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Annie May9 Whitney (Ezekiel D.8, Reuben7, Thomas6, David5, Nathan4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1), daughter of Ezekiel D.8 and Ann {Marie Woodard) Whitney, was born about 1872, Skowhegan, ME, and died 5 Sep 1910, Worcester, MA, aged 38 years, of acute colitis.[1]

She married firstly, ----- Armstrong.

She married secondly, 13 Jan 1900, Newport, NH, Fred B. Clement, son of David Wentworth and Sarah Jane (Cilley) Clement. He was born Apr 1871, Concord, NH.

Fred B. Clement had married firstly, 13 Feb 1892, West Concord, NH, Gertrude E. Haskel, daughter of Eugene and Jenny (Clough) Haskell. Gertrude was born 25 Apr 1873, Lowell, MA, and died 13 Jan 1898, Newbury, NH. There were two daughters born of this marriage. He married thirdly, 3 Apr 1913, Worcester, MA, Ida Jane Julia Waltham. She was born 21 Sep 1876, Nahant, MA, daughter of George Charles and Eleanor (Green) Waltham.

The only evidence yet brought to light connecting Annie May to the Whitney family is from her death record in Worcester, MA. Her death certificate reveals she died 5 September 1910 at the Worcester State Hospital (an institution for the insane), Worcester, MA. Her name is Annie M. (Whitney) Clement, the wife of Fred B. Clement, who is a resident of Worcester. She was 38 years old, and the daughter of Ezekiel Whitney and Annie Woodward, both born in Maine. The informant was H. N. Quinby, MD, the superintendent of the hospital.

One would expect to find Annie in the 1880 census of Hampden, ME with the family of Ezekiel D. Whitney, but she does not appear there. She is also not found anywhere else in the 1880 census using that name, or any other name revealed in other records.

She is next found in the record of her marriage to Fred Birt Clement. They were married 13 January 1900 in Newport, NH. She was married to him under the name Annie May Armstrong. It is the second marriage for both parties. Fred was 27 years old, a widower, was born in Concord, NH, and resides in Newbury, NH. He is a railroad trackman, and the son of David Wentworth and Sarah Jane (Cilley) Clement. Annie is 31 years old, was born in Skowhegan, ME, and resides in Old Orchard, ME, where she is a cook. She is the daughter of Henry Whitcom, an 84 year old carriage maker who resides in Old Orchard, ME. He was born in Liverpool, England. Her mother is Maria Ann Woodell, 74 years old, born in Scotland, and resides in Old Orchard, ME.

The 1900 census reveals Fred B. Clement and his wife Annie M. Clement residing in Newbury, NH. Annie is recorded as having been born in September 1869. Living with them are 2 children from Fred’s first marriage to Gertrude E. Haskell. Fred and Annie’s marriage record indicated that her parents were still alive in 1900, but neither appears in the 1900 census using those names. Annie’s birth record is also not yet found, either in Skowhegan or in Hampden.

The census of 1910 reveals Annie M. Clement residing as an inmate in the Worcester State Hospital. She has been married twice, and has been in her present marriage for 12 years (sic). She has had one child, which survives. No record has been found for a birth to Annie by either potential father.

All of this information, much of which is supplied by a woman who is insane by 1910, leads to many avenues of speculation. No conclusions have been drawn at this time. One would question how, if she were not the child of Ezekiel and Annie Whitney of Hampden, ME, she knew of their existence. If she is their child, where is she in the 1880 census? The only coincidence I can find is between the two suggested parentages. The names of her two mothers are Maria Ann Woodell and Ann Maria Woodward. Perhaps somewhere in there lies the answer.

Children of ----- and Annie May9 (Whitney) Armstrong:

i. (child) Armstrong, b. unknown; d. aft. 1910.

Children of Fred B. and Annie May9 (Whitney)(Armstrong) Clement, if any, unknown.


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