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Abner6 Whitney (Abner5, John4, Isaiah3, Thomas2, John1), son of Abner5 and Sarah (Hilton) Whitney, was born 22 Oct 1755, Shirley, MA,[1] and died by Sep 1810, NC.

He married, 18 Mar 1800, Pasquotank Co., NC, Polly Lockwood.[2] She was not mentioned in his will, Sep 1810.

In 1807, Abner Whitney was appointed guardian of Nancy, orphan of John Mason.[3]

His will was proved Sep 1810, NC.

(From F. C. Pierce, Whitney Genealogy) He enlisted April 19, 1775 , at age 17, (correction by JGW - 19) and served through the war until its close, part of the time under Col. Wm Prescott. After the war he settled in N. Carolina near Pasquatunk River, where he had a large plantation, married and had children.[4]

Census lists him in Pasquotank Co., NC only in 1800, not before or after. Abstract of Will appears on page 299 of Year Book, Pasquotank Historical Society, Volume 3, section 3: "WHITNEY, Abner-Book M, page 221-September 1810. Sons Abner Didymus, William Didymus, Joshua Paine, and Franklin Whitney; daughter Sallie Hilton Whitney; furniture to Betty Lockwood". No exec named. George Ferebee appointed by the court. Wit: Azariah Evans and Lawrence Murphy. Marriage not recorded in Pasquotank County, NC. E-Mail from Norman M. Whitney, descendant of Abner Whitney, from his personal knowledge of Family Stories, to Janice G. Whitaker, 2/2/98: "Location of the plantation was Newland, NC, just south of Sunbury, NC and Suffolk, VA. Attached to what used to be the family farm where my father visited in his childhood (c. 1920) is the Whitney Cemetery. It was reclaimed from overgrowth by the Newland Methodist Church" **Further research note from JGW: (May have come from above E-Mail) Seeking Abner's marriage to Polly, after exhausting many avenues in NC and VA - Turning to New England as Norman says family has him coming south "before the War of Northern Agression".

Children of Abner6 and Polly (Lockwood) Whitney, order as in his will:

i. Abner Didymus7 Whitney.
ii. William Didymus Whitney.
iii. Joshua Paine Whitney.
iv. Franklin Whitney.
v. Sallie Hilton Whitney; m. after 1810, ----- Williams.



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