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Enos5 Whitney (John4, Richard3, John2, Henry1), son of John4 and Deborah (Smith) Whitney, was born 10 Aug 1761, Branford, CT,[1] baptized 16 Oct 1763, Branford, CT, and died 8 Oct 1846, Gibson, PA.

He married firstly, 1787, Wallingford, CT, Eunice Avery, daughter of Abner and Eunice (Hall) Avery. She was born 12 May 1760, Wallingford, CT, and died 20 Oct 1838, Gibson, PA.

He married secondly, 9 Jun 1841, Presbyterian or First Congregational Church of Christ, Mount Pleasant, PA, Mrs. Mary (-----) Hiscox, parentage and birth unknown. She died after 1847.

Phoenix says the following:

Enos Whitney, b. at Branford, Conn., 10 Aug 1761; bap. at Branford, Conn., 16 Oct. 1763; a blacksmith; served for six months in the Revolutionary War; enjoyed a pension for his service, and delighted in keeping till the end of his life the old musket which he carried. He married in 1787, at Wallingford, Conn., Eunice Avery, born in Wallingford, 12 May 1760, dau. of Abner Avery. They settled in Northford Society, in Branford, where he had bought, 30 Aug. 1785, two acres of land, which he sold 31 May 1798. He bought two acres of land, 2 Jan. 1796, in Northford Society, in the south-east part of the town of Wallingford--which last he sold 17 Sept. 1818, calling himself of Gibson, Susquehanna Co., Penn., whither he had moved from Wallingford, in 1817, settling near Gelatt Hollow.
She was baptized, and joined the Congregational Church in Northford, 25 Aug. 1799; and on removing to Gibson, took a letter of recommendation, and became one of the constituent members of the Congregational Church at Union Hill, in Gibson, which was formed 21 Nov. 1818, and adopted the Presbyterian form of government, in October 1833. He also became a member of the Presbyterian Church after they moved to Pennsylvania. She died at Gibson, 20 Oct. 1838, aged 78 years; and was buried in Union Hill Cemetery, in Gibson. In 1840, when nearly eighty years old, he returned to Connecticut, driving his team of three horses, with his Pennsylvania waggon, and made his farewell visit to his relatives and old friends. He married (2d), in 1843, at Mount Pleasant, Wayne Co., Penn., Mrs. Mary Hiscox, a widow, who, as "Widow Enos Whitney," was dismissed, 17 Jan. 1847, from the church in Gibson to that at Mount Pleasant, where she died a few years later. He died at Gibson, 8 Oct. 1846, and was buried there, 11 Oct. 1846, Rev. G. N. Todd, Presbyterian, preaching the funeral sermon.

Children of Enos5 and Eunice (Avery) Whitney:

i. Laura6 Whitney, b. 13 Nov 1787, Wallingford, CT; bapt. 29 Sep 1799, Northford, CT; m. Leonard Tiffany.
ii. Thaddeus Whitney, b. 20 Dec 1790, Wallingford, CT; bapt. 29 Sep 1799, Northford, CT; m. Thirza Washburn.
iii. Eunice Hall Whitney, b. say 1792, Wallingford, CT; bapt. 29 Sep 1799, Northford, CT; d. Windsor, NY, aged 40 years, and was buried at Gibson, PA; m. Gibson, PA, Moses Chamberlin, son of Moses Chamberlin. It is said that she had one son, but not even his name has been learned.
iv. Billious Whitney, b. 15 Jan 1794, Wallingford, CT; bapt. 29 Sep 1799, Northford, CT; m. Jane Chase.
v. Anna Whitney, b. 26 Jul 1796, Wallingford, CT; bapt. 29 Sep 1799, Northford, CT; m. Preserved Pickering.
vi. Enos Whitney, b. 16 Dec 1798, Wallingford, CT; bapt. 29 Sep 1799, Northford, CT; m. Margery Merriman.
vii. Paulina Whitney, b. 11 Sep 1801, Wallingford, CT; bapt. 1 Nov 1801, Northford, CT; m. Riley Case.
viii. Everett Whitney, b. 25 May 1805, Wallingford, CT; m. Julia Merriman.



1.^  "Enos [Whitney], s. John & Deborah, b. 10 Aug 1761, Branford 3:186," according to the Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records, Branford 3:186.

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