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p. 25, #51: Joshua3 WHITNEY was born 14 Jun 1665, according to Groton vital records. His second wife was widow Sarah (-----) FELLOWS.

p. 25, #52: This Sarah3 WHITNEY apparently died young, and it was a younger half-sister Sarah3 WHITNEY, born about 1686, who married Nathaniel JEWELL. This is rendered extremely likely by the terms of the will of her father. For more detail, see a discussion of the wives and children of Joshua2 WHITNEY.

p. 25, #55: There is no proof that the maiden name of Sarah, wife of Cornelius3 WHITNEY, was SHEPHERD, and there seems not to be a Sarah SHEPHERD available to be his wife in any of the families of that surname in New England. He also had a second wife, Zerviah (CHURCH) CLEVELAND.

p. 25, #58: Abigail (FARNSWORTH) BLOOD did not die 7 Nov 1783. It was Abigail, widow of John FARNSWORTH, Jr., who died on that date, according to Pepperell vital records. Instead, Abigail, widow of Dea. David BLOOD, died on 17 Jan 1802, Pepperell, MA, aged 84 years, also according to Pepperell vital records.

p. 25, #58: The will of her brother Joshua3 WHITNEY was dated 1753, not 1733, so the death of Ebenezer FARNSWORTH and her alleged marriage to ----- HARMON must have occurred before that later date. On the other hand, the Elizabeth HARMON mentioned in his will is not specifically called his sister, so she might have been some other person, and the deduction about Ebenezer FARNSWORTH's death date may be wrong.

p. 25, #59: Son Joshua HUTCHINS married Sarah SHED, not Mary SHED.

p. 25, #60: Alice, wife of Nathaniel WOODS, was very likely not a daughter of Joshua2 WHITNEY. For more detail, see a discussion of the wives and children of Joshua2 WHITNEY. According to Groton vital records, Nathaniel WOODS was born 25 Mar 1667/8, not 27 Mar 1667/8. According to Woods, Henry Ernest, "The Woods Family of Groton, Mass.," NEHGR, volume LXIV (1910), page 35, Alice WOODS died 10 Jan 1717/8, Groton, MA, in her 45th year, and so was born in 1673.

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