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Calvin6 Whitney (David5, Matthias4, Cornelius3, Joshua2, John1), son of David5 and Mary (Glassford) Whitney, was born 14 Jan 1816, Canada, and died 24 Jul 1880, Canada.

He married firstly, circa 1835, Hiltha Scott, perhaps daughter of Francis Scott. She was born 1815, and died 1844.

He married secondly, Caroline Conklin 8 January 1845 (Source: Johnstown District Marriage Register, Part I, Page 90/224, Archives of Ontario. "Calvin Whitney to Caroline Conklin, both of Augusta, 8 Jan 1845, Augusta by banns. Rev. [Philander] Smith. Witness: Henry Mosier and James Bass.) She was born 28 Oct 1818 and died 28 Nov 1856, aged 38 years 1 month. of TB.

He married thirdly, circa 1856/57, Isabella Harrison.

He resided Augusta Township, Grenville County, ON, Canada.

Children of Calvin6 and Hiltha (Scott) Whitney:

i. Amarilla7 Whitney, b. 15 Jan 1836, Prescott, ON; d. 1918; m. Cornelius Lane, b. 1828, d. 1904.
ii. Frances Maria Whitney, b. 1838; d. Jul 1840.
iii. Lucy Whitney, b. 1 Oct 1840, Prescott, ON; d. 1875, USA; m. Samson George Lane, b. 1838, d. 1917.
iv. John Samuel Whitney, b. 6 Oct 1842, Prescott, ON; d. 21 Feb 1916, Talmage, KS; m. 8 Nov 1866, Margaret Ann Laney, b. 1850, d. 1931.

Children of Calvin6 and Caroline (Conklin) Whitney (Source: Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Registers, Grenville County, 1836-1901):

v. Sarah Maria7 Whitney, b. 9 Jun 1846, Prescott, ON.
vi. Mary Elizabeth Whitney, b. 2 Aug 1848, Augusta, ON; d. aged over 90; m. George Simmons; may have gone to Hobart, NY.
vii. Caroline Jane Whitney, b. 29 May 1849, Prescott, ON; d. 12 Feb 1873, Kitley Twp., Leeds Co., ON; m. ----- Wyatt.
viii. James Henry Whitney, b. 10 Jun 1851, Prescott, ON; d. 12 Aug 1901, St. Lawrence River, Prescott, Grenville Co., ON, in a boating accident; m. 1871, Annah Mary Lane (b. 1850, d. 1931). For photographs, see this user page.
ix. Calvin E. Whitney, b. 12 Jul 1853 or 1854, Prescott, ON; m. Cornelia Frances Scott.
x. Martin Luther Whitney, b. 12 Sep 1855, Prescott, ON; d. 14 Mar 1856, aged 6 months 2 days (from Headstone).

Children of Calvin6 and Isabella (Harrison) Whitney:

xi. Thomas7 Whitney, b. ca. 1856, Prescott, ON.
xii. Anna Jane Whitney, b. ca. 1858, Prescott, ON.
xiii. Charlotte Whitney, b. ca. 1858 or 1860, Prescott, ON.
xiv. George Jacob "Heck" Whitney, b. ca. 1854-1859, Prescott, ON; d. ca. 1901 or 1909; m. Georgina Johnston.
xv. (child) Whitney; d. in infancy.
xvi. (child) Whitney; d. in infancy.


" I have corrected the names and birth dates of Calvin's wives and children." - Penny Dilloway, 2 Jul 2008

From: Holly Whitney <> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Calvin Whitney Ontario, Canada Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 09:47:09 -0800 (PST)

This is what I have come up with so far with help of many kind people. Can anyone add to this.

Calvin Whitney b. 14 Jan. 1816 Canada d. 24 July 1880 Res. Prescott Ontario(64 years > old)(dates from Headstone records)Died after getting an infection in His hand while working in the garden.

Married 27 Aug 1840 (this date seems wrong to me)Prescott Grenville Ontario to Hiltha (Helchy)( B. abt 1815 D. abt 1843)

Scott Calvins father was Davis Whitney (Comfort may be part of his name)b. 3 May 1754 Killingly, Conn.

Calvins mother may have been Mary Glassford or Olive Day

David may also have been married to an Olive Day (in records I was checking, it list all Davids children with the mother of Olive Day. Could there be two Davids???)

Hilthas father maybe Francis Scott "Loyalist"

Children of Calvin and Hiltha: 1. Amerilla Whitney b. 15 Jan 1836 Prescott Grenville Ontario d. abt 1915 Married Cornielus Lane

2. Frances M. Whitney b. abt 1838 Prescott Grenville Ontario d. July 1840 as an infant,(information from head stone,May be a male child not female)

3.Lucy Whitney b. 7 Oct 1840 Prescott Grenville Ontario d. 1875 USA Baptised 10 MAy 1857, married unknown Lane, Baptised 10 MAy 1857

4.. John Whitney b. 6 Oct 1842 Prescott Grenville Ontario I got some information that names his wife as Annah Mary Lane Our records have him married to Margaret Ann Laney on 8 Nov. 1866. These could be the same person. Died 21 Feb. 1916 Talmage Kansas, Baptised 10 May 1857

2nd marriage of Calvin Whitney to Caroline Conkline/Conklin married abt 1845, b. 1818 d. 28 Nov 1856 of TB at age 38 years 1 month.

Possible Children of Calvin and Caroline:

5.Sara M. (Sarah Maria) Whitney b. abt9 June 1846 Prescott Grenville Ontario Baptised 10 May 1857

6.Caroline Whitney b. 29 May 1844 Prescott Grenville Ontario d. abt 1875 married unknown Wyatt. Baptised 10 May 1857

7. Mary Elizabeth Whitney b. 2 Aug 1846/48 Augusta Grenville Ontario , over 90 years old when she died married George Simmons. Baptised 10 May 1857 May have gone to Hobart, NY

8. Calvin Whitney b. 12 July 1853 Prescott Grenville Ontario, Baptised 10 May 1857

9. James Henry (not Harvey)Whitney b. 10 June 1851 Prescott Ontario d. abt. 13 Aug. 1901. (Lot 14 Maynard Cemetery) married Annah Mary Lane. Baptised 10 May 1857. Died in a boating accident.

10. Martin Luther Whitney b. 12 Sept 1855 Prescott Grenville Ontario d. 14 March 1856 6 months 2 days (from Headstone)

Third marriage of Calvin Whitney to Isabella Harrison abt 1853 or 1857 Prescott Grenville Ontario, b. abt 1821 or 1824 d. abt 1900??( these dates of birth and death maybe wrong)

Children of Calvin and Isabella:

11.Thomas Whitney b. abt 1856 Prescott Grenville Ontario d. abt 1866

12. Charlotte Whitney b. abt 1858 or 1860 Prescott Grenville Ontario

13. Anna Jane Whitney b. abt 1858 Prescott Grenville Ontario

14. George Jacob (Heck( Whitney b. abt 1854-1859 (1859 may the correct date) Prescott Grenville Ontario d. abt 1901 or 1909 married Georgina Johnston. May also be in some records as George Henry.

15. Infant that died

16. Infant that died

Was Calvin married a fourth time to a Lucy Conkline or is this another name for Caroline????

I found a lote of this at: 1. I am very aware that they dont always have correct information. 2. The Frederick Clifton Pierce book Whitney The Descendants of John Whitney This book list 14 children only one had a birth date.

3.Whitney Gen web site

and a few emails.

I have not found any Ramond connected to this family, could he have been Calvins brother???? This is most likely a grandson or great grandson. Havent started work yet on this.

What order should the wifes be in???

I know there are still some errors in this. Over the next few months I will be trying to get better dates etc. If anyone has information on Calvin Whitney's family or David Whitney it would be most helpful.


From Barbara Jardine:

Calvin Whitney (1816-1880) m.(1) Heltchey Scott (1815-1844)
daughter Amarilla Whitney (1836-1918) m. Cornelius Lane (1828-1904)
son Francis Whitney (1838-1840)
daughter Lucy Whitney (1840-1875) m. Samson George Lane (1838-1917)
son John Lemuel Whitney (1842-1916) m. Margaret Ann Laney (1850-1931)
Calvin Whitney (1816-1880) m.(2) Caroline Conklin (1818-1856)
son Calvin Whitney Jr. (1854- ) m. Cornelia Frances Scott (1859- )
grandson Wilfred Blake Whitney (1883- ) m. Unknown
great grandson Raymond L. Whitney (1904- )
grandson Ray Whitney (1888-1888)
My connection is through the Scotts


  • Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Registers, Grenville County, 1836-1901.

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