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David2 Whitney (Samuel), son of Samuel and Catherine (-----) Whitney, was born about 1650, Bermuda and died Apr 1707, Bermuda.

He married firstly, Martha -----. She must have died sometime between 1691 and 1707.

He married secondly, Mary -----.

In his father's undated will, which was probated 10 Apr 1674, David Whitney was given "my Sheare of Land in Pembrock Tribe" as well as "on[e] Siluer Cup & one Tobacco Che[st]" and "one Tobacco Chest".[1]
Children of David2 and Martha (-----) Whitney:

i. Jeremiah3 Whitney, b. bef. 1672. "Jeremiath Sone of David Whitney and M____ his wife was babtised the 23rd of Apr". No further record. Mentioned in the will of Mary Whitney as having had children. He married Jehoadon -----.
ii. Martha Whitney, b. about Jan 1671/2. "Januarie the 26th 1672 ... the same day was baptised Martha the daughter of David and Martha Whitney"
iii. Jeffrey Whitney, b. about Jan 1674/5.
iv. Ruth Whitney, b. about Jan 1674/5. "Ruth Whitney the Dafter of D____ Martha his wife _____"
v. David Whitney, b. about June 1679. "David the sonn of David Whitney and Martha his wife was baptised June the 8th 1679". His will is dated 15 Jun 1760, in which he left items to his wife Mary and his nephews. Probably had no children. His wife Mary Whitney's will is dated 24 April 1776 and proved 18 June 1776.
vi. John Whitney, b. about Jan 1679/80. "January the 30th 1680 was baptised John the son of David and Martha Whitney." He may have been the John Whitney, mentioned int he will of Mary Whitney, as having had children, including a daughter Mary Whitney.
vii. Sarah Whitney, b. about May 1688. "Sarah Daughter of David Whitney Baptised May the 6th... in the year 1688"
viii. Joshua Whitney, b. Dec 1690, Bermuda. "Joshuway Whitney the Sonn of D___ And Martha his wife was Bap Desember 1690" "Joshua the Sonn of David Whitney... Baptized Aprill the 26th 1691". He immigrated from Bermuda to Pagan Creek, Isle of Wight Co., VA about 1721.

David and Mary (-----) Whitney had no known children.


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