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Benjamin6 Whitney (Benjamin5, Joshua4, Cornelius3, Joshua2, John1), son of Benjamin5 and Sarah (Bassett) Whitney, was born 10 Apr 1797 and died 10 Jun 1830, Mina, NY, aged 33 years 3 months, leaving 7 children. He is buried in Findley Lake Cemetery, Mina, NY.

His wife's name is not known. She was born between 1790 - 1800.

Children of Benjamin6 and ----- (-----) Whitney, order uncertain, based upon a census reconstruction:

i. (daughter)7 Whitney, b. 1815-1820.
ii. (son) Whitney, b. 1820-1825.
iii. (son) Whitney, b. 1820-1825. He was perhaps Family:Whitney, Cyrus (c1829-1882).
iv. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1820-1825.
v. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1820-1825.
vi. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1825-1830.
vii. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1825-1830.



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