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The subdivisions of Wales used on this website are the Historic counties of Wales, being

  1. Monmouthshire
  2. Glamorgan
  3. Carmarthenshire
  4. Pembrokeshire
  5. Cardiganshire
  6. Brecknockshire
  7. Radnorshire
  8. Montgomeryshire
  9. Denbighshire
  10. Flintshire
  11. Merionethshire
  12. Caernarvonshire
  13. Anglesey

In Wales, the counties of Merioneth and Glamorgan are occasionally referred to with the "shire" suffix. The only traditional Welsh county that never takes "shire" is Anglesey.

An examination of the birthplaces of the Whitney head of households in the 1851 Census of Wales shows the following origins: Monmouthshire, 10 families; Breconshire, 4 families; Radnorshire, 4 families; Carmarthenshire, 2 families. It appears that the heart of the Whitney origin in Wales was in Monmouthshire and spread northward and westward. Note that Heads of Households who were born in England were omitted from this study.

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