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Ephraim6 Whitney (Nathaniel5, Nathaniel4, Nathaniel3, John2, John1), son of Nathaniel5 and Mary (Child) Whitney, was born 2 Jul 1722, Groton, MA,[1], and died 8 or 21 Jul 1797, Upton, MA, in his 76th year.[2]

Marriage intentions were published 15 Oct 1749, Upton, MA, for him and Thankful Harrington "of Westborough".[3] He "of Upton" married, 6 Dec 1749, Westborough, MA, Thankful Harrington.[4] She was born 1729, and died 16 July 1795, Upton, MA, in her 66th year.[5]

He was born in Groton, moved with his parents to Weston, and later to Westboro. After his marriage he purchased a large farm in Upton on which he always resided and followed agricultural pursuits. At his decease the farm was equally divided between his two sons. He resided Upton, MA.

Children of Ephraim6 and Thankful (Harrington) Whitney:

i. Thankful7 Whitney, b. 11 Nov 1750, Upton, MA;[6] m. (int. 26 Dec 1768, Uxbridge, MA,[7]) 6 Apr 1769, Upton, MA, Jonathan Batchelor "of Uxbridge".[8] They resided in Upton; farmer. Children:
a. Thankful Batchelor, b. -----; m. Josiah Rockwood, resided Upton. Children:
1. Lewis Rockwood, b. -----.
2. Adams Rockwood, b. -----.
3. Emily Rockwood, b. -----.
b. Margery Batchelor, b. -----; m. Amos Bradish, resided Upton. Children:
1. Harvey Bradish, b. -----.
2. James Bradish, b. -----.
3. Jonathan Bradish, b. -----.
4. Melinda Bradish, b. -----.
5. Emmons Bradish, b. -----.
6. Metilda Bradish, b. -----.
c. Jonathan Batchelor, b. -----; d. young, unmarried.
d. Otis Batchelor, b. -----; m. Susannah Buck, resided Upton. Children:
1. Lucy Batchelor, b. -----.
2. Chloe Batchelor, b. -----.
3. Serena Batchelor, b. -----.
4. Direxza Batchelor, b. -----.
5. Hannah Batchelor, b. -----.
6. (child) Batchelor, b. -----.
e. Hannah Batchelor, b. -----; m. David Hawes. Children:
1. Calista Hawes, b. -----.
2. Darias Hawes, b. -----.
ii. Beulah Whitney, b. 23 Jan 1753, Upton, MA;[9] m. 1 May 1772, Upton, MA, Samuel Forbush.[10] He was son of Lieut. Samuel Forbush, of Westboro, and great-great-grandson of Daniel Forbes (Forbush/Ffarabas), who came from Scotland in 1655 (See Forbes-Forbush Genealogy by Fred C. Pierce, p. 61). He was born 29 Jan 1750; died 31 Oct 1829, Upton, MA. She d. 11 May 1848; ae. 95 years. Children:
a. Dea. Samuel Forbush, b. 30 Mar 1773; m. Lydia Gibson; resided Upton; ch., Eliza, John, Mary, Joseph, Persis G., Julia and Thomas Spencer.
b. Beulah Forbush, b. 3 Jul 1774; d. unmarried 1 Apr 1833.
c. Ephraim Forbush, b. 15 Dec 1775; m. Rebecca Sadler and Polly Stowe, resided Upton, 9 ch.
d. Levi Forbush, b. 11 Nov 1777; m. Mary Warren; resided Upton, MA, 3 ch.
e. Abijah Forbush, b. 11 May 1779; m. Sarah Fiske. He was a great singing master; resided Shelburne, MA, 6 ch.
f. Abner Forbush, b. 14 Nov 1782; m. Polly Batchelor; resided Upton, 3 ch.
g. Lucy Forbush, b. 3 Sep 1791; d. Jan 20, 1819; unmarried.
iii. Ephraim Whitney, b. 13 May 1756, Upton, MA;[11] m.(1) Jemima Whipple; m.(2) Joanna Sadler.
iv. Amos Whitney, b. 29 Jun 1759, Upton, MA;[12] m. Eunice Taft.



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