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"Ensign" David4 Whitney (Benjamin3, John2, John1), son of Benjamin3 and Abigail (Hagar) Whitney, was born 16 Jun 1697, Watertown, MA,[1] baptized 10 Jul 1698, Watertown, MA, and died 18 Dec 1738, Waltham, MA.[2]

He "of Waltham" married, before 2 Nov 1721. Rebecca Fillebrown, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Cutter) Fillebrown. She was born 6 or 7 Nov 1695, Cambridge, MA, and died before 12 Mar 1749, Waltham, MA.

On 22 Jan 1738/9, Waltham, MA, administration was granted to widow Rebecca Whitney of Waltham on the estate of her late husband, Daniel [sic -- David] Whitney of Waltham, decd., with Benjamin Stearns of Lexington, husbandman, and Daniel Whitney of Watertown, husbandman, sureties. On 6 Feb 1738/9, Waltham, MA, the inventory of the estate of David Whitney was taken by Joseph Mason, Benjamin Stearns, and John Taynter. On 16 Apr 1739, Waltham, MA, his inventory was exhibited. On 30 Apr 1745, Waltham, MA, his estate was divided. On 5 May 1746, Waltham, MA, the inventory of real estate and dower of the widow was taken by Joseph Mason, Joseph Bowman, Samuel Livermore, Samuel Hastings, and John Smith; signed by Rebeckah Whitney, wid., for herself as as guardian for Nathan, Josiah, Anna, and Ruth Whitney; David Whitney; Beria Stearns as guardian for Jonas and Jonathan Whitney; and Thomas Stowell. On 12 May 1746, Waltham, MA, a return of commissioners names children David, Nathan, Josiah, Jonas, Jonathan, Rebecca Stowell, Anna, and Ruth. On 31 May 1750, Waltham, MA, the widow's thirds was settled on Nathan Whitney, 2nd son, for distribution, agreed to by David Whitney of Waltham, Nathan Whitney of Waltham, Thomas Wellington as guardian for Josiah, Jonas, and Jonathan Whitney, Thomas Stowell, Anna Whitney, and Ruth Whitney.

Widow Rebecca Whitney's estate was probated on 12 Mar 1749 at Waltham, MA, when administration was granted to David Whitney, weaver, of Waltham, with George Lawrance, husbandman, and Nathan Whitney, weaver, both of Waltham, as sureties. On 26 Mar 1750, Waltham, MA, her inventory was taken by Joseph Mason of Watertown, Samuel Livermore of Waltham, and Samuel Hastings of Lexington.

Pierce says the following:[3]

He was one of the original proprietors of land at Paris, Me., in 1736.

Children of David4 and Rebecca (Fillebrown) Whitney:

i. Rebecca5 Whitney, b. 2 Nov 1721, Watertown, MA;[4] m. Thomas Stowell.
ii. David Whitney, b. 25 Sep 1723, Waltham, MA; m. Mary Merriam.
iii. Anna Whitney, b. 9 Aug 1725, Waltham, MA; m. Samuel Merriam.
iv. Nathan Whitney, b. 12 Mar 1726/27, Waltham, MA; m. Tabitha Merriam.
v. Ruth Whitney, b. 3 Feb 1728/9, Waltham, MA; d. 23 Apr 1757, Waltham, MA, aged 28 years 1 month.
vi. Josiah Whitney, b. 22 Nov 1730, Waltham, MA; m. Sarah Lawrence.
vii. Jonas Whitney, b. 25 Jun 1733, Waltham, MA; m. Sarah Whittemore.
viii. Jonathan Whitney, b. 10 Feb 1734/5, Waltham, MA; d. 9 Apr 1757, Waltham, MA, aged 22 years 1 month.


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