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p. 23, #15: Mary3 WHITNEY was born 23 Apr 1650, not 29 Apr 1650.

p. 23, #17: Sarah3 (WHITNEY) HARRINGTON died 8 Jul 1720, not 8 June 1720, according to Watertown vital records.

p. 23, #18: Son Jonas WARREN is so recorded in the birth record (Watertown vital records, volume 2, pages 7 & 9), but this is probably an error for Josiah WARREN, according to Bond's Watertown, volume 2, page 960. Son Daniel WARREN did not marry firstly, 24 May 1711, Watertown, MA, Hannah BIGELOW, and secondly, 15 Nov 1717, Watertown, Mehitable GARFIELD. That was his first cousin Daniel WARREN, son of John and Mary (BROWN) WARREN, baptized 1 Sep 1689, Watertown. Instead he married firstly, 26 Feb 1712, Watertown, Rebecca GARFIELD, and secondly, 22 Aug 1727, Westborough, MA, Mary WETHERBY. Bond's Watertown, volume 1, pages 620-621, 960-961, also has these two cousins confused.

p. 23, #20: This Benjamin3 WHITNEY did not have a wife Elizabeth -----. She belongs instead to his nephew, Benjamin4 WHITNEY [Joseph3, John2, John1], #92 on page 44. His birthdate is given as 28 Nov 1660, not 28 June 1660, in Watertown vital records, volume 1, page 23.

p. 23, #4: Richard2 WHITNEY was baptized 6 Jan 1623/4, Isleworth-on-Thames, Middlesex, England, so he could not have been born in 1626. Bond gives the date of his release from training as 7 Apr 1691, not 7 Apr 1697, and which might be correct I cannot now say.

p. 23, #25: Rebecca3 WHITNEY d. 10 Feb 1659[/1660], according to Watertown vital records, volume 1, page 22.

p. 23, #28: I can find no further record of any Elisha WHITNEY who could be this person, either in Connecticut or elsewhere.

p. 23, #5: Thomas2 WHITNEY was baptized 10 Dec 1627, St. Mary Aldermary, London, England, so he could not have been born in 1629. Mary KEDALL's name is spelled thus in her marriage record. I have no authority for the KETTLE spelling, which must be a guess by Pierce. The John KETTLE who had a land grant in 1642 may or may not be a relative of Mary KEDALL. It seems to have been his son Thomas3 WHITNEY who lived in Stow, not Thomas2.

p. 23, #30: John3 WHITNEY was born 19 May 1659, and died the same day, according to Watertown vital records, volume 1, pages 21-22.

p. 23, #32 & #33: "Elieasor & Elnathan" were born "7 2mo 1662", which means 7 Apr 1662, not 2 Sep 1662.

p. 23, #35: "Bezaliell" was born "16 7mo 1664", which means 16 Sep 1664.

p. 23, #36: This Sarah3 WHITNEY did not marry Charles CHADWICK. Instead, it was her cousin Sarah4 WHITNEY [Nathaniel3, John2, John1], #79 on page 28, who married Charles CHADWICK. The rest of the data is correct, but pertains to #79. Of this person #36 nothing further is known.

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