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Henry Perrin8 Whitney (William Henry7, (Hezekiah Wells6, Walter5, Samuel4, Richard3, John2, Henry1), son of William Henry7 and Julia Elizabeth (Perrin) Whitney, was born 28 Jun 1863, Milwaukee, WI, and died after 1940.

He married, 14 Nov 1907, Milwaukee, WI, Minnie F. Radke,[1] dau. of Lewis H. Radke. She was born about 1865, WI, and died after 1930.

Children of Henry Perrin8 and Minnie F. (Radke) Whitney, if any, unknown.


XXX XXX Whitney, William Head W M Dec 1827 72 mar 37 New York Connecticut Connecticut N.S. Court Crier, Owns free house -----, Julia E. Wife W F Apr 1841 59 mar 37 3ch 1liv Massachusetts Massachusetts Connecticut -----, Henry P. Son W M Jun 1863 36 sgl Wisconsin New York Massachusetts Brakeman R.R.

  • 1910, 110 Ninth Street, Milwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee Co., WI:

196 196 Whitney, William H. Head M W 92 m2 47 New York Massachusetts Rhode Island Agent, Insurance, Owns free house -----, Julia E. Wife F W 69 m1 47 3ch 1lv Massachusetts Massachusetts Connecticut None -----, Henry P. Son M W 46 m2 2 Wisconsin New York Massachusetts Collector, [?Collier Waly?] Whitney, Minnie DiL F W 42 m2 2 Wisconsin Ger. Ger. None

  • 1920, 110 Ninth Street, Milwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee Co., WI:

111 140 Whitney, Julia E. Head F W 78 wid Massachusetts Massachusetts Connecticut None, Owns free property 112 141 Whitney, Harry Head M W 56 mar Wisconsin New York Massachusetts Collector, Furniture store, Rents property -----, Minnie Wife F W 54 mar Wisconsin Germany Germany None

  • 1930, 110 Ninth Street, Milwaukee Ward 4, Milwaukee Co., WI:

4 11 Whitney, Harry P. Head M W 67 m@44 Wisconsin New York Massachusetts Elevator operator, public building, owns $3500 property -----, Minnie F. Wife F W 65 m@42 Wisconsin Germany Germany None Redke, Fred J. Ldgr M W 33 sgl Wisconsin Wisconsin Germany Parking station attendant, public ground, Rents Redke, James S. BiL M W 53 m@23 Wisconsin Germany Germany Motorman, Street car, Rents -----, Cathrine SiL F W 57 m@26 Wisconsin Germany Germany Dress Maker, private


  • Census records.

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