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David Whitney, parentage unknown, was born about 1762, MA or VT,[1] and died after 1850, probably in NE. According to his son Samuel's 1880 census record, he and his wife were born in MA.

He was probably married, say 1785, but his wife is unknown. She was born between 1755 and 1765, and died after 1830, probably in NY.

Children of David Whitney (census reconstruction):

i. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1785-1790, unknown location.
ii. (prob.) Joseph S. Whitney, b. 1788, Washington Co., NY; m. Cynthia E. Hills.
iii. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1790-1795, NY.
iv. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1790-1795, NY.
v. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1795-1800, NY.
vi. (prob.) Thompson Whitney, b. 1798, Washington Co., NY; m. Sophia G. -----.
vii. Samuel L. Whitney, b. ca. 1800, NY; m. Catherine Olin.
viii. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1800-1805, NY.


196 200 Samuel Whitney 50 M - Farmer N. York Catherine Do 52 F - Vermont Julius Do 19 M - Farmer N. York Attended school Samuel W. Do 10 F - Do Attended school Althea Thomas 5 F - Do Attended school David Do 88 M - Farmer Mass. Geo. Densmore 28 M - Do $800 N. York Julia Do 24 F - Do


  • Census records.

1.^  Son Thompson Whitney indicated in the 1880 census that his father was born in VT. Son Samuel Whitney indicated MA. The 1850 Census shows MA.

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