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Darling Brush7 Whitney (John6, Darling5, Daniel4, Richard3, John2, Henry1), son of John6 and Clarissa Harriet (Brush) Whitney, was born 14 Sep 1810, Huntington, L.I., NY, and died 11 Jun 1898, NY, East Marion, NY.

He married firstly, 3 Dec 1833, Dix Hills, Huntington, L.I., NY, Harriet North Vail, daughter of Philetus and Abigail (Goddard) Vail. She was born 22 Mar 1817, Dix Hills, Huntington, L.I., NY, and died 3 Jul 1855, East Norwich, Oyster Bay, L.I., NY, of disease of the heart. She was buried in Fountain Hill Cemetery, Woodbury, L.I., NY.

He married secondly, 23 Feb 1860, East Norwich, Oyster Bay, L.I., NY, Letitia Jane Franklin, daughter of Townsend Underhill and Elizabeth (McCalla) Franklin. She was born 20 Dec 1838, Philadelphia, PA, and died after 1870.

Phoenix says the following:

". . . a physician and surgeon; practised in Newtown, L.I., from March 1832 till May 1833; and then settled in the east part of the town of Huntington, where he acquired an extensive practice, which he continued till 1 May 1851. He removed, 13 Oct. 1853, to East Norwich, Oyster Bay, L.I.; and was living there in Oct. 1873. . . . . He was commissioned by Gov. Wm. L. Marcy, as Brigade-surgeon of N. Y. State Light Horse, under Col. Bernard Bloom; and has served the public for several years, as superintendent of common-schools in Huntington; as coroner of Suffolk County, nine years, during which he held inquests upon the bodies of the drowned passengers of the steamboat Lexington, which was burned on Long Island Sound, 13 Jan. 1840, when only four persons escaped alive, out of one hundred and forty-five who were on board; was a member of the Legislature of New York in 1845, and chairman of the medical committee thereof; and had three sons who enlisted for three years in the war of 1861, and all escaped without a wound."

From South Side Signal (Babylon), 11 Jan 1873:

"Biographical Sketches of Prominent Long Island People.


"D. B. Whitney, M.D., who has been a practicing physician at East Norwich, Queens Co., for the past twenty years, was born in the eastern section of the town of Huntington, in this County. When old enough to prepare himself for a profession, he commenced the study of medicine with Dr. David L. Rogers, of N.Y. City. Possessed of determined will, and a disposition to master whatever he seriously engaged in, he was enabled to graduate in good time creditably to himself, and honorably to the profession he had adopted. Returning to his native town, he at once engaged in the active pursuits of his calling, bringing into his daily practice, the experimental and theoretical studies of his student life.

"In the year of 1845 he was elected member of Assembly, his colleague being Dr.John H. Dayton, both of Suffolk Co. At that time Queens county was represented in the State Senate by D. R. Floyd Jones, and in the Assembly by F. Floyd Jones, both from South Oysterbay. Silas Wright was Governer of the State. Daniel S. Dickinson and John A. Dix members of the U.S. Senate, and John Van Buren Attorney-General. Of the many ...

"In 1853 the Doctor located at East Norwich, and in Feb. 1860, married the amiable and accomplished daughter of the late Townsend Franklin. Sometime during the year last named, he purchased a detached portion of the 'Old Homestead,' and year by year has added to it new beauties and attractions, enhancing its value and rendering it at this time one of the most neat and desirable villas in the vicinity.

"Having lived near where the noted and celebrated Lady Suffolk had her origin and first developed her unparalleled speed, it is not strange that the Doctor imbibed an abiding love and admiration for that noble and useful brute, 'the Horse.' For years he indulged in the enjoyment of frequent drives behind a pair of Clippers; but as his professional duties became more extended, his time almost wholly monopolized by the attentions required to the well-being of his patients, who were distributed over a wide extent of territory, he practically gaive up the indulgence, and comforted himself for the deprivation, by renewed zeal and interest in his profession, and in having themost considerate care over his favorite horse, Ned, a faithful, trusty and fast beast that he had driven daily for more than a score of years. The nature of an article of this kind forbids the execution of the sich to go on and speak of many things that reflects credit upon the Doctor's kind heart, of his untiring devotions to the exalted profession, of which he is an enthusiastic exponent his enterprising and hopeful spirit, his neighborly kindness, his unquestionable integrity, and particularly of his effective sympathy, are matters on record in the hearts of all who knoe the Doctor intimately.

"We are indebted to the Glen Cove Independent for may of the facts above recprded."

His death notice states: "Dr. DARLING B. WHITNEY, a retired physician, died yesterday at his home in East Marion, Long Island. He was eighty-three years of age. Until five years agov he attended to a large practice. He was born in Commack, and from there moved to Oyster Bay. When he gave up active work he moved from Oyster Bay to East Marion. He leaves two sons."

His epitaph:

BORN SEPT 13 1810
DIED JUNE 11 1898
BORN DEC 20, 1838
DIED JULY 23, 1878
Their Children
BORN APR 12 1861
DIED APR 12 1861
BORN APR 12 1861
DIED JULY 18 1861

Children of Darling Brush7 and Harriet North (Vail) Whitney:

i. Lloyd Gardiner8 Whitney, b. 17 Apr 1835, Dix Hills, Huntington, L.I., NY; d. 21 Mar 1850, Huntington, L.I., NY; bur. Fountain Hill Cemetery, Woodbury, L.I., NY.
ii. Stanton Martine Whitney, b. 22 Feb 1837, Dix Hills, Huntington, L.I., NY; m. Selena Nowlan.
iii. Clinton Romeyn Whitney, b. 19 Dec 1839, Comac, Huntington, L.I., NY; d. 9 Feb 1841 [Phoenix] or 9 Jan 1841;[1] bur. Fountain Hill Cemetery, Woodbury, L.I., NY.
iv. Edwin Ray Whitney, b. 31 Oct 1841 (twin), Comac, Huntington, L.I., NY; enlisted in 1862, in "2d N. Y. Harris' Light Cavalry," and served till the surrender of Lee, two years and ten months, when he was honorably discharged, and returned to New York City, where he still resided in 1868. His list of engagements numbers eighty-nine, and he escaped unhurt, while his comrades on either side were instantly killed.
v. George Emmet Whitney, b. 31 Oct 1841 (twin), Comac, Huntington, L.I., NY; enlisted in 1861, for three year, in First Regiment of U. S. Sharp-shooter; served his full time, without sickness or wounds, except a slight contusion of the shoulder by a piece of spent shell, and without being absent from his company for two days at a time. His regiment, from 20 Mar 1862 to 16 Sep 1864, took part in 39 battles. He was honorably discharged, and lived in New York City in 1868.
vi. Harriet Augusta Whitney, b. 2 Dec 1844, Comac, Huntington, L.I., NY; d. Jul 1869, Oyster Bay, NY, aged 24 years of consumption.[2]
vii. Sealey Benedict Whitney, b. 23 Jul 1847, Comac, Huntington, L.I., NY; and lived with his parents in 1868.
viii. Sarah Louise Whitney, b. 20 Jul 1851, Woodbury, Oyster Bay, L.I., NY; and lived with her parents in 1868.

Children of Darling Brush7 and Letitia Jane (Franklin) Whitney:

ix. Townsend Franklin8 Whitney, b. 12 Apr 1861 (twin), East Norwich, Oyster Bay, L.I., NY; d. 18 Jul 1861, East Norwich, Oyster Bay, L.I., NY; bur. Fountain Hill Cemetery, Woodbury, L.I., NY.
x. John Brush Whitney, b. 12 Apr 1861 (twin), East Norwich, Oyster Bay, L.I., NY; d. 12 Apr 1861, East Norwich, Oyster Bay, L.I., NY; bur. Fountain Hill Cemetery, Woodbury, L.I., NY.


429 460 Darling B. Whitney 40 M - Physician $4000 N.Y. Harriet N. " 33 F - " Stanton M. " 14 M - " Attended school George E. " 9 M - " Attended school Edwin A. " 9 M - " Attended school Harriet A. " 5 F - " Attended school Sealey B. " 3 M - " Mary J. South 10 F - " Attended school Mary A. Brown 31 F - " Caroline " 7 F - " Attended school

1364 1364 Darling B. Whitney 48 M - Physician New York Letitia " 22 F - do Sebrah " 13 F - do Sarah " 9 F - do Mary Cornell 28 F - Servant do Illiterate

126 150 Daniel Bogart Jr. 40 M - Merchant $7000 $15000 New York Jane R. " 37 F - Do Joseph H. " 13 M - Do Attended school Maria L. " 6 F - Do Attended school Daniel " 73 M - Gentleman $5000 $6000 Do Valentine Downing 25 M - Do Edwin R. Whitney 18 M - Do Margaret Corse 18 F B Do Tamarinda Cathorne 14 F B Do

1735 1849 Walter W. Robbins 41 M - Merchant $5000 $5000 England Cornelia " 30 F - " Willm. W. " 1 M - " Theodore Hawkins 16 M - Clerk " George Whitny 18 M - " Olvenia Aldritch 20 F - Servant Germany Charlotte " 50 F - " "

245 278 Lattin Smith 55 M - Liquor Dealer $5000 $3000 New York Elizabeth " 36 F - " Elizabeth A. " 17 F - " Calvin " 12 M - " Attended school William H. " 10 M - " Attended school Goerge " 7 M - " Attended school Hannah A. Floyd 18 F - Domestic " Harriet A. Whitney 16 F - " Attended school Sarah L. " 9 F - " Attended school Sealey " 12 M - " Attended school

5 5 Whitney, Darling B. 56 M W Physician & Surgeon $5000 $2000 N.Y. Male citizen over 21 -----, Laetitia 32 F W Keeping House $5000 N.Y. -----, Sarah L. 18 F W At Home N.Y. McQueen, John 16 M W Laborer N.Y. Seaman, Phoebe 14 F W Domestic N.Y.

188 282 . . . Whitney, Sealey 24 M W R.R. Brakeman New York Male citizen over 21 . . .

Darling B. WHITNEY 70 Self M W W NY Physician NY NY E. Morgan GRIFFIN 31 SonL M M W NY Clerk In Store NY NY Jennie GRIFFIN 29 Dau F M W NY NY NY Sadie GRIFFIN 7 GDau F S W NY NY NY Sarah ENNIS 20 Othe F S W NY Servant NY NY

18 19 Nurnberg, John H. Head W M Dec 1859 40 mar 12 Germany Germany Germany Hotel keeper, Owns free farm, Imm. 1878, Nat. -----, Annie Wife W F Dec 1865 34 mar 12 4ch 2liv Germany Germany Germany Imm. 1884 -----, Annie Dau W F Feb 1888 11 sgl New York Germany Germany -----, Lottie Dau W F Dec 1882 7 sgl New York Germany Germany Knoshein, Jacob Head W M Jan 1853 46 mar 21 Germany Germany Germany Barber, Imm. 1860, Nat. -----, Minnie Wife W F Nov 1855 44 mar 21 0ch 0liv New York Germany Germany Siemas, Louis Brdr W M Jan 1826 74 wid Germany Germany Germany Day laborer, Imm. 1945,. Nat. Caspari, George A. Brdr W M Jan 1851 49 wid Germany Germany Germany Farmer, Imm. 1877, Nat. Smith, James Brdr B M Jun 1830 69 wid Virginia Virginia Virginia Day laborer Whitney, Edwin R. Brdr W M Jun 1845 54 sgl New York New York New York


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