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Elizabeth3 Whitney (John2, John1), daughter of John2 and Ruth (Reynolds) Whitney was born 9 Jun 1656 at Watertown, MA[1]. Her date and place of death are unknown.

Elizabeth married, 19 Dec 1678, Watertown, MA, Daniel Warren,[2] son of Daniel and Mary (Barron) Warren. He was born on 6 Oct 1653 at Watertown, MA.[3] His date and place of death are unknown.

She was mentioned in the incomplete will of her father, dated 27 Feb 1685, Watertown, MA. On 12 Mar 1692/3, he signed an agreement of the heirs relative to her father's estate.[4]

He was selectman of Watertown in 1682, 1683, 1685, 1688, 1689, and 1692-1698.[5]

He was representative from Watertown to the General Court 28 May 1701.[6]

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth3 (Whitney) Warren:

i. Elizabeth Warren, b. 16 Oct 1679, Watertown, MA;[7] d. 4 Feb 1695/96 at Watertown, MA.[8]
ii. Ruth Warren, b. 15 Oct 1681, Watertown, MA;[9] m. Samuel Bigelow.
iii. Mary Warren, b. 25 Jan 1683/84, Watertown, MA;[10] d. young.
iv. Daniel Warren, b. 30 Apr 1686, Watertown, MA;[11] m.(1) Rebecca Garfield; m.(2) Mary Wetherby.
v. Sarah Warren, b. circa 1688; baptized 14 Dec 1701, Watertown, MA;[12] m. Daniel Galusha.
vi. Hannah Warren, b. 25 Jan 1690/91, Watertown, MA;[13] m. John Bemis.
vii. Jonas Warren, b. 25 Jul 1695, Watertown, MA;[14] apparently d. young.
viii. Jonas Warren, b. 30 Apr 1697, Watertown, MA;[15] m. Elizabeth Seaverns.
ix. Deliverance Warren, b. 10 Oct 1699, Watertown, MA;[16] m. Josiah Coolidge.
x. Mary Warren, b. 2 May 1703, Watertown, MA;[17] m. Benjamin Tucker.


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