be published to Betse Wetherby of Harvard, Mass. Abigail Whitney, 20, dau of Simeon and Nancy, and George DeWitt Nov 24, 1847 Charles H. Whitney, 24, chairmaker, Westminster, son of Smyrna and Ruth and Abby A. Tolman, Oct 19, 1848 Gracia F. Whitney, and Edward C. Locke, Dec 31, 1848 Joseph, Third, 28, farmer, Winchendon, son of Joseph Jr. and Abigail, and Maria Haskell, Oct 2, 1850 Mary Jane, 19, of Lowell; dau of John and Jane, and William A. Short, Married in Mason, NH, June 5, 1851 Nathan, 22, farmer, Westminster, son of Smyrna, and Mary S. Tolman, Nov 27, 1850 Horace Whitney, and Mary Sawin of Gardner, Apr 9, 1829 Alpheus Whitney of Westminster, to Esther Hartwell of this city, Feb 9, 1792 Joshua Whitney of Boxborough, published to Mrs. Anne Purkens of Leominster, May 18, 1790 Ada Whitney, of Charles A. and Sarah Ainsworth Whitney, June 12, 1859 Anna L. Whitney, of George F. and Sara Tolman, Feb 9, 1859 Anne Weston Whitney, of Milton and Ann Marie, Oct 4, 1848 Emma Lucinda Whitney, of George F. and Sarah, Aug 6, 1856 Estella Bogart Whitney, of Elhanan and Sarah A. Feb 1, 1850 Frank Ormond Whitney, of Jonas and Eliz. C. July 21, 1851 Frederick Waldo Whitney, of George F. and Sarah, Aug 8, 1854 George Augustus Whitney, of Theodore A. and Laura W. May 28, 1856 George Harlow Whitney, of John and Caroline, July 1855 Hattie Elizabeth Whitney, of Charles H. and Abby A. Aug 2, 1857 Marie Howard Whitney, of Elhanan and Sarah, Sept 11, 1854 Marie Abby Whitney of Charles H. and Abby A. July 14, 1853 Mary Elvira Whitney, of Walter and Elvira Dunn, May 15, 1859 Sarah Ann Estella Whitney, of Charles H. and Abby Ann, Aug. 26, 1849 Silas Eddy Whitney, of Silas and Susan, Nov 1, 1850 Susan Emily Whitney, of Silas and Susan F. May 24, 1856 Waldo Hubbard Whitney, of John and Caroline McGuier, Jan 5, 1858 Warren Elhanan Whitney, of Elhanan and Sarah A. Nov 29, 1852 William H. Whitney, of James J. and Emma B. July 17, 1844 William Parsons Whitney, of Silas and Susan M. Sept 12, 1848 Walter Whitney, of Walter and Elvira, July 20, 1854 ThESE ARE ALL TAKEN FROM THE ORIGINAL OLD TOWNE RECORDS Herbert F. Whitney, of Charles H. and Abby, died Aug 22, 1852, age 9 m Sarah C. Whitney, of Elhanan and Susan A. died March 6, 1851, age 3 y. Silas F. Whitney, of Silas and Susan M. died Aug 19, 1851, 9m. William P Whitney, of Silas and Susan, died Oct 6, 1849, age 1 y ______ of Walter, died July 21, 1854, 1 d. WRENTHAM, MASS. WHITNEYS WHITNE (see Whitney, Whittne), Hannah, d. of Josiah and Mary, July 11, 1710. Jonathan, s. of Josiah and Mary, June 16, 1703. WHITNEY (see Whitne, Whittne), Adeliza T., d. of Moses and Nancy (Mann), Nov. 27, 1811. Benjamin Franklin, s. of Benjamin and Hepzibah, in Sherborn,Sept. 29, 1808. Charles Henry, s. of Silas and ____, Feb. 20, 1849. Charlotte, d. of Moses Esq. and Nancy, Oct. 4, 1801. Ellen Maria, d. of Col. Moses and Nancy, Feb. 7, 1807. Esther Mann, d. of Col. Moses and Nancy, June 20, 1803. George Eliab, s. of Eliab and Catharine T;, July 24, 1847. Harriet Augusta, d. of Eliab and Catherine T., Apr. 6, 1842. Horace Messinger, s. of Eliab and Catherine T., in Dedham, Apr. 4, 1839. Horace Messinger, s. of Silas and Ann, May 30, 1846. Irene Morse, d. of Eliab and Catharine T., in Franklin, Mar. 3, 1837. James, s. of Benjamin and Hepzihah, June 9, 1811. Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Thriphene, Mar. 9, 1729_30. Lucius, s. of Lewis H. and Susan F., of Milford,[prob. 1847]. Martha Messinger, d. of Eliab and Catharinc T., Feb. 3, 1845. Mary, d. of Jonathan and Tryphene, Jan. 8, 1727_8. Priscilla, d. of Jabez and Exper[i]ence, Feb 4, 1774. Silas Jefferson, s. of Silas and Ann Hardy, May 25, 1843. Tryphena, d. of Jonathan and Rebekah, Mar. 9, 1753. FROM JOSHUA WHITNEY OF SPENCER, MASS. The first issue of the Whitney Whistler told of our ancestor, Joshua Whitney[5] from Nathaniel,[4] Nathaniel,[3], John,[2] John Whitney[1]of Watertown. We have had a request to find the other children of old Joshua, and we will do so, as far as we can. This issue we will give you the town of Langdon, NH where some of the children settled. LANGDON, NH WHITNEYS Joshua Whitney, Jr., son of old Joshua Whitney of Spencer, Mass. and Mehitable (Wilson) Whitney, was born Nov 11, 1758 in Spencer. He married Esther Prouty, dau of John Prouty, June 7, 1781. She died in Langdon, Feb. 1, 1792. Joshua married Electa Sawtell, Oct 30, 1794 in Langdon. At one time Joshua lived in Weathersfield, Vt., but on Oct 2, 1786 he bought lot 4 in Langdon from Simon Sartwell (we always understood it was Sawtell), for 170 pounds and removed there that year. The 1190 census indicates that at this time Joshua had 3 children. The records of Langdon state that they did not know what happened to Mr. Whitney and his family as they left the town. Mention is made of sister Bulah Whitney who married John Ball. Mrs. Bulah Whitney lived in Langdon with her younger children, possibly to be near her brother, as she lost John Ball. We know more about Joshua Whitney than these records tell. He removed to Pike, New York, and there he died Dec. 8, 1849. Rev. Soldier. Joseph Whitney, no relation to the above, was born about 1755, died in Acworth, Mass., Sept 27, 1824, a Rev, soldier. He removed to Pepperell, Mass. and then to Acworth about 1807. He married Mary Woods of Pepperel who was born there about 1770) and died in Acworth Oct 2, 1841. Three of their children lived in Langdon, NH. These were: Joseph D. married Susannah Drury Leonard, born in Francestown June 4, 1797, died Langdon July 25, 1886 David, born 1802, died May 14, 1882, age 80 Leonard Whitney, son of Joseph and Mary, was a farmer. He came to Langdon about 1846, where he lived in his old age. He married Philanda Blood, who died in Bellows Falls, Vt. She was the dau. of Lemuel Blood. Children of Leonard and Philanda: One child, died young Maria Philanda, born Feb 5, 1821, died in Gilsum, NH May 26, 1904, and married June 3, 1846, Josiah Guillow of Gilsum. Clarinda M. was born Dec 14, 1824, and died Feb 6, 1909. She married George A. Wallace[1] of Acworth, and Willard H. Howard, Sr.[2] Children by George Wallace: Julianna, George, Sumner, Ellen. Parthenia A. was born Nov 7, 1827, and died in Keene, NH, Apr. 21, 1911 She married H.S. Colburn. Caroline G., born Feb 20, 1832 married in Bellows Falls, Mar 25, 1852. George Hammond Nash, divorced, and married a Blake. Children by G. Nash: George, born Sept 9, 1852, died about 1862. Nancy J. born in Langdon in 1854, was reared in the home of Leonard Whitney, married _______Walker, removed to Nashua. Edgar H. born in Gilsum 1856, died Apr 21, 1917, was reared in the home of David Whitney. He had his name changed to Edgar Hammond Whitney. He resided in Langdon, and removed to Bradford, Mass. He married Feb 1, 1876, Ida Velma Baldwin, dau of Samuel G. Baldwin. Elisha, born Oct 29, 1835, died in Hinsdale, NH, resided in Langdon for several years, and married Jane M. Howard of Langdon. They adopted two children; Arthur, and Lulu. George L. was born Sept 14, 1842, and died in Keene Nov 8, 1924. He married Lucetta F. Miller of Marlow, NH. She was dau of Calvin Miller. Horace L. was born July 17, 1844, and died in Keene, Dec 7, 1884. He married Etta Ellis. Their children were; Lillian, married a Phillips, and then a Kibbee Viola, married _______ Abbie Jane, born Langdon July 27, 1850, died in Langdon Feb 21, 1893. She married Edwin F. Fifield. James M. Howard was also raised in this home. David Whitney, another son of Joseph and Mary, was a farmer in Acworth. He removed to Acworth. and then to Langdon about 1855. He married Lydia C. Chase, who was born about 1816, and died Aug 30, 1880. She was a great spinner, and weaver of yarn for her friends and neighbors. Children: Mary Ann, born in Acworth, Aug 5, 1839, died March 14, 1912. She married Cutler S. Angler. They adopted two children: Edgar Hammond (Nash) Whitney, born 1856. Charles F. Colburn, born April 12, 1869, son of Wilson W. Colburn. The David Whitney Family was another one in Langdon, NH. He was born in New Ipswich, NH, married Charlotte Blanchard. His son Newton was there in 1883, renting a farm there. Before the railroad entered Fitchburg, Mass., he drove the mail and passenger stage between that city and the city of Boston. He became a carriage painter at West Saxon River, and Newport. Newton married Mary Jane Redding, who was born June 23, 1822, and died April 1915. She was the dau of Jonathan Redding of Alton and Surry, NH. She was the second wife of Newton Whitney. Children: George Newton, born Oct 3, 1856, resided in Keene. Nellie M. born Mar 7, 1858, married Austin T. Gay, son of Maj. Daniel Gay of Acton. Charles Alton, born in Gilsum, Dec 24, 1860, resided in 1930 in Westminster, married 1888 Etta Eudora Caldwell, dau of Joseph W. Caldwell. John A. born ? resided in NY state 1930, resided Langdon 1875-80. Hobart, born R(?), died when about 16. George Newton Whitney, from Newton and David, resided in Langdon, Weare and Keene. He spent 8 years in Washington, DC. He married April 12, 188_ Mrs. Ella S. Willard Huntley, who was born in Boston, Nov 18, 1856, the dau of Oscar O. Willard. Children born in Keene and Washington: Edith F. born about 1884, died at 7 days. Grace Emeline, born Dec. 4, 1892, resided in Boston 1931 She married George B. Walker, and had Ella S. born July 18, 1915, and George B. born Aug 1, 1916. She later married Lynn D. Turner of Buffalo, NY. William B. Whitney, who went variously by the names of Arthur C. Doolittle, George Douglas, etc. He was a farmer who resided in irs and rope, for which they found a ready sale. Bricks were in short supply, so he engaged in that manufacture. In the town affairs he was very interested. He and his wife, Thankful Griffith, were foremost in the building of the Congregational Church in the town of Springfield. He was the first deacon there. The church there owed most of its prosperity to him more than any other person. There is still preserved in the family, the deed to two of the pews in the old meeting house, bought by his two oldest sons, which they purchased for the sum of 15 pounds. Most subscriptions to the church were paid in cattle, or wheat. By the Whitneys paying in silver, it greatly relieved the parish, and the minister from loss. In 1769, Lemuel married Thankful Griffin, who was a shrewd, reliant woman. She was known as an excellent housewife. Deacon Whitney died Feb. 1, 1813, age 71. Thankful Whitney died Feb. 24, 1818, age 72. Their children were: Cyrus, who was born in Spencer, Mass., in 1770 Benjamin, who was born in Spencer, Mass., in 1773 John, who was born in Spencer, Mass., in 1775 Lemuel, Jr., who was born in Tolland, Conn., in 1778 Sally, who was born in Tolland, Conn., in 1780 Joseph, who was born in Springfield, Vt., in 1785 Elijah, who was born in Springfield, Vt., in 1788 These all lived to maturity, but none, equalled their father in their financial ability. Benjamin, John, and Sally (Mrs. David Stafford), settled in Essex, NY; Joseph, lived in Springfield for many years, but he went to Moretown, NY, after he married Lorinda Stafford. Joseph and Lorinda had 5 children. One son, Joseph studied at Oberlin College, and became a Baptist minister in Minneapolis, Minn. Lemuel, Jr. settled in Ohio in 1811. He did military duty on the frontier in 1813. Soon after his service ended, he left for New Orleans with a boat-load of merchandise, and was never heard from again. He left three children. Cyrus Whitney, born in Spencer, in 1770, was 10 when the family came to Springfield. He was the finest example in the family of the Whitney who excelled in great memory, and great knowledge of the Bible. He went to school for 6 months, three in Conn. and three in Vt. His penmanship was beautiful. In his later years he read the Bible three or four times a year. He was a fervent "anti~slavery" opponent. He died May 20, 1860, age 90, having outlived all the members of his father s family. Cyrus married Ruth Mayo of Coleraine, Mass., in 1796. They had 8 children, five of whom lived to be adults. These were; William W., Abiah, Sally, Ruth, and Norman K. Ruth married Ephraim Walker. Ruth Whitney was a deeply religious woman, and a member of the Baptist Church, as was her husband. She died in July 1818. In 1821, Cyrus married Jerusha Stebbins of Saybrook, Conn. They had one daughter, Emeline, who became a teacher in Minnesota. Jerusha Whitney died in Feb., 1874. Elijah Whitney, youngest son of Lemuel and Thankful Whitney, was a very large man, of unusual strength. He was a great hunter, and made a good living selling pelts from his catch. He and his brother Joseph succeeded his father s estate in Eureka, Vt. He spent 4 years in Weathersfield, and one in Chester, Vt., but most of his life was spent in Springfield, where he owned the village sawmill. He also owned a farm. His reading made up for his lack of schooling. He paid particular attention to veterinary medicine, being interested in the medical field as so many of the Whitney family are!! For many years he practised very successfully in this way. In 1812 he married Susannah Oakes of Cohasset, Mass., who was a direct descendant of one of the first presidents of Harvard College. He and his wife were members of the Congregational Church. In 1832, he succeeded to his father s office as deacon of that church. Susannah Whitney died, July 29, 1854, after a long illness. In Jan. 1855, Deacon Whitney married Susan James of Barton, Vt. He died April 24, 1855, after suffering a horrible fall. Of the 7 children of Elijah and Susannah, 3 lived to be adults. Lucretia ____ ____ ___ ___ but died in July 1853, only 38. Theodosia Marie, unmarried, died in 1879, age 53. James, the only son who reached full maturity, was born July 1, 1813. He married Martha Damon, daughter of Bartlett and Eunice White Damon. They were alive in 1894) living on the farm where his father died in Eureka, Vt. Many of the facts of the town and the area were obtained from him, as he had the famous Whitney memory! William Wilson Whitney. was the eldest son of Cyrus and Ruth Whitney. He was born March 7, 1798. He studied navigation, algebra, geometry, surveying, and the natural sciences. In his 18th year he began to teach, and continued his studies in the winter when he could, and in the summer when it was not too busy. He went to New Brunswick, NJ., to teach in a Lancasterian School there. From there he went to NC where he opened a similar school. He also started a school in Trenton, NJ. His health failed, and he returned to Springfield, Vt., and after his recovery he taught school winters until his marriage in 1837. His residence in the south gave him a hatred of slavery, and he often said that the end of slavery would be a bloody one. In town affairs, he was true to his family, and took a great interest! He was not afraid to express his opinion (the bane of the Whitneys)! He was a member of the Vermont Constitutional Convention in 1850. Suddenly, March 14, 1861, on the eve of the Civil War, he died. He married Matilda H. Walker, daughter of John and Philena (Spencer) Walker. She was still living in 1894. Their children were; Luthera, Ainanda, and Rollin W. Two other children did not survive to adulthood. Rollin W, Whitney was born March 30, 1848, and lived in the old homestead called Spencer Hollow. He was a successful farmer, and liked by the townspeople, as he exemplified a great ancestry. He married Ann E. Taylor, March 26, 1874. She was the dau of Spencer and Harriet(Arnold) Taylor, and was born in Weathersfield, Vt., Oct 6, 1844. Children: Agnes T., born May 11, 1875 William S., born Aug 16, 1876 Walter R., born Sept 7, 1878 Philip H., born March 21, 1880 Helen L., born Jan 17, 1882 Anne J., born April 16, 1886 Amanda Whitney, sis of Rollin W., married Asahel Upham, and lived in Windham, Vt. Another Whitney family was in Springfield, Vt. Hiram O. Whitney, was the son of Alfred and Adeline Young Whitney, and married Addie Stiles. He was a shop superintendent in the Vermont Snath Company. Hubert A. Whitney,, son of Alfred and Aveline Whitney, married Celia Fountain. He worked in the foundry about 16 years. Their children were: Florence, Josephine, Guy, Gertrude, Arthur Ray, Russell, Floyd. NEW HAMPSHIRE WHITNEYS Nashua, NH Benjamin, Sylvanus, and Phinehas Whitney, were in the Battle of Bunker Hill, as taken from the town records. Bennington, NH Samuel Whitney, son of Smyrna and Ruth Whitney, of Westminster, Mass., was born March 7, 1821. He bought the paper mill in town from G.P. Hall in 1865. It burned, and he re-built it the same year. He died in Fitchburg, Mass., March 31, 1868. Nathan Whitney, brother of Samuel, was born in Westminster, July 20, 1828. He moved to Bennington, Sept. 1866. He was also in the paper business with brother Samuel, until the mill was sold to settle the estate of Samuel. Nathan married Mary S. Tolman,[1] Nov. 27, 1850. He married Charlotte M. Belcher,[2] Nov. 30, 1864. His children were; Frank B. born June 9, 1853 Caroline L. born Dec. 25, 1856 William R. born June 10, 1866 Samuel B. born Oct. 12, 1867 Frank B. WhitneX graduated from Dartmouth in 1878, physician. He settled in Rochester, NH Caroline married Dr. Hadley and moved to Block Island. William B. Whitney was in Amhurst College, and taught there. Samuel E. Whitney, was also in Amhurst College. Goffstown, NH Elnathan Whitney was a resident there in 1850 Cheshire County, and Keene, NH In the old burying ground in Keene, NH is stone #13. "This stone is erected to the memory of Madam Ruth Whitney who departed this life in the 72nd year of her age. She was successfully married to the Rev. David Stearns of Lunenburg, and the Rev. Aaron Whitney of Petersham, both of whom she survived. For diligence, patience, piety, and knowledge she was eminently distinguished. As this stone cannot tell all her virtues, suffice to say that as a wife, she was prudent and faithful, as a mother, discreet and tender, as a neighbor, friendly and charitable, as a Christian, intelligent and exemplary. A life thus spent terminated with composure on the 1st of Nov., 1788." Washington Street Cemetery, Keene Elizabeth Whitney, only dau of Rev. Z.S. and Elizabeth F. (Barstow) Whitney, died Jan. 3, 1832, age 7 yrs, 4 mos. Chesterfield, NH Selectmen who refused to declare against the crown. Ephraim and Joel Whitney (who later did) Jaffrey, NB Rev. Giles Lyman married Dec. i4, 1835, Louisa Whitney of Winchendon. He preached in Jaffrey. One of the soldiers from here was Elias Whitney. Marlborough, NH The sawmill in Marlborough was in the possession of Jared I. Whitney, 185_ Charles O. Whitney was from the Framingharn, Mass. branch of the Whitney family. John and Jonathan went to Dunstable, NH., and Jonathan went on to Hartland, Vt. in 1810. John resided on a farm until his death in 1829. He was a soldier of the Rev., having served at Bunker Hill. His wife was May Jones of Framingham. The children of John and Mary (Jones) Whitney were: Nathan Whitney, 1781-1811, Polly Whitney, born 1783, married Luke Harris, and died 1813. Sophia Whitnet, born 1795, married Eseek Dexter, went west. Lucy born 1785, died 1794. Sally Whitney, born 1787, married George Farrar. John Whitney,, born 1789, married Augusta Fish, went west. Betsey Whitney, born 1792, married Luke Harris, and died 1858. Luke Whitney, born 1798, married Lavina White, settled Woodward Farm, and died 1841, and left children; Ann B. who married Nov. 27, 1862, Goodhue Tenney of Marlborough; Charles O; Francis L., who died in Washington, DC. Charles O. Whitney, born May 4, 1838, in Troy, NH. His father died when he was three years old. He went to Troy, to live with his uncle Ira Godding until he was twelve. His uncle and aunt died when he was very young, and he was left alone. He was boarded out. He went to Gardner, Mass. as soon as he could. He worked in a chair factory. From there he went to Springfield, Mass. where he engaged in the manufacture of muskets. On Nov 27, 1862, he married Frances F. Bent of Fitzwilliam, NH. She was born Oct. 27, 1838. Charles Whitney is credited with the beginning of the Whitney and Bent chairs. The family moved to Marlborough, where he bought a factory in which he produced bricks, pails, and then horse blankets. This was the beginning of the Cheshire Blanket Co. The children of Charles and Frances were: Frank R. Whitney, born Aug 29, 1866, in Gardner, Mass., died Aug 25, 1885 Charlene Whitney, born Aug 4, 1877. Robert L. Whitney, born Sept 10, 1880, Marlborough, Mass. Troy, NH Dr. Charles W. Whitney, born in Rindge, NH Nov 15, 1791, was the son of Isaiah Whitney, MD. Charles Whitney left Marlborough, NH for Vt. in 18_5 and then retraced his steps back to NH. He boarded, and then built a house in 1818, in Troy. He married Mary Griffin, the dau of Samuel of Fitzwilliam, NH. Dr. Charles Whitney was a practising physician until his very last years. Swanzey, NH Among the proprietors of the town, in 1734, Benjamin Whitney, lot #17. Westmoreland, NH Joseph Whitney, was a member of the Baptist Society in 1800. THE NEW YORK WHITNEYS Binghampton, NY Scatterings of men in the area go like this: 1842, Vincent Whitney, Franklin Whitney, members of the Phoenix Fire Co. 1813, Thomas Whitney, a sheriff in the area. Joseph Stoddard of Lisle, g-grandfather of Mrs. George Whitney. Gen. William Whitney, No story about Binghampton would be complete without mention of this man. He was one of the earliest settlers in the area. He was a Rev soldier, and a member of the Society of the Cincinnati. Gen. Whitney of Chenango was a kinsman of Gen. Joshua Whitney of Chenango Point, NY. If you would like more information on this man, we will research him. However, there is a lot of information about him in the reference books. J.B. Whitney, of Triangle, NY, was the son of Dexter Whitney, and the grandson of Asa Whitney, one of the pioneers. Dexter, a farmer, married Eliza Day, and had 13 children. J.B. Whitney married Emerett Brewer, and had 3 children, one of whom died very young. The surviving children were; Flora N. Whitney, and Ernest Whitney. Flora Whitney married C.H. Turner of Binghampton, NY. A.R. Whitney, was born in Triangle, NY, April 6, 1847, son of Dexter and Elizabeth Farmer. He lived with his brother William D. Whitney, in Lisle, NY. A.R. Whitney married Marintha C. Baker, dau of William Baker. There were two children from this marriage, E.B. Whitney, who became the school commissioner, and Nora N. Whitney, wife of Eugene D. Phelps of Binghampton. Mr. Whitney s brother, William D. Whitney, was born in Triangle, Jan 9, 1849. He married Mary R. Parsons, and they had; Nina M. Whitney, Fayette Whitney, and Ora V. Whitney. George Whitney, the fourth child of General Joshua Whitney, the founder of Binghampton, was born Aug 12, 1801. He married Sophia Silk Evans, the dau of James Evans. Their children were: Mary, who married Charles White. William Evans, of Bay City, Michigan. Jane Olive, married Orby O. Keeler. George, who became a lawyer. Thomas W., a merchant. Franklin, died young. Rhoda Whitney. Thomas Whitney, for whom Whitney s Point was named, went to Chenango in 1802, and was a kinsman of the Whitneys who were on the west side of the Chenango River. Thomas Whitney was an innkeeper. Thomas Whitney, who pioneered Binghampton, and we do not think is the one above, arrived in the area in 1818. He was from Dutchess County, NY. Asa Whitney was in this area in 1811. General Joshua Whitney, was from Hillsdale, Columbia County, NY. He went to Chenango with General William Whitney. He was the agent for the lands from 1792 to 1800. He had a son Joshua who was also a land agent. Young Joshua was born August 24, 1773, and was 14 when the group went to the Chenango Valley. He married Rhoda Jewell, and had 9 sons, 2 daus. These children were; Virgil, Vincent, George, Washington, Franklin (twins), Joshua, William, Charles, Robert (who died young). The daughters we have not found. WHTTNEYS OF MASSACHUSETTS Needham, Mass. Clerk of the First Parish of Needham, March 25, 1805, was Israel Whitney and he was again elected, March 26, 1827. Mr. Whitney built and occupied a house at the corner of Great Plain and Dedham Sts. In later years he lived on Central Ave. in the old Burrill house. He held various other offices. For 16 years Israel Whitney was sexton of the First Parish, and he officiated at many funerals. By trade he was a shoemaker. Dedham, Mass. The Dedham Historical Register, Oct. 1892, lists as the leading incorporator of the Savings Bank, Dedham Institution for Savings, in 1834, as Timothy P. Whitney. Listed among the schoolteachers of Dedham, for the year 1764-5 was Jeremiah Whitney. First master in the new schoolhouse in Dedham in 1800 was John Whitney, was graduated from Harvard College in 1797. John was the son of Ezra and Mercy (Morse) Whitney of Douglas, Mass. This John Whitney became a tragic figure. Afflicted with a mental disease, he became a wanderer, and he is said to have died in Kentucky, Feb. 1824. From Epitaphs of Needham and Dedham "Anne Frances, wife of Lemuel Lyon, d Apr 9, 1842, aged 34 yrs. My Mother. She was born April 13, 1808, dau of Israel and Mary (Fuller) Whitney; in Lemuel Lyon, Apr 20, 1826." Walpole, Mass. Frances N. Whitney, married Lewis Hall Kingsbury, she being his 2nd wife. He was born Sept. 28, 1814. They married Nov 1887. He died in Boston, Dec 9, 1892, and she survived him. Wrentharn Mass. Jonathan Whitne, son of Josiah and Mary, June 16, 1703 Abigaill Whittne, dau of Josiah and Mary, May 22, 1708 Clinton, Mass. Lucinda Whitney, dau of Abel and Phebe (Hopkins) Whitney, was born April 7, 1807, at Williamstown, Vt. She married Moses Ring, who was born July 10, 1798, probably at Washington, Vt. They had 10 children. Hepzibah Whitney married Seth Sawyer, who descendant, Charles Henry Sawyer was Governor of New Hampshire in 1886. Seth Sawyer s grandson, Phineas Sawyer married Hannah Whitney. BACK TO NEW HAMPSHIRE FOR WHITNEYS Dover, NB Hannah Hussey dau of Timothy and Elizabeth Hussey, married Joseph Whitney. They had 2 daus who married Bachelders of Loudon, NB. Concord, NH Leonard Whitney of Canterbury, and Polly Elliott, Concord, were married Oct 3, 1805. Oliver Whitney and Joanna Currier, from Bow, NH, were married Jan 31, 1809. FROM THE NEW HAMPSHIRE GENEALOGICAL RECORDS Joseph Whitney, born Oct 16, 1808, and Hannah (Hussey) had: Laurentia Amorette Whitney, born Aug 15, 1833, married Abraham Bachelder of Loudon, NH. Eliza Ann Whitney, born Sept 18, 1838, married Joseph Porter Bachelder of Loudon, NH. Amanda Whitney William Whitney George Whitney Frank Whitney Taken from the records of the Hussey and Snell Families. THE SOUTHERN WHITNEYS Major James McKinney of Virginia, removed to Kentucky, to "Crab Orchard." In 1818 he settled in St. Charles, Mo. for 2 years. In 1820 he moved to Grand Prairie, Callaway County, Mo. In Kentucky he married Levisa Whitney, and they had: Liberty, Esther, Charles, Sally, Samuel, William, Freeman (From Pioneer Families of Mo. by Bryan) Jacob White of Kentucky, went to St. Charles, Missouri in 1816. Of his 4 children, one, Elizabeth, married a Mr. Whitney of Boston, and settled in St Charles, where he had a shoe store. Their children were: William F., Martha B., Frank W. William F. Whitney married the dau of the Hon. A.H. Buckner, member of Congress. Martha B. Whitney married the Hon A.H. Edwards of the Missouri State Senate. From The Early Families of Plymouth, Vermont, by Bryant and Baker. The 1800 census lists Elisha Whitney with a family of 6. Betsey Whitney married, Dec 2, 1830, Horste Nichols. Issue of Hiram Whitney, no wife given: George A. Whitney, born March 6, 1832 in Plymouth. Francis B. Whitney, born Feb 14, 1833 in Plymouth. Oscar Whitney, born April 14, 1834 in Plymouth. Mary J. Whitney, born Feb. 15, 1836 in Plymouth. Ebenezer B. Whitney, born July 27, 1838, and we presume in Plymouth. Augustus Whitney, born April 21, 1842, and we presume in Plymouth. Albert W. Whitney, born March 27, 1840; and we presume in Plymouth. George W. Whitney, born Jan 2, 1844, and we presume in Plymouth. Harriet N. Whitney, born Aug 21, 1850, and we presume in Plymouth. Julia B. Whitney, born Feb. 24, 1853, and we presume in Plymouth. Granville Whitney of Plymouth, married Jane Wilder, who was born Dec 27, 1821, in Plymouth, the dau of Leo and Deborah (Pratt) Wilder. They had: Nancy who married May 27, 1838, James Merrill Ira, who married, April 3, 1839, Lucinda Hudson, who was born Dec. 27, 1818, the dau of Abijah and Eunice Hudson. Issue: Ellen Lucinda, born Aug 2, 1840 Arvilla, who died in 1846. Hiram, who married May 27, 1849 Harriet Ellis of W. Windsor, Alonzo, who married Sept 8, 1853, Sarah Parker. KNOX COUNTY, OHIO Brown Twp Edward B. Whitney, was justice of peace there in 1878. E.E. Whitney (same was also one in 1879, as was D.C. Whitney.) A. Whitney was a first settler; from Pa., Md., Va., mostly people from the Rev. War. Dudley C. Whitney, was a farmer in Danville. He was the son of Ebenezer and Sarah A. Whitney. He was born there Aug 16, 1846, and married Maria F. Tremble, dau of Samuel and Susan Tremble. She was born in Union Twp. on March 25, 1849. They lived on the family homestead. He was a justice of peace, and a memeber of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Danville. E.J. Whitney, of Danville, was the son of Thomas Whitney, and was born in Orleans, Vt. on Dec 6, 1806. In 1830 he married Sarah A. Boardman, who was born in Norwich Twp., Windsor County, Vt. on July 13, 1806. The family located in Hartford, Vt. until Oct 1837 when they moved to Brown Np., Ohio, in the Jellaway Valley. In 1850 the family erected a sawmill there. Their children were: Edward B. Whitney, born Nov 5, 1833, died Jan 26, 1879. Virginia C. Whitney, born July 4, 1835, died Feb. 25, 1849. Victoria P. Whitney, born Nov 29, 1839. Gordon B. Whitney, born Nov 29, 1939, died Portsmouth, Va Aug 4, 1864. Lucy B. Whitney, born June 5, 1844. Dudley C. Whitney, born Aug 8, 1846. Luella N. Whitney, born Nov 21, 1850. Helena Whitney, born Apr 19, 1853. Auglaize County, Ohio Sarah B. Whitney of New York, married W.V.M. Layton of Ohio. She was related to ex-secretary Whitney of NYC. Her g-grandfather Whitney was in the Rev. War. TIOGA COUNTY, NY, WHITNEYS Nichols, NY Isaac Goodale, born in Amhurst, Mass., in 1755, married for the second time to Sally Whitney Cobb, widow of Elijah Cobb, and dau of Asa Whitney. She was born about 1770, and died in the Berkshires June 13, 1825, her age said to be about 55-60. Sally Whitney Cobb was born in Canaan, Conn. about 1770, the dau of Asa Whitney by his first wife. She married Elijah William Cobb, who was born in Canaan, Corn., 24 Sept 1765, the son of Elijah and Amy Cobb. They lived in Canaan until 1802, when they moved to Lenox, Mass., then to the Berkshires. He died in 1815, age 53. She then married Isaac Goodale. HISTORIC GRAVES OF MD. Elizabeth Whitney, wife of Frank Whitney, born Dec. 1747, and died Oct 28, 1828, Kent County. NEW JERSEY WHTTNEYS Rev. George H. Whitney, born in Georgetown, D.C., July 30, 1830, son of William Whitney of Corn. William removed to Washington, D.C. Later the family went to Irvington, NJ. George Whitney taught there iii the Wesleyan Institute, Newark, NJ. The family moved to Macedon, NY, and George taught at the Oneida Seminary. He was married to Carrie B. Shepherd of NY, Nov. 17, 1858. She passed away in 1865. They had one son, Irving Whitney. George Whitney married again to Nette French of Plainfield, NJ, on Dec. 27, 1867. These two had Mary and Bertha Whitney. OHIO RECORDS, FOR WHITNEYS Washington County From the Ohio Genealogical Society, Cemetery Inscriptions James and Ruth Greene Whitney, Nov 14, 1807 John and Sarah Chapman Whitney, Mar 1, 1821 Thomas and Articemay Preston Whitney, Oct 21, 1820 Wayne County Clinton Twp, Oak Grove Cemetery Eleanor Pocock, wife of H. Whitney, d May 18, 1869, age 32 Ida B., dau of H and B., died Sept 8, 186?, age 49 Wooster Twp, Pioneer Cemetery Tryphena Rawson Whitney, age 77 yrs, buried on Robison lot. Flory Whitney Sept 1898, 1 NY Blanche Whitney Feb 1900, 3/12 NY BERT A. WHITNEY June 1867, 32 NY (Cattaraugus) Machias Laura Whitney Nov 1869, 30 NY BERTHA WHITNEY Aug 1886, 23 Can (NY Manhattan BERTHA A. WHITNEY Mar 1877, 23 NY (Renssalaer) Schaghticoke Lucy Baler granddaughter BESSIB WHITNEY Mar 1879, 21 Ohio (NY) Manhattan Maude Whitney sis Sept 1877, 22 Ohio BOUTON A. WHITNEY May 1874, 26 NY (Chenango) Columbus Myrtle N. Whitney Nov 1877, 22 NY Albert B. June 1900 9/12 NY Emma D. Smith sis Oct 1866, 33 NY Chester H. Smith Neph June 1890, 9 NY BRIDGET WHITNEY Oct 1876, 23 Ireland (NY) Manhattan BRIDGET WHITNEY July 1879, 21 Ireland (NY) BRIDGET T. WHITNEY Mar 1858, 42 NY (Allegany) Amity, alone BURNETT WHITNEY July 1844, 55 Pa (Chautauqua ) Harmony BURNETT P. WHITNEY Dec 1836, 63 NY (Chenango) Preston Frances J. Whitney May 1848, 52 NY Anna N. Whitney Apr 1885, 15 NY BURT WHITNEY Nov 1860, 39 NY (Orleans) Shelby Harry Whitney Mar 1886, 14 NY Laura Fletcher sis Sept 1847, 52 NY BURT WHITNEY Sept 1892, 7 NY (Chemung) HorseheadS with Coonrad Smith, apparently son of Francis A. Whitney BURT WHITNEY June 1867, 32 NY (Erie) Colden Luse Whitney dau Nov 1869, 30 NY BURTON WHITNEY Aug 1854, 45 NY (Jefferson) Clayton Helen Whitney Sept 1854, 40 NY Miles Whitney Jan 1884, 16 NY Susie Whitney June 1893, 6 NY Cynthia Whitney mother July 1822, 77 NY BYRON WHITNEY Sept 1830, 69 NY (Ontario) Seneca Nary C. Whitney Apr 1835, 65 NY Julia B. Crosby dau June 1855, 44 NY Prescott C. Crosby s-in-law Feb 1855, 45 NY This is the end of the "B" section, and we will continue this listing in the next issue. We have attempted to correct the spelling found in the 1900 soundex. Counties and towns were found with some interesting spellings. Not having been born in New York State it was difficult for us to know the correct spelling without an atlas. We have followed the corrections to the best of our ability. WHITNEYS OF NEW YORK John,[1] Richard,[2] Moses,[3] -- Concord married Sara Knight 1688; Jonas[4] 1699-1770 of Stow and Harvard, married Margaret Stratton.[2] Timothy[5] 1729-1803 Harvard and Petersham married 1752 Alice Whitney (1733-1803) who was from Jonathan, Richard, Richard, John. Peter[6] 1760-1826, tailor of Chester, Mass., married Mary Blair. Sgt. Solomon Blair Whitney7 1785-1825, War of 1812, prisoner in Nova Scotia, quartermaster, Albany, NY., cordwainer, married 1806 Mary Dear who died 1865, Detroit, Michigan. William Emerson Whitney[8] 1821-1890 of Rockford Michigan, married 1847 Hannah Lapham Pratt, born 1824, descended from Elijah Pratt of Collins, Erie County, NY. Eugene Correll Whitney was from this line. George Sanders Whitney,[8] from Zimri,[7] John,[6] Zachariah,[5] John,[4] Joseph,[3] John,[2] John,[1] 1819-1863, of Glenn Falls, NY married, 1844 Mary Evaline Barnard. Mayo Elizabeth Whitney married Orin Waldo 18 October, 1827, Edinboro. Charles L. Whitney married Mary A. Williamson, 1842 ? Griffins Mills. Anne Whitney married Timothy Harrington 22 October, 1815, Guilford. Amasa Whitney married Sally Keene, November, 1866, Manlius. Abner Whitney married Matilda B. Sherwood 27 September, 1843, Albany. General David Whitney (Geneva Gazette), NY, married Eliza Wilson, Addison, Vermont, 1 July, 1818. His age, 62. Deaths Joel Whitney, Capt., who died 31 January, 1826, age 59 years, 2m, 18d. Sybil Whitney, dau. of Joel and Sybil, died 8 July, 1820, 18 years, 6m, 1d Sybil Whitney, stone upturned, unable to read. Jonathan Whitney, Capt. 7th Co. 5th Reg. US Inf. 1735-1792. Came to Geneva 1789 from Mass. The above from Ontario County, Phelps Twp. Aaron Whitney Lot 45 William 1845-1928 By Vet Flag Alice 1856-19- Mary 1844-1878 A died age 38 Isaac 1819-1904 Betsey 1824-1906 Benjamin Whitney Jr. Lot 46 Sarah and Eli Loyal E. Whitney 186?-1932 Lot 55 Helen Clifford 1859-1927 Edwin I. Whitney 1882-1932 Lot 71 The above from West Nina Cemetary, Sherman, NY Orson J. Whitney, son of David and Lois, born February This from West Meredith Cemetary, Jamesville, NY WHITNEYS IN SOUTH DAKOTA STATE CENSUS OF 1905 Phyllis Egge, 1022 Boulevard, Sturgis, SD 57785 Stella Whitney P.O. Alexandria, Beulah Twp., Hanson County Age 23, housewife, p.o.b. Iowa, yrs. in SD 21, married father b. Illinois, mother b. Vermont Alice E. Whitney P.O. Faulkton, Faulk Co. Age 8, student, p.o.b. South Dakota, yrs. in SD 8, single father b. New York, mother b. Iowa Maud Whitney P.O. Webster, Day County, Rusk Twp. Age 29, housewife, p.o.b. Savanna, Illinois, yrs. in SD 5, married father b. Illinois, mother b. Illinois Roy Whitney P.O. Seneca, Faulk County, Elroy 119 Twp. Age 9, student, p.o.b. South Dakota, yrs. in SD 9, single father b. New York, mother b. New York Louise Whitney, female P.O. Seneca, Faulk County, Elroy Twp. Age 50, farmer, p.o.b. New York, yrs. in SD 22, yrs. in US 50, single father b. New York, New York, mother b. New York William M. Whitney P.O. Columbia, Brown County, Columbia Twp. Age 34, farmer, p.o.b. Iowa, yrs. in SD 1, married father b. New York, mother b. Massachusetts Leah Elva Whitney P.O. Delmont, Douglas County Age 10, student, p.o.b. South Dakota, yrs. in SD 10, single Father b. Illinois, mother b. Illinois Benjamin C. Whitney P.O. Volga, Brookings County Age 28, drayman, yrs. in SD 12, yrs. in US 28, p.o.b. Lowell, Mass., single father b. Vermont, mother b. Nova Scotia F.D. Whitney P.O. Keystone, Pennington County Age 48, forest ranger, p.o.b. not given, yrs. in SD 22, married Father b. New York, mother b. "don t know" Edson Whitney P.O. Alpena, Jer auld County, Alpena Twp. Age 74, farmer, p.o.b. Addison County, Vermont; yrs in SD 21, married Father b. New York, mother b. New York Gladys E. Whitney P.O. Volga, Brookings County Age 6, p.o.b. Volga Father b. Tunbridge, Vermont; mother b. Nova Scotia R. D. Whitney P.O. Faulkton, Faulk County male Age 24, cigar maker, p.o.b. Nebraska, yrs. in SD 22, married Father b. New York, mother b. New York O.K. Whitney, male P.O. Wessington Springs, Jer auld County, Age 20, teacher, p.o.b. Alpena, SD, yrs. in SD 20, single Father b. Maine, mother b. Redding, Massachusetts Mata Whitney, female P.O. Lane, Jer auld County, Franklin Twp. Age 32, p.o.b. Michigan, yrs. in SD 22, married Father b. Nova Scotia, mother b. New York _lace Whitney, female P.O. Lane, Jer auld County, Franklin Twp. Age 41, p.o.b. Wisconsin, yrs. in SD 16, married Father b. Vermont, mother b. Wisconsin Estella M. Whitney P.O. Harding, Butte County Age 51, housework, p.o.b. Iowa, yrs. in SD 16, married Father b. New York, mother b. New York Edith E. Whitney P.O. Wessington Springs, Jer auld County Age 31, teacher, p.o.b. Waltham, Missouri (?), yrs. in SD 25, single Father b. Maine, mother b. Redding, Mass. Harry Whitney P.O. Wessington Springs, Jer auld County Age 22, clerk, p.o.b. Kimball, SD, single Father b. Maine, Mother b. Redding, Massachusetts Burton B. Whitney P.O. Harding, SD, Butte County Age 31, farmer & stockgrower, p.o.b. Iowa, yrs in SD 16, single Father b. Canada, mother b. Iowa Velva Whitney P.O. Harding, Butte County Age 26, teacher, p.o.b. Iowa, in SD 16 yrs, single Father b. Canada, mother b. Iowa John S. Whitney P.O. Harding, Butte County Age 58, farmer & stockgrower, p.o.b. Canada, yrs. in SD 16, married 4 Father b. New York, mother b. Vermont Ralph M. Whitney P.O. Faulkton, Faulk County Age 25, merchant, p.o.b. Nebraska, yrs. in SD 12, married Father b. New York, mother b. Iowa Edna Whitney P.O. not given, Brookings County Age 21, housekeeper, p.o.b. Iowa, yrs. in SD 1, married Father b. New York, mother b. Iowa Lewis Whitney P.O. Wolsey, Beadle County Age 2, b.o.b. SD, single Father b. Illinois, mother b. Sweden Mary L. Whitney P.O. Fort Pierre, Stanley County Age 38, school teacher, p.o.b. Prairie Du Chien, Wisc., yrs. in SD 23 Single, father b. Wyoming Co., N.Y., mother b. Columbia Co., Pa. T.M. Whitney, male P.O. Faulkton, Faulk County Age 62, merchant, p.o.b. New York, yrs. in SD 12, married Father b. New York, mother b. New York Whitney, female P.O. Lane, Jer auld County Age 30, milliner, p.o.b. Clinton, Iowa, yrs. in SD 21 Father b. Vermont, mother b. New York W.T. Whitney, male P.O. Wolsey, Beadle County Age 34, farmer, p.o.b. Illinois, yrs. in SD 19, married Father b. Ohio, mother b. New York City Grace Whitney P.O. Wolsey, Beadle County Age 4, p.o.b. South t~akota, yrs. in SD 4 Father b. Illinois, mother b. Sweden Ross Whitney P.O. Loyalton, Edmunds County Age 24, farmer p.o.b. Nebraska, yrs in SD 22, single Father b. New York, mother b. New York Page 89 - Book 6, Addison Town Records, Vermont? Certificate of Joshua Whitney at Susannah Hindes? Marriage State of Vermont } Be it remembered that at Addison Addison Co. } in the County above said on this 6th day of December in the year of our Lord, 1818, Joshua Whitney ___ [sic] of Addison in the county of Addison and State of Vermont and Susannah H___ of Addison in the County of Addison and State of Vermont were duly joined in marriage by me. Wm. _ Picket, Justice of the Peace This license and the deed that follows were contributed by Mrs. Phyllis Egge, 1022 Boulevard, Sturgis, SD 57785, whose ancestors these were. David Whitney Deed to Joshua Whitney Page 70, Bk I Know all men by these Presents that I David Whitney of Addison in Rutland County in the State of Vermont for and in lawful consideration of seventy-one pound and ten shilling lawfull money to me in hand paid by my brother Joshua Whitney of the Town County and State aforesaid the receipt whereof I do acknowledge have given, granted, assigned, sold and released and by these presents do give grant bargain sell, assign, release, convey and confirm to him the said Joshua Whitney and to his heirs and assigns forever all the right title and interest that I now have or ought (sic) all the right title and interest that I now have or ought to have or ever had to one certain lot of land, No. 7, original proprietor Oliver Dean, it lying and being within the township of Panton, Alias Addison in the County of Rutland and State of Vermont. Said lot when laid out was supposed to be in the Township of Panton but since found to fall within the Township of Addison, which lot I hold by a deed from Charles Burrall and he from the original proprietor of Panton and likewise from the Coimee of Addison appointed for that purpose, said lot bounded north or~ Phineas Spalding's lot No. 8, westerly on Lake Champlain, south on No. 6 which I now own, easterly on common lands. Said Lot containing by estimation seventy one and a half acres be the same more or less. To have and to hold the above granted and bargained premises, to him, the said Joshua and to his heirs and assigns forever to his and their own proper benefit and behoof, and further moved the said David Whitney do for myself and my heirs covenant with the said Joshua and his heirs and assigns that at and until the ensealing of these presents I am well seized of the premises as aforesaid. I further bind my self my heirs etc. to warrant and defend the above granted and bargained premises to him the said Joshua Whitney and to his heirs forever against all claims and demands of any person or persons by or under me in my name or stead forever. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 28th day of July 1787. David Whitney (X) John Strong } Samuell Strong } John Strong signed as Town Clerk of Addison and also as Justice of Peace of Rutland. QUERIES Seeking information concerning the family connections of David Whitney of Scotland, Mo. His daughter was Caroline Whitney who married Oscar John Schneider. Mrs. Irene Snyder, 9215 E Compton Blvd., Bellflower, Ca 90706. Henry Whitney, 1620-? father of John Whitney, married 17 March, 1674-5 Elizabeth Smith. Need more information on her family and his. Doris Moser, 476 S.E. 1st Wenatchee, Wa 98801. Need information on the wives of Joshua Whitney of Killingly, Conn born 1 Dec. 1724 died 1814. Also his father, Cornelius Whitney of Groton, Mass, born about 1680, and died 1720 in Killingly, Conn. His wife was not Sarah Sheppard as supposed in the Pierce Genealogy, as she was married at the time. Need her family name. Mary Ellen Galbrait, 484 Vaquero Lane, Santa Barbara Ca 93111.

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