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John4 Shattuck (Ruth Whitney3, John2, John1), son of John and Ruth3 (Whitney) Shattuck, was born 4 Jun 1666, Watertown, MA,[1] and died 8 May 1709, Groton, MA, killed by Indians.[2]

John married before 6 Jan 1690, Mary Blood, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Longley) Blood. She was born 1 Sep 1672, Groton, MA, and died 4 Mar 1756, Pepperell, MA.

Children of John4 and Mary (Blood) Shattuck:

i. John Shattuck, b. 6 Jan 1690, Groton, MA; d. 8 Mar 1709, Groton, MA, killed by Indians.
ii. Jonathan Shattuck, b. 28 Jun 1693, Groton, MA; m. Elizabeth Chamberlin.
iii. David Shattuck, b. 28 Apr 1696, Groton, MA; d. young??
iv. Mary Shattuck, b. 11 Apr 1699, Groton, MA; m. John Gilson.
v. Sarah Shattuck, b. 5 Oct 1701, Groton, MA.
vi. Lydia Shattuck, b. 1 Mar 1704, Groton, MA; m. Isaac Williams.
vii. Elizabeth Shattuck, b. circa 1706; m. Isaac Lakin.
viii. Hannah Shattuck, b. 2 Mar 1706, Groton, MA.
ix. Patience Shattuck, "Pachuc" b. 18 Feb 1708/9, Groton, MA.



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